Ecommerce Innovations L.L.C. v. Does 1-10

Filing 74

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Ecommerce Innovations L.L.C. v. Does 1-10 Doc. 74 IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF ARIZONA CIVIL MINUTES - GENERAL Date: July 24, 2007 Civil Case No. Title Present: HON. Deputy Clerk & ECRO: Beth Harper ATTORNEY(s) FOR DEFENDANT Edward K. Cottrell & Lawrence Peshkin JENNIFER C. GUERIN CASHMAN CV 05-415-TUC-JMR(JCG) vs. NATIONWIDE ATTORNEY(s) FOR PLAINTIFF Bruce Macdonald PROCEEDINGS: XX Open Court Chambers Other This matter comes before the Court as scheduled for a status conference regarding settlement status. Parties presented information to the Court regarding the timing of submission of settlement documents. Parties are cooperating to prepare and obtain all information needed to complete settlement documents. Parties anticipate that settlement documents will be submitted for approval to this court and a state court in Texas. Parties believe settlement documents can be completed within sixty days. Wherefore it is ordered that the parties submit settlement documentation to the court within sixty days. Should impediments arise that prevent the parties from meeting this deadline, the parties shall provide written notification of that condition to the court and request and suggest what additional time is needed to complete the settlement paperwork. Hearing time: 5 minutes

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