Strojnik v. Costar Realty Information, Inc. et al

Filing 83

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Strojnik v. Costar Realty Information, Inc. et al Doc. 83 Att. 5 EXHIBIT 6 PIMA COUNTY CONSOLIDATED JUSTICE COURT 115 N. CHURCH AVENUE STATE OF ARIZONA DOMESTICVIOLENCE lOIN I VS. MINUTE ENTRY / ORDER AND JUDGMENT TODAY'S HEARING TUCSON, ARIZONA 85701-1130 WARRANT STATUS CASE NO. C BOND POSTED: DURAN. ERNESTO COURT TRIAL LEONARDO} NATHAN 0 Interpreter Plea 0 Victim Finding 0 CA Fine Parties Prese~efense Attorney »efendant Charge(s) IViolation 12...'1204 AGG ASSL T „rosecutOlUNASSIGNED: Dismiss with wlout prejudice 0 Defer Plea/Entry of Judgment DEFENDANT IS: 0 Placedon PROBATION: 0 Unsupervised0 Supervised or a period of f 0 Committed to Pima County JAIL for a period of days with monthsand orderedto pay probationfees of $ per month. days suspended upon completion of conditions of probation. DEFENDANT IS FURTHER ORDERED TO: (Important: Only those items marked apply to you) Enroll by 0 0 0 0 , attend, and complete all marked items belowby 0 Alcohol! Drug Evaluation 0 Alcohol! Drug Education & Treatment (per evaluation) 0 hours of Community Service Pima County Attorney Domestic Violence Diversion Program Pima County Attorney Domestic Violence Rehabilitation Program minimum sessions) Domestic Violence Offender Treatment Program <Other (IMPORTANT: Defendant must submit written proof of completion of the above marked items to the Court) 0 No contact with victim(s) 0 No unconsented contact with victim(s) and!or 0 No further domestic violence 0 Do not return to DEFENDANT IS ORDERED TO PAY: Fine $ /$ suspended Diversion fee $ /$ suspended Restitution $ JCEF fee $ Victim's Comp fee $ Incarceration fee $0 TOTAL $ payable today, or 0 TOTAL $ payable in installments of $ every month, beginning / / . (Costs of collection will be added to all balances referred to collection agencies) 0 Bond in the amount of $ is hereby: 0 Exonerated 0 Forfeited 0 Converted to: IT IS FURTHER ORDERED: Set further hedHng(s): 0 pretrial; 0 evidentiary/motion; 0 bench trial; on 0 Quash Warrant 0 Issue Warrant for the bond amount of: $ As applicable, the defendant has been advised and given written notice of the right to appeal. 0 You have been diverted from prosecution for an offense included in domestic violence. You are on notice that: 1. If you successfully complete the terms and conditions of diversion, the court will discharge you and dismiss the proceedings against you. 2. If you fail to successfully complete the terms and conditions of diversion, the court may enter an adjudication of guilt and proceed as provided by law. 0 You have been convicted of or pled to an offense included in domestic violence. You are now on notice that: 1. If you are convicj:ed of a second offense included in domestic violence, you may be placed on supervised probation and incarcerated 2. A third or subsequent charge may be filed as a felony and a conviction for that offense shall result in a term of incarceration. as a condition of probation. ~ I hereby acknowledge receipt of a copy of the foregoing Judgement and I understand that, if I violate any of the said orders, the Court may issue a warrant for my arrest and direct my confinement in jail pending further proceedings. If I have been placed on probation, the Court may revoke and terminate my probation and impose sentence in accordance with the law. I pro:nis~ CURRENT ADDRESS: 6 7 <;'7 5. ' to notify the court imm Po..,q?/Iq I! ( 1 iatelY, in w~ng, /u of any change in my current address:-" CS(V7 '?5 ~ /lz /0 TELEPHONEc;kJ) : mV19iO5 DATE ~ /0 61() b Defendant's Signature '. ~ JUDGE

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