MDY Industries, LLC v. Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. et al

Filing 305

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M D Y Industries, LLC v. Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. et al D o c . 305 Att. 1 l2103) Commitrnent AnotherDistrict to Counr Srnrb$Sr$ifl)cr I UNrrpo r couF M DIsir'RICoFNEW. EX{f,Pc T o I N 1 1 n S l A l { s l l l sIn l c I U N I T E D STATESOF AMERICA YS, ,\. ,!, 1 . ? n n 7c o M M I T M E N T T O A N O T H E R ' ' tr 'uur DlsrRlcr R A N D O L P HSCOTTJAMES W J. DYKMAN JUDGE CASENUMBER MAGISTRATE c R - 0 7 - 0 0 8 4 4 --Pcr-NVw 001 C H A R G E SAGAINST THE DEFENDANT ARE EASED UPONAN r ! Complaint n Indictment ! Information c h a r g i n ga violationof D I S T R I C T OF OFFENSE D i s t r i c tofArizona OF D E S C R I P T I O N CHARGES: OF P E T I T I O NFORACTION ON CONDITIONS PRETRIALRELEASE C U R R E N T BOND STATUS: ! n I ! and conditions were not met Bail fixed at Governmentmoved for detentionand defendantdetainedafter hearing in Disfiict of Arrest Governmentmoved for detention and defendantdetainedpending detentionhearing in District ofOffense Other (specif) I RetainedOwn Counsel I FederalDefenderOrganization n CJA Attorney ! None Other(speciry) PETITION U.S.C.S Representation: Rquired? Interpreter I No ! Yes D I S T R I C TOF NEW MEXICO TO: THE T]NITEDSTATESMARSHAL Y o u are herebycommandedto take custodyofthe abovenamed defendantand to transportthat d e f e n d a nwith a cerlified copy ofthis commitmentforthwith to the district of offenseasspecifiedabove t a n d there deliver the defendantto the United StatesMarshal for that District or to someother officer a u t h o r i z e dto receivethe defendant. ' 1) . ,'i \'? W . Daniel Schneider, U.S. Magistrate Judge T h i s commitment was received and executed as follorvs: ORDERRECETVED I ' E CON1MITMENT P L A C EOF COMMITMENT COMMIT'1'II) D A T E DEITENDANT MARSHAL I I N I T E D STATES

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