Motion Picture Association of America v. CrystalTech Web Hosting Inc.

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Motion Picture Association of America v. CrystalTech Web Hosting Inc. Doc. 260 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF ARIZONA United States of America, ) ) Plaintiff, ) ) vs. ) ) Demetrio Perez-Velasquez, ) ) Defendant. ) ___________________________________ ) CR-09-292-PHX-DGC FINDINGS AND RECOMMENDATION OF THE MAGISTRATE JUDGE UPON A PLEA OF GUILTY AND ORDER Upon Defendant's request to enter a plea of Guilty pursuant to Rule 11 of the 14 Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, this matter was referred to the Magistrate Judge 15 by the District Court and came on for hearing before U.S. Magistrate Judge Edward C. 16 Voss on August 6, 2009, with the written consents of the Defendant, counsel for the 17 Defendant, and counsel for the United States of America. 18 The undersigned magistrate judge accepted Defendant's waiver of indictment 19 after inquiry was made of the Defendant as to his understanding of the right to 20 prosecution by indictment that he was waiving. Thereafter, the matter came on for a 21 hearing on Defendant's plea of guilty in full compliance with Rule 11, Federal Rules of 22 Criminal Procedure, before the undersigned magistrate judge in open court and on the 23 record. 24 In consideration of that hearing and the statements made by the Defendant under 25 oath on the record and in the presence of counsel, and the remarks of the Assistant 26 United States Attorney and of counsel for Defendant, 27 28 (A) I FIND as follows: 1 (1) that the Defendant understands the nature of the charge against him to 2 which the plea is offered; 3 (2) that the Defendant understands his right to trial by jury, to persist in his 4 plea of not guilty, to the assistance of counsel at trial, to confront and cross-examine 5 adverse witnesses, and his right against compelled self-incrimination; 6 (3) that the Defendant understands what the maximum possible sentence is, 7 including the effect of the supervised release term, and defendant understands that the 8 sentencing guidelines are only advisory and that the court is free to exercise its 9 discretion to impose any reasonable sentence allowed by law; 10 (4) that the plea of Guilty by the Defendant has been knowingly and 11 voluntarily made and is not the result of force or threats or of promises apart from the 12 plea agreement between the parties; 13 14 (5) that the Defendant is competent to plead guilty; (6) that the Defendant understands that his answers may later be used 15 against him in a prosecution for perjury or false statement; 16 (7) that the Defendant understands that by pleading guilty he waives the right 17 to a trial, the right to a direct appeal, and the right to a collateral attack; and, 18 19 (8) that there is a factual basis for the Defendant's plea; and further, (B) I RECOMMEND that the plea of guilty to the Information be accepted subject 20 to the Court's acceptance of the plea agreement which shall remain lodged with the 21 Court pending Judge Campbell's decision whether to accept or reject the plea 22 agreement after review of the presentence report. 23 24 ORDER IT IS ORDERED that any objection(s) to the guilty plea proceedings and any 25 request(s) for supplementation of those proceedings be made by the parties in writing 26 and shall be specific as to the objection(s) or request(s) made. All objections or requests 27 for supplementation shall be filed within ten (10) days of the date of service of a copy of 28 these findings unless extended by an Order of the assigned district judge. 1 IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that any letters, documents, or other matters 2 defendant would like the sentencing judge to consider before sentencing (including the 3 English translation of any writings not in English) must be submitted in paper form with 4 the original to the probation office and copies to the sentencing judge and opposing 5 counsel no later than seven (7) business days prior to the sentencing date or they may 6 be deemed untimely by the sentencing judge and not considered. (ECF Manual, II N 7 at 24) 8 IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that any motions for upward or downward departures 9 or any sentencing memoranda must be filed at least seven (7) business days prior to the 10 sentencing date. Responses are due three (3) business days prior to the sentencing 11 date. Any motion to continue the sentencing date shall be filed at least three (3) 12 business days prior to the sentencing date. 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 Copies to: AUSA, Defense Counsel 26 27 28 3 DATED this 6th day of August, 2009.

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