Cygnus Systems, Inc. v. Microsoft Corporation, et al

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Case 2:08-cv-02337-NVW Document 1 Filed 12/23/08 Page 1 of 2 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT DISTRICT OF ARIZONA United States of America v. Arnold Garcia-Estrella Citizen of Mexico USM#: 11091-008 DOB: 1975 JUDGMENT IN A CRIMINAL CASE (For Offenses Committed on or After November 1, 1987) No. 09-09461-001M-P Richard L. Juarez (AFPD) Attorney for Defendant ICE#: A87 756 554 THE DEFENDANT ENTERED A PLEA OF guilty on 12/9/2009 to Count ONE of the Complaint. ACCORDINGLY, THE COURT HAS ADJUDICATED THAT THE DEFENDANT IS GUILTY OF THE FOLLOWING OFFENSE(S): violating Title 8 USC 1325 ILLEGAL ENTRY, a Petty offense, as charged in Count ONE of the Complaint. IT IS THE JUDGMENT OF THE COURT THAT the defendant is hereby committed to the custody of the Bureau of Prisons for a term of FIFTEEN (15) DAYS on Count ONE, with credit for time served. CRIMINAL MONETARY PENALTIES The defendant shall pay to the Clerk the following total criminal monetary penalties: SPECIAL ASSESSMENT: $Remitted FINE: RESTITUTION: If incarcerated, payment of criminal monetary penalties are due during imprisonment at a rate of not less than $25 per quarter and payment shall be made through the Bureau of Prisons' Inmate Financial Responsibility Program. Criminal monetary payments shall be made to the Clerk of U.S. District Court, Attention: Finance, Suite 130, 401 West Washington Street, SPC 1, Phoenix, Arizona 85003-2118. Payments should be credited to the various monetary penalties imposed by the Court in the priority established under 18 U.S.C. 3612(c). The total special assessment of $Remitted shall be paid pursuant to Title 18, United States Code, Section 3013 for Count ONE of the Complaint. Any unpaid balance shall become a condition of supervision and shall be paid within prior to the expiration of supervision. Until all restitutions, fines, special assessments and costs are fully paid, the defendant shall immediately notify the Clerk, U.S. District Court, of any change in name and address. The Court hereby waives the imposition of interest and penalties on any unpaid balances. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the Clerk of the Court deliver two certified copies of this judgment to the United States Marshal of this district. The Court orders commitment to the custody of the Bureau of Prisons. The defendant is remanded to the custody of the United States Marshal. Case 2:08-cv-02337-NVW Document 1 Filed 12/23/08 Page 2 of 2 Page 2 of 2 09-09461-001M-P USA vs. Arnold Garcia-Estrella Date of Imposition of Sentence: Wednesday, December 9, 2009 Date 12/9/09 JAY R. IRWIN, United States Magistrate Judge RETURN I have executed this Judgment as follows: Defendant delivered on to at designated by the Bureau of Prisons, with a certified copy of this judgment in a Criminal case. By: United States Marshal Deputy Marshal , the institution 09-09461-001M-P -

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