Motion Picture Association of America v. CrystalTech Web Hosting Inc.

Filing 934

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M o t i o n Picture Association of America v. CrystalTech Web Hosting Inc. D o c . 934 I 2 1 J 4 5 6 M A L A N G A LAW OFFICE F i r m Bar No. 00444700 Bar R a l p hMalanga, No. 009201 l5l5 P OB o x B i s b e eAZ 85603-2515 , ( 5 2 0 )432-9066 r n a l a n g !{ cablcortc.ttetAttorneyfor Defendant a U N I T E D STATES DISTRICT COURT D I S T R I C T OF ARIZONA OF L I N I T E DS'fATE,S AMEzuCA, ) ) TUC RCC (HCE,) No. CR07-00601 MOTION TO CONTINUE PLEA DEADLINE AND JURY TRIAL ( D e f e n d a n t ' sSecondRequest/ W i t h o u t Objection) 7 Plaintiff, 8 9 l0 ll t2 l3 I't l5 l6 l7 f b r trial will be required. l8 l9 20 2l order. 22 23 24 25 VS. ) ) ) ) TERRIQUEZ, FIERIBERTO Defendant. by HeribertoTerriquez, and throughundersigned C O M E S NOW the Def'endant, of c o u n s eand movesthis Court fbr a 60-daycontinuance the trial datein this matter l of of for scheduled July 24,2007andthe Change PleaDeadline July 6. 2007 l'or currently public sorle of which necessitates is thatdiscovery still in progress, t h ereason electnot to in requests MaricopaCounty. Additionally,shouldthe def-endant infbnnation pretrialmotionsand prepare plea offer sufficienttime to prepare the a c c e p t government's that with Michael Logalbowho indicated has for C o u n s e l the Defendant conferred delay that excludable anticipates The Defendant to h e hasno objection a continuance. will occuras a resultof this motionand Title I 8, U.S.C.$3161(hX3XBXSXA) under of SUBMITTEDthis 6'r'day July,2001' RESPECTFULLY s / Ralph Malanga R a l p hMalanga o electronically r C o p i e sof the foregoingserved on means July 6,2007, to: b y other C. H o n .Raner Collins District Court U n i t e dStates S 4 0 5 W . C o n g r e s s .t e .5 1 7 0 T u c s o n AZ 8 5 7 0 l - 5 0 5 1 . MichaeLogalbo l Attorney A s s i s t a nUnited States t S 4 0 5 W . C o n g r e s s ,t e . 4 8 0 0 T u c s o n AZ 8 5 1 0 l - 5 0 4 1 . Terriquez Heriberto l0 ll l2 l3 t4 l5 l6 t7 l8 l9 20 2l 22 /..) 24 25

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