USA v. Padilla

Filing 15


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'<l:;AO 245H (Rev. 12/03) Judgment in a Criminal Case for a Petty Offense (Short Form) Sheet I UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT District of JUDGMENT IN A CRIMINAL CASE (For a Petty Offense) - Short Form UNITED STATES OF ANIERICA V. CASE NUMBER: USM NUMBER: MARTIN PADILLA 3:11-PO-00006-JDR N/A Richard Curtner Defendant's Attorney THE DEFENDANT: X THE DEFENDANT was found guilty to count 1 of the Violation The defendant is adjudicated guilty of these offenses: o Count(s) Offense Ended 11/23/2010 Nature of Offense Disorderly Conduct Title & Section 38 CFR 1. 218(a) (5) --------------- o is Count 1 0 are dismissed on the motion of the United States. CRIMINAL MONETARY PENALTIES All criminal monetary penalty payments are to be made as directed by the court, on or before October 7, 2011. Defendant's Soc. Sec. No.: Fine $ $50.00 Assessment $ 10.00 $ 25.00 Processing Fee Total: $85.00 xxx-xx-7366 -'='-'--""-'----'...::....:e."'---­ _ . \ ... APRlL 7,2011 I; Date of Imposition of Judgm:!:lt Defendant's Date of Birth: IslJohn D. Roberts, USMJ ~ Signature Redacted I J ' -, . ­ ~ Defendant's Residence Address: '" 1" ... Anchorage, Alaska 99503 JOHN D. ROBERTS, US. MAGISTRATE JUDGE Name and Title of Judge April 8, 2011 Date Defendant's Mailing Address: Same as above AL85/1914077

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