Byler v. Alaskan Leader

Filing 214

JDR MINUTE ORDER directing plaintiff to file a Status Report with specificity as to the pending summary judgment 196 motion and/or possible settlement, on or before 10/7/2011. (JAM, Chambers Staff)

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MINUTES OF THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT DISTRICT OF ALASKA Estate of Jerry L. Byler v. Alaska Leader City and Borough of Yakutat, Intervenor Case No. 3:10-cv-00055-HRH-JDR THE HONORABLE JOHN D. ROBERTS, United States Magistrate Judge Leslie R. Need, Law Clerk - Magistrate Judge's Chambers MINUTE ORDER FROM CHAMBERS RE: Status Report The Intervenor, City and Borough of Yakutat (CBY) filed a Motion for Summary Judgment at Docket 196. The court granted several continuances to the deadline for a Reply to the Motion after the parties made the court aware that they were nearing a settlement. CBY filed their Reply Memorandum at Docket 213 and noted that counsel for the Plaintiff notified CBY that the Plaintiff and the Defendant had reached a settlement.1 There is no notice regarding settlement on file with the court. The Motion for Summary Judgment is now ripe for a recommendation from the magistrate judge. Prior to issuing a recommendation, the court seeks an update from the Plaintiff as to the status of settlement negotiations. Therefore, the Plaintiff, the Estate of Jerry L. Byler, shall file a status report as to settlement or a notice of settlement by close of business on October 7, 2011. IT IS SO ORDERED. Entered at the direction of the Honorable John D. Roberts, United States Magistrate Judge September 28, 2011 Any request for other information or for clarification, modification, or reconsideration of this Order, or for extension of time must be made as a motion. See FED.R.CIV.P. 7(b)(1); D.Ak.LR. 7.1(1). No one should telephone, fax or write to chambers regarding pending cases. The magistrate judge's judicial assistant and/or law clerk are not permitted to discuss any aspect of this case, provide any information or communicate with any person including litigants, lawyers, witnesses and the public regarding cases. T:\00 C I V I L\10-CV-055-HRH-JDR ADM BYLER\10-cv-055-HRH-JDR BYLER Minute Order directing Status Report re Settlement.wpd 1 Docket 213, footnote 1.

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