Strojnik v. Costar Realty Information, Inc. et al

Filing 129

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S t r o j n i k v. Costar Realty Information, Inc. et al D o c . 129 FILED U N IT E D STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE NINTH CIRCUIT OCT 08 2008 MOLLY C. DWYER, CLERK U . S . C O U R T OF APPE A L S In re: JONATHAN LEE RICHES, N o . 08-80044 D C # s CV-06-1537-DGC CV-06-2141-DGC CV-07-1824-JAT CV-07-1923-JAT CV-07-2026-JAT CV-07-2204-FJM A rizo n a (Phoenix) Respondent. ORDER B efo re: WARDLAW, W. FLETCHER and RAWLINSON, Circuit Judges. This court has reviewed the six notices of appeal and accompanying d o cu m en ts filed September 5, 2008 in the above-referenced district court dockets p u rsu an t to the pre-filing review order entered in this docket. Because the appeals are so insubstantial as to not warrant further review, they shall not be permitted to p ro ceed . See In re Thomas, 508 F.3d 1225 (9th Cir. 2007). A copy of this order served on the district court for the District of Arizona sh all constitute the mandate of this court. SVG/Pro Se N o motions for reconsideration, rehearing, clarification, stay of the mandate, o r any other submissions shall be filed or entertained in this closed docket. SVG/Pro Se

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