MDY Industries, LLC v. Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. et al

Filing 195

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UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT DISTRICT OF ARIZONA - TUCSON DATE: 7/21/2006 CASE NUMBER: CR 03-00824-TUC-JMR(JM) MAGISTRATE JUDGE'S MINUTES USA vs. ROBERT FREDERICK BLYMER U.S. MAGISTRATE JUDGE: MAGISTRATE JACQUELINE MARSHALL Judge #: 70BN DEFENDANT: : PRESENT 9 NOT PRESENT 9 RELEASED : CUSTODY Recorded by Courtsmart Attorney for Defendant Myrna Beards Deputy Clerk: Sherry Gammon U.S. Attorney Jesse Figueroa INTERPRETER REQ'D N/A : Appt 9 Ret 9 FPD 9 Spec Appr 9 Dft not appearing, on mot of US Atty, order bond revoked and B/W issued, dft to be held w/o bail PROCEEDINGS: 9 JUVENILE PROCEEDINGS : REVOCATION PROCEEDINGS SUPERVISED RELEASE : Defendant admits Allegation 2 9 Denies allegations : Admission hearing held 9 Witnesses sworn and examined (separate list) 9 Exhibits marked 9 Admitted into evidence (separate list) : COURT FINDS: Defendant has violated conditions of petition 9 Dft may continue on conditions of release previously imposed 9 Taken UNDER ADVISEMENT pending Report and Recommendation 9 Dft waives time for sentencing and PSR 9 JUDGMENT 9 SENTENCE ENTERED 9 Continued for 9 evidentiary 9 trial hearing on : Continued for : dispositional 9 sentence hearing on 09/05/06 at 10:10 AM before JUDGE ROLL 9 Other: Copies issued to: Jesse Figueroa, Myrna Beards, PSA, PO, JMR, JM

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