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Strojnik v. Costar Realty Information, Inc. et al Doc. 83 Att. 4 EXHIBIT 5 L v~':::~> (~<'::::) 'j ; ~::) \U ( ," , ii IN THE PIMA COUNTY JUSTICE COURT TABLE OF CONTENTS R= STATE OF ARIZONA, Plaintiff, vs. FRANK SANCHEZ, Defendant. No. DR03-312038 l\12ll.L.i2005 Bench Trial Petitioner's Witness - Karl James Woolridge Direct Examination ....... ..,......., 21 Cross-Examination Tucson, AprilS, 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 TRANSCRIPT OF PROCEEDINGS Ari zona 2005 Redirect Rebuttal Examination Direct '9 . ...... ..,. Examination. 138 145 150 10 11 12 13 H 15 16 Defendant's Rebuttal Rebuttal Petitioner's Cross.Examinadon. Redirect Examination. p, Schranz Witness - John Direct Examination ...... 50 55 Cross-Examination Redirect Examination. Witness. Lucy ..., 70 Martinez 17 18 19 20 Di rect Examinat ion Cross-Examination Redirect Examination ,..... ....... 78 96 105 Recross-Examination. . . . . . . Defendant's Witness Direct 105 21 22 23 - Patricia Gallegos Duran 108 122 127 Examination .......... .....,........ Cross-Examination Redirect Examination 2. 25 2. 25 .....,.... ANT TRONICS, INC. '~-"'~""-""" .~",.. '""'~'" T "",~,~.~ ANT ",,-..,....'.T",-.n.,."," " ," - , . ,._"."",~,.,,~ TRONICS, INC. Hi TABLE OP r:DNTENTS iv ~ Defendant's Witness' Direct - Frank Sanchez , . . . . . APPEARANCES 129 13. 137 169 Examination Cross-Examination Redirect Examination ........ ...... l\12ll.L.i 2QQ2 Judge, For the Petitioner, Carlos Wi tnesses, Taken Onder Advisement ....,. J. Betancourt 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 .v 11 12 13 14 15 16 Witnesses, Karl James John woolridge P. Schranz For the Respondent, Sallie A. Blake Mr. St. Louis Lucy Martinez Gallegos Duran 17 18 Patricia Frank. Sanchez 19 20 21 22 23 2. 2. 25 25 ANT TRONICS,INC. ,~~"'"' ~,' '.T,_ri,,~ '"_.,. AZ ,M" '~.M' ,.".LAZ<"",M'."~ ANT TRONICS,INC. ,.,-., ,.., '.T,._ri~'~ '"_',.A2""",,~", "-".""J~""~ Sanchez v. Dupnik et al 05-CV-583-TUC-RCC PCJC 0001 105 REDIRECT BY MS. BLAKE, Q one A Q A Q A 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 BY MR. BETANCOURT, Q testified They asked that you you about do Mr. that Sanchez you have and seen his drinking, Mr. Sanchez and you Q A Q A Q A Q alcohol A No, Mr. beer' Uh-huh. Okay. Yeah, Okay. Yes. Okay. uh-huh. Now, Uh-huh. Okay. Yes. Okay. when I Was you he intoxicated him him on that or under night? way. questions. a short recross, Your Honor? the influence of And have you ever seen him intoxicated? you know Poncho well? 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 A Q A home Q A Q Now, until And it was he able to the to drink crowd. that beer? it's tha t that that occas Betancourt EXAMINATION intoxicated. A At For my home. MS. BLAKE, Objection. Yeah, where Your to Ms. Irrelevant. are Honor, know Blake that opened we going? I just he want was the to example, where have you seen him 106 intoxicated? mentioned that you only saw Poncho have the THE COURT, MR. BETANCOURT, she i on? would I be believe able see why on intoxicated door as to we got got spilled? -THE COURT, All right. Go ahead. BY MR. BETANCOURT, I'm What Where At sorry. was have it Go ahe ad again? you parties to beers seen him that have intoxicated? we used parties at to his have before, at his and the question. my home he where And used home -- how many family your Mr. -get how is I that along. many beers before you would saw see -- where And in that members didn't MS. that experience, Sanchez that. BLAKE, No further Just consider A Q but intoxicated? can't he answer wasn't what that he's takes on? really, one or really two beers. that intoxicated would be the question. that night MR. BETANCOURT, THE COURT, I wouldn't And when you have know you seen Go ahead. RECROSS - EXAMINATION mention him are intoxicated, you basing when he difference, A I know what the way he acts to -- intoxicated, compared when AN, TRONICS, INC. """, '.A<."",.~,~._. ,. ," ,T. "" T._.AZ<",,",.,,~ AN. , """".A< ""1"""'" ".T,__"~ T.~."."""""",, TRONICS,I.Ne. 107 Q A Q A time. Q not A Q 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 didn't ahead, A you Q I Doesn't intoxicated? No. mean, I don't you understand mention it. again. have tell point good you. I'm getting at is that you mentioned that times, and we just that I asked your the question. way you to we all explain I'm get, it sorry. and I guess Go I 10 11 while ago? THE WITNESS, THE COURT, PATRICIA GALLEGOS, Yes, Okay. Your Have Honor. a seat there, ma'am. do things that he normally wouldn't do when he's Duran. MS. BLAKE, THE COURT, You can sit at the witness stand. And Like And how does we what he act when do. by that? feeling good, and have a good he's I really, will say really that intoxicated? for myself. you. MS. BLAKE, THE COURT, MS. BLAKE, May Yes, The she you Defense be excused? be calls excused, Patricia ma'am. MS. BLAKE, THE COURT, Nothing You may further. step down, Ms. Martinez. lOB -- like do loud, you and we all mean Thank We get we get may Gallegos Remember I - - we gave you the oath a understand try We just want Well, it further. -- I don't know what 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 BY MS. Q A Q Tucson me to the RESPONDENT'S DIRECT WITNESS, PREVIOUSLY SWORN EXAMINATION Mr. Duran was under guess was A - - was under the pain. of being Mr. Sanchez doing that? tased, was saying and I -- BLAKE, you were yelling Uh-huh. That true Yes, And do When he at -- testimony the deputies was that to stop Will you state your name for the record? Duran. in May some of 2003 officers at Old and Patricia Gallegos And were you present on the night when an incident occurred involving Q that's A Q likely A was or kind of saving Mr. Duran? Would you say 19 20 not? say that. is that or something when he's he sober? would more some tasing? A Q Yes, Okay. I was Could present. I would in your 21 22 experience he's sober. intoxicated you tell employed? estate agent me a little bit about yourself? How 23 24 25 when he's 23 24 are you currently A Q I'm All a real right. and a loan officer. MR. BETANCOURT, Nothing further, Your Honor. 25 Prior to being a real estate agent and a loan AN, TRONICS, INC. """_""",".T"'.'M,,.. ," AZ"""",.", T.~..A<"ro,.".,,~ AN. TRONICS,INe. ",,-,.,...".T"_M"'" , "", , T.~.A'."""""", Sanchez v. Dupnik et at 05-CV-583- TUC-RCC PCJC 0028 109 officer, A Q A five judicial that Q A was And Yes, Could I do I you do. you tell with I was security. available. as a part in of levels that, of just general. do you mean about trainings on levels of what force, training kind of training on, the you did you get? me what the sheriff's qualified, transportation, that is? department female. in corrections I any worked weapons post for have any law enforcement related experience? Q out? A Q A towards between they towards rules 10 11 12 13 I mean determine threat is, My level that, what and of you level it know, of would threat man, you force be could what have you different be he's a lot going to assess to for more to every use, situation and what a than to be a, 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 somebody's wife, Q invol A Q invol A security uniform, security, and him. Q become A Okay. they and Okay. ved? Yes. Okay. ved? After the was verbal notified. -it you argument. They wasn' know, t were I guess people they that that just were in were weren' they got Yes. How did I was the that come at of the was but so and, that you about? that time, and and and my husband there we're was not had I and an even pushed Okay. At some point did some kind of disagreement 110 break worked years. weapons I worked pregnant front I were concert. offended, I was I argument sure me why -- somebody offended, the front view a little At some - - my could the husband see, man and said Training training on know, guess we we blocked his 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 weapons and Q force? A and your female. you his Q A Q that A know, level qualifications, in And what department know, disrespected regulations Okay. confrontation, point did verbal, security or occurred. deput ies become need And how -- how did.. when did they become me being serious perceive notified, t in were and a 250-pound of threat -to that. this particular incident, how was it weren't or they, recognizable they were and they Okay. plainclothes, trying to detain - - and how we respond Now, you I on were there was the the at night old with of Tucson? 21 22 23 confronted my husband, At some time - - at some point did the deputies was my husband why and we were my sister, there. and we were at 24 25 involved? Yes. a concert. reason AN. TRONICS,INC. ,..~~, ".T ~ ,~..".AZ""""T_""',,"""" AN. , '_h. ,A,Z~T,~M ,,- ," " "-, T A"""",."" TRONICS, INC. 111 Q A in and Okay. The And what deputies were trying wasn't did they talking tc get do? to the the story at other of personnel what that that were on, gentleman around ~ent to after Okay. anyone? my A No. Okay. in didn't 10 husband when this 11 12 the distance that you and I are. maybe less, 13 14 15 A these had first was were BY MS. So, Well, A a position Yes. MR. BETANCOURT, THE COURT, MS. BLAKE, he I walks got in around, to say and something the other that, and he you you so had had had were didn't know, know. because this guy's like other it, coming BLAKE, Obj ect i on, Your Honor. And to if he would seen have that? struck someone, would confronted confront my husbsnd Now, at my husband, him as and any well, took did and and him then then down. see your husband my husband they just, 112 ~ent you know, plainclothes my husband was going point. He readily detained time you strike walked to around, him, turned got was that .. the and -- because so around involved was he was to and going the other up him gentleman had come up and the confront moving towards as I well. my husband, And that but then my they husband deputies husband 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 realize Q was A and Q A confront they to you be thought, guess, have initiate moved something, forward. to your other were you man had in Speculation. Now where going I was on? about relation Overruled. All right. -Okay. forward. some of who the who that r said, gentleman you didn't had -- and facing it with And did I did. him, the you and when the deputies; have what a clear plainclothes was view going of that? on. security were 16 17 18 19 men were started verbal coming involved The other other and came, at plainclothes, discussing Q A Q and A Q security A They Okay. Yes. a confrontation, argument, him. there, guy guy they there initiated My husband he know, know friends also . So were there where No. Okay. and were your any people and the standing deputies between were? you at that time 20 21 22 .fri ends? with some him sitting so there when as well the as the people in the friends made husband A front officers The row, Now. what the in deputies, the -- after what they discussed together, the 23 24 comments, people who these happened? of discussing that when the other plainclothes know process 25 deputies. My husband plainclothes AN. TRONICS,INC. ""~"""""<-T ri".,.. "~_".AZ~" "'~, , T,-"""""~"",, AN. TRONICS, INC. ,...~."'-, ..., '.T~..~,"".~_h. A~f~" "'.'" T A"""I "..,,~ Sanchez v. Dup"ik et al 05-CV-583-TUC-RCC PCJC 0029 113 were. other For all he knew gentleman they could. have been the friends of this Q All 114 right. Now, when he was on the ground, where were who had started the fight. there starts to be another u you? A Q I was watching. I was -- Q Okay. But at some point and your husband confrontation, moves around Okay. Let's say this is a picture his first name? of your husband. A Q A Q A 1D 11 12 13 14 lS 16 17 18 19 2D 21 22 23 24 25' Q A Correct. - - the Correct. officers? What's A Q he never struck anyone? Ernesto. Ernesto. Let's say this is Ernesto on the ground. where But as you testified, No, he did not. was this deputy? He was over behind him, him, My husband was face A point They what did the officers do? 1D down He was over him. and his hands u was were Okay. They So at that him. and they had - - some of the him. taser to have tasered him. took him down and they were 11 12 officers I one of the officers this officer continuously, had managed to cuff the what tasering recall was hitting ,you know. him. him with Minutes Q A Q that Do you know which The officer Now, sitting officer here tasered him? 13 14 is the one consistently, passed seemed at the desk. husband, Mr. Duran, and he was still tasering Okay. is the -- your first -. 15 16 17 Q Okay. And where were you' standing? location as to where this officer Would would this have be a been? was taken Correct. - - by Correct. the down correct A Q A Q A Q A Q A A Q A Q here Yes. And was there another officer on the other side? deputy? 18 19 2D 21 22 23 24 row in the blue shirt there. 25 Yes. Okay. Now, if let's say your -Uh-huh, -- this way, He was bent you know, now what over with him, his would Deputy Woolridge be doing? fashion .- Ernesto was laying down Now is he in the courtroom? courtroom? Is who in the Mr. Duran? Yes, And He's he is. where A Q A with, is he sitting? in the front He was bent was over in this sitting taser. hitting him in the back, AN. TRONICS, INC. '.R.,_~ ." '.T.", ,~ ,~..""""",.,,, T._.U"M,",."" AN, TRONICS, INC. ' ,-, "T"""""M ,-"""""", " '"-..,. "'" ",.,." 115 Q All right. And where that? - 116 THE COURT. spoken, Overruled. Just that the words were were you standing at that time? A Can I approach Yes, would you' put we'll have you put a P for your BY MS. BLAKE. Q All right. And how close was the crowd in; were they than you. me. you? or behind you? A Q Okay. Okay. I was standing right here. you from your husband closer And about woolridge? three how many feet were A Q Behind and Deputy Okay. So, the crowd was behind Yes, At any point behind did you ever A About to four feet maybe, three feet, I would say, A Q All right. see anyone in the crowd move up 1D 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 2D A About About the same distance that now? -. 1D 11 12 directly the officer? like we are right A Q No. Now, while this was going on, where was your attention A Q A Q crowd Yes. Three, four, five feet, maybe? 13 focused? Okay. All right. doing What Go 14 ahead and have a seat. Now, what was the A On my husband, using -- and on the officer, and that he wes 15 16 consistently the taser, during this time? hear, a lot of the people There were upset because Q A Q A So that And A I could 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 I was yelling as well. and what He's he was was tasering my husband, that was a lot of shouts, not everybody really, saying, "Stop; -to obj ect to hearsay, There And you were yelling, Yelling. "Stop, stop. That's were you yelling? in cuf f s . some people were passive; that were was getting in our already He's involved, area stop. but the people were watching you know, yelling, already restrained. Now, much -- enough." to say you kept your eye 21 22 23 24 25 that " this were said, already" "Stop, to kill Q All right. so is it fair had your You know? That's Somebody He's you're going and that pretty A Q attention? him. enough. Yes. and that The MR. BETANCOURT. I'm going Your 24 entire time? The only Honor. 25 A That had my attention. yes, the entire time. AN. TRONICS,INC. '.R~.".,"_, '.T"~""'M ""._',."'M""~,"", T.~..,.",",",."" AN, TRONICS,INC. ,."~."..,-" '.Tn_"'"-',,", "',po-" T ,."",",."" Sail chez v. Dup"ik et a[ 05-Cf/-583TUC-RCC PCJC 0030 117 time that I did turn to look was when and my -- my the officer had turned to 118 A Q I want to say a minimum of ten feet. approach look at This was Mr. Sanchez, when that -- I -- this was before. to Okay. And at any time did you see Mr. Sanchez deputy while he had the person approached on che ground -- the crowd direction, was yelling. and I turned Okay. He just turned to follow his gaze both the look at what to see A Q Never. He never him. he was looking at, and then our attention went back -- his -- like your husband. He never approached him. attention and my attention on my husband. A Q Q A the Okay. So, he was looking at the crowd. his gaze. prior to this occasion? He looked up to look at Okay. And you would have been able to see from your point? vantage crowd, Now and I followed A 10 11 Q back Right. Did you ever of the head? see anyone walk' up and hit the deputy in the 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 Q A Q did you know Mr. Sanchez No. Okay. Now you said that the first turned time you noticed Mr. 12 13 14 A Q A No. At If any point did you see someone my husband, see who you? -- all I saw was the beer, hit -- hit him. throw beer? I saw the beer Sanchez was when the deputy around? A Q Correct. -- as I was facing you know, threw i'c. Okay. Now, he turned since around, there and what whole -- what crowd? made you 15 16 hi t the officer, but I didn't notice Mr. Sanchez, I didn't Q A when Okay. Because Correct; it caught And when It was -- it was behind from A but the Well, just notice him. I noticed other people, 17 18 19 20 21 22 it was coming my view, -- he caught my attention "Stop, was also hecause going he was yelling. him." And He was that's the beer one yelling, you're to kill Q A Q why my attention concurrence directed at him, because I was in with what he was saying. -- the beer hit Deputy Woolridge, which direction was he Q A Q All right. you're going to kill him." from the faced? A He was - "Stop; And 23 24 25 his attention was on my with husband, and his head was at that point, at that time how far away was Mr. Sanchez down. because He was doing at that point something his hands tasering, deputy? he'd stopped I think. When the AN. TRONICS, INC. ""-'~."".'-"""", ,~",...n, '-"""')"'.><~ AN, TRONICS,INC , ,.,._rt""'" '--".'. ,._.,. 'H" ""M' "'" ",-"" 119 beer hit him, I noticed the beer hit him right or paper cup full here. of beer. the person "ho It was a Q tases All right. And so, Deputy Woolridge just turns 120 around and cup. Q threw It was like a plastic Mr. Sanchez? Okay. it? Near And hisl hi. face, "as it to"ards A Q Yes. What He happens at that point? - A -- no, no, his face was here -- he was focused wi th his -- on my A tasered officer him and he came, they took him down, and there Mr. was. husband and what he was doing another Sanchez. and they were struggling with Q A Okay. He did not - - his head was bent have over. He did not reason -- there is Q A 10 Q A All And right. they were cuf f ing him. was no way he could seen - - the only hit him. he knew 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 because he felt -- felt the beer Otherwise he -hit Okay. And was Mr. Sanchez I didn't see him resisting, resisting, no. or -have a chance Q him? A And what did he do after you saw the cup and the beer 11 12 He didn't to resist. He turned towards his right, and he immediately went and he 13 14 15 16 Q A was Okay. He was tasered hitting and down on the ground was happening to him. did you become other than before he knew what towards Mr. Sanchez very and tasered him and took him down, was very, angry. him, what Q A Q Okay. He was --- did you ever hear Deputy Woolridge say Q aware being Okay. Now, once he was on the ground, that something tased Did laying on had happened the ground? in that moment 17 18 B to him, and he, in my opinion, that beer. to speculation, Your to Mr. Sanchez, Did you ever anything to Mr. Sanchez? said anything known A I become aware that something had A could He never not have 20 21 22 23 happened? who threw Q A been Yes. I didn' t know at broke. that specific moment that his leg had MR. BETANCOURT; Obj ection Honor. THE COURT; BY MS. BLAKE; Overruled. 24 25 Q A Okay. That's what I was asking. I did not know. AN. TRONICS,INC ,.,,--.,.."'.T..,o"oo., "".h..Z "."",,'" ..~..,.,,"'"'~,~ AN, TRONICS, INC. '.'"""'. '-T",.".o,.."""_h..' .~" ",.." Too'.A",",""'."" Sanchez v. Dupnik et af 05-CV-583- TUC-RCC PCJC 0031 121 Q they A being You did not know take They him away? did. They turned him over because them I remember flipping him at that time. Now, at some point did 122 event? A My memory's very clear. As a matter of fact it was -- it's almost traumati zed me. do you have any relationship on his back, kind and then him I remember him over, Q wi th Okay. Since this incident Mr. Sanchez? and they of cuffed like in a hogtie hogtie? Where did situation. they cuff his back, him? cuffed, Q A and And what They do you mean, A I never speak to him. I I don't him. .- to this point I don't had his legs be over, -- his hands behind consider myself that know his legs bent cuffed. carried him away, how did they carry Q A 10 Q All right. I just know of him, and the situation. Q 10 11 12 13 H 15 16 17 18 B 20 21 22 23 2. 25 him Okay. away? They All And when they Okay. MS. BLAKE, THE COURT, I A Q picked right. Ernesto, him up by the cuffs. go back to the During time that that time, your did 11 12 13 H 15 16 have no further questions. Okay. Let's Mr. Betancourt. Thank Your Honor. husband, anyone was on the ground. Woolridge? MR. BETANCOURT, strike Deputy CROSS-EXAMINATION BY MR. BETANCOURT, A Q A No. And how are you certain? Because I was watching my husband being tasered was focused there. Q You mentioned you were a corrections officer; is that 17 18 correct? e"tensively, and that this -- my whole' attention Now, you said A That's correct. did you have officer? several times in the aspect of the to use force on your job Q A Q A Q A Q since - - okay. you were pregnant? 19 20 Q when And how many times you were Yes. Okay. No. Okay. Absolutely All right. not. So, how would you say your memory is of that So, on that night had you consumed any alcohol? a corrections 21 22 23 A jail. I've had to use force bringing someone in. Q You mentioned No. I wouldn't How many years several times; than is that 25. more than 25 times? 2' 25 A Q say more were you a corrections officer, by the way? AN, TRONICS, INC. .~~.",., .." [.T"M'",'. , ,~"'M_' T A<"""","~ AN, TRONICS, INC. """""" -" ['T__",,~ "'"~... A1'~') "'.'" T._.".""""."" 123 12' A No, I did not. methods would you use to put or that somebody under A Q A Five years. And From from when 1996 to when were you a corrections through 2000, officer? so I guess four Q What kind of is when I started, oontrol that was being argumentative you had to put years. Q You weren't anymore? remember officer. 2000, approximately? the exact date, but no, I wasn't a .. after 2000 you weren't a corrections into control? A Well. because I was in the jail, the tasers weren't spray in the was officer actual cells or in the pods, We did carry post, and .neither spray -when pepper I A I don't not allowed. pepper but would go on post corrections as far as a weapons know, verbal I never tbing had to use to put it, so. you under Q 10 11 12 13 H 15 16 17 18 Around would be the first someone A Q Yeah. And why is it that you weren't a corrections officer 10 11 12 I resigned. - - actually, Were let me go back you trained to some of the taser? 13 14 control, would be verbal -. direction. Q A Q A So it is your And anymore? then physical presence. A Q Because What I'm No, sorry; go ahead. just physical presence, calling officer for assistance, a lot of times and would were questions on force. I was. on using 15 16 the mere presence make someone of more than one A Q your Yes, back down. that in a combative situation you And were you taser when -- did you have any opportunities to deploy 17 18 19 Q would So it is your testimony not use pepper I said I you were using taser? spray or a taser? it, and more allowed because I 19 20 21 22 23 A Q A Q under No. You never No, used it? it. -- other methods of putting people A have not used things worked in 20 21 22 23 the pod, and those weren't in the pod. I never used Q A Q this A What do you mean, The corrections, And there incident? Yes. the pod? where the men were housed. pregnant during Did you ever use other control? Fhysical methods, sure. has been testimony that you were 2' 25 A Q 2. pepper spray? 25 Did you ever use, for e"ample, AN, TRONICS. INC. [~~..,,"' ..., ["'"-'",'~ '~~...A1"""".,." T A1""""",~ AN, TRONICS, fNC. [...,.",.,...".T...=,.,.. ,_,...A'.,~"",..." T..,.. """I"'.'<D Sanchez v. Dllpllik et at 05-CV-583-TUC-RCC PCJC 0032 125 Q A How many I don't months remember pregnant exactly, were but you? I gave birth in July, so A Q A Daubertson? Yes. No, that MS. testimony the that deputies any? at or all, that like you that? 10 you mentioned that your focus was on your husband, Mr. 11 12 That's So, No, of And you I correct. weren't not. you that didn't night? have any type of doesn't BLAKE, -I don't Honor, recall that name. 126 eight but, Q physical A Q with 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 A Q Duran? A Q A front Q Oeputy A Q work A worked Q months, say eight months pregnant, my - - I gave bi rth you know -And is it your with have Your We'll is this relevant to anything? one. THE COURT, see the next contact That Yes, the No, And I didn't MR. BETANCOURT, BY MR. BETANCOURT, It is. Your Honor. any pushing -- any pushing at all Q were A Q you You mentioned that you resigned. Isn't it true that you deputies, anything actually No, And terminated? that's not true. do you know an officer don't, -- or detective, and I think ask, or I'll stable mentioned that you and I'll My focus focusing I was -on Mr. on Sanchez this the officer whole here time? in 13 H 15 (phonetic) that he is part of A Q Okay. Do you know Internal Affairs. was focused him, Oetective but Oaubertson? if me and how long my husband. have you known 16 A I don't by recall the name, Affairs, you're asking me if I was on more -I and did you know Officer or 17 18 questioned than Q Internal yes, I was questioned Woolridge? Never Any in I met him bef ore. in NO, common don't or know him. that you know from one occasion. And did 19 20 21 that questioning -- what were you questioned acquaintances common? anybody about? MS. BLAKE, Objection. Yeah, what's Relevance. this? Where are we going know with Deputy him prior Grisholm to that him you or Detective Grisholm. a detective. In fact, I 22 23 24 with this? THE COURT, becoming And you mention (phonetic -- do you know Detective MR. BETANCOURT, fact that she testified Your Honor, it goes to the - - to the and it's my Daubertson throughout)? 25 already that she resigned, AN. TRONICS.INC. ,~~"",~, """"""'" '_h."."""""", T ,.",~,.,,~ ANT TRONICS, INC. ,...,._",""".T__"'" ,_._""~",, T._. . , ". "'" MI."~ 127 1 contention that she did not. Well, I'm I mean, three has some Yes, years animus? specifically to the deputy, just trying to I this.. get mean, to she Are you that. Q And was the way in which of your he used the taser on Mr. 128 Sanchez THE COURT, resigned trying to or say she so what? before consistent with any A I training? to have to say yes, him, it was consistent then took him him, so -- was ,fired that she don't - - I'm going that, you know, in the fact down he tasered and MR. BETANCOURT, Your Honor. MS. evidence saying, 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 BY MS. BLAKE, Q use A Q taser A You said of tasers? you were trained Your Honor, is to BLAKE, up she Your anything, resigned. Yeah. immediately. He wasn't force, consistently tasering Q Honor, other I have than a question. that, what If she's he has But in the scale of taught? don't beHeve that did he use the levels of force as you were A No, I prove that he used appropriate tasered threw escalation without of he force. 10 I'll leave just it at call that. a rebuttal witness, I think -- he immediately who -- THE COURT, didn't even certain got eyes I don't even know know because that beer, and I'm see it unless he's MR. BETANCOURT, and MS. I'll just Okay. Okay. 11 12 13 he doesn't he couldn't in the back of his head. Objection, Your Honor. Speculation. BLAKE, MR. BETANCOURT, THE COURT, MS. BLAKE, THE COURT, Anything MR. ST. THE COURT, Ask your next quest ion. Your Honor. 14 15 16 Sustained. I have no further questions. MR. BETANCOURT, THE COURT, MS . BLAKE, MS. Yes, No further Blake? just a short questions, Okay. Mr. Betancourt? follow up. 17 18 19 further, LOUIS, REDIRECT EXAMINATION Not from the State, Thank Your Honor. you, Ma' am. THE COURT, MS. BLAKE, THE COURT, MS. BLAKE, THE WITNESS, THE COURT, sorry. You can step down. Thank you. as part of your training in the 20 21 22 You can call your The Defense I next? Yes. And on is your the manner husband in which Carl with Woolridge any training was using you've the had? calls Frank Sanchez. 23 24 25 Can stay here? outside, ma'am. I'm consistent You need to step NO, I felt it was excessive force. AlV. TRONICS, INC. ,~".,.."' ,., '.T"."",..'"-,.." 1M",..., T.n""'.{""M'.,m AN. TRONICS,INC. ,.",.",., ,.., '.T_~,",,~ ,~-,.,.., .."",,-, T"~.."."",",.",, Sanchez v, DUp"ik et at 05-CV-583-TUC-RCC PCJC 0033

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