Xcentric Ventures, LLC et al v. Stanley et al

Filing 93

TRANSCRIPT DESIGNATION AND ORDER FORM by QED Media Group, L.L.C., Robert Russo, Internet Defamation League for proceedings held on 11/1/07 and 11/2/07 before Judge Wake. (Dana, Michael)

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OAO 435 (Rev. 10/05) Read Instructions on Back: 1. NAME Administrative Office of the United States Courts FOR COURT USE ONLY TRANSCRIPT ORDER Format (999) 999-9999 2. PHONE NUMBER DUE DATE: Format m/d/yyyy 3. DATE Michael K. Dana 4. FIRM NAME (602) 382-6570 Format m/d/yyyy 6. CITY 10. JUDGE 11/6/2007 Format m/d/yyyy Snell & Wilmer L.L.P. 5. MAILING ADDRESS One Arizona Center, 400 E. Van Buren 9. CASE NUMBER Phoenix 11/1/2007 Phoenix 7. STATE AZ 8. ZIP CODE 85004 CV07-954-PHX-NVW 13. CASE NAME Neil V. Wake 11. 14. Xcentric Ventures v. Stanley, et al. 16. ORDER FOR APPEAL NON-APPEAL CRIMINAL DATES OF PROCEEDINGS 12. 11/2/2007 LOCATION OF PROCEEDINGS 15. STATE AZ BANKRUPTCY OTHER (Specify) CRIMINAL JUSTICE ACT IN FORMA PAUPERIS $ CIVIL 17. TRANSCRIPT REQUESTED (Specify portion(s) and date(s) of proceeding(s) for which transcript is requested) PORTIONS VOIR DIRE OPENING STATEMENT (Plaintiff) OPENING STATEMENT (Defendant) CLOSING ARGUMENT (Plaintiff) CLOSING ARGUMENT (Defendant) OPINION OF COURT JURY INSTRUCTIONS SENTENCING BAIL HEARING CATEGORY ORIGINAL + 1 (original to Court, copy to ordering party) FIRST COPY PRE-TRIAL PROCEEDING DATE(S) PORTION(S) TESTIMONY (Specify Witness) Format m/d/yyyy - m/d/yyyy DATE(S) $ OTHER (Specify) Order to Show Cause Hearing Day 1 and Day 2 18. ORDER ADDITIONAL DELIVERY INSTRUCTIONS COPIES NO. OF COPIES PAPER COPY ELECTRONIC COPY: DISK E-MAIL November 1, 2007 November 2, 2007 ESTIMATED COSTS ORDINARY EXPEDITED DAILY HOURLY $ NO. OF COPIES 1 NO. OF COPIES NO. OF COPIES $ E-MAIL ADDRESS drazo@swlaw.com CERTIFICATION (19. & 20.) By signing below, I certify that I will pay all charges (deposit plus additional). ESTIMATE TOTAL PROCESSED BY 19. SIGNATURE Format m/d/yyyy 0.00 For NE t (999) 999-9999 PHOmaNUMBER /s/ Michael K. Dana 20. DATE 11/6/2007 TRANSCRIPT TO BE PREPARED BY DATE ORDER RECEIVED DEPOSIT PAID TRANSCRIPT ORDERED TRANSCRIPT RECEIVED ORDERING PARTY NOTIFIED TO PICK UP TRANSCRIPT PARTY RECEIVED TRANSCRIPT DEPOSIT PAID TOTAL CHARGES LESS DEPOSIT TOTAL REFUNDED TOTAL DUE BY NOTE: IF ORDERING BOTH PAPER AND ELECTRONIC COPIES, THERE WILL BE AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE. 0.00 0.00 0.00 DI e 2:07-cv-00954-NVW COURT COPY Document 93 COPY TRANSCRIPTION ORDER RECEIPT CasSTRIBUTION: Filed 11/06/2007 ORDER COPY Page 1 of 1 Print Save As... Reset

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