Motion Picture Association of America v. CrystalTech Web Hosting Inc.

Filing 386

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~AO 440 (Rev. 8/01) Summons in a Civil Action UNITEID STATES DISTRICT COURT FdR THE J<DETBElL and, , , Plaintiffs, .- District of ARI7.oNA SUM:MONS IN A CIVIL CASE V. ~ ENGINEERINGI,N::., Defendant. CASE TO: (Name and address of Defendant) CMK ENGINEERING, IN:. C/O Michael L. Keith (Stat. 4142 W. Paradise Lane Phoenix, AZ.85053 Agent) YOU ARE HEREBY SUMMONED td required to serve on PLAINTIFF'S ATIORNEY (namand ddress) ea Michael J. Keenan, Esg. WARD, KEENAN &. BARRETI', :r.C. 3838 N. Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85012 Tel: 602-279-1717 Fax: 602-279-8908 $ui te 1720 20 days after service at answer to the complaint which is served o you with this summons, within this summons on you, exclusive of the day f service. If you fail to do so, judgment by default will be taken against you for t e relief demanded in the complaint. Any ansu er that you serve on the parties to this action must be filed with the Clerk of this ourt within a reasonable period of time after ~ervice. ~ x CLERK 9:48 am, Jun 15, 2007 s/Richard H. Weare,Clerk DATE (B~) DEPUTY CLERK Do I AO 440 (Rev. 8/01) Summons in a Civil Action I RETURN OĽ SERVICE DATE Service of the Sununons and complaint was made b me<l) AME OF SERVER(PRINT) TITLE Check one box be/ow to indicate aDDroDriatemetho'd of service o S""'" -Y - tho e"""""-pr ""'" ,,,,,,", d discretionthen residingtherein. o uft oop;o, Ih=f" the defundont', d1nn. bn"", n,"""" plare ,"bod, wilh . p""'" ,f ""tab 1, nge nod o Neturnefdperexecwteh : hom the summol and complaintwere left: Rame o un son u it d w I I o Other (specify): I I I I STAlEMENT OF SERVICE FEES I :RAVEL SER1ICES DECLARATION OF SERVER I TOTAL I declare under penalty of peIjury Lder contained in the Return of Service and Statetent I the laws of the United States f America that the foregoing information of Service Fees is true and correct. Executed on Date I Signature of Server I I I Address of Server II I ( ) As to who may serve a summons see Rule 4 of the Federal Rl es of Civil Procedure I . I

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