United States of America v. Arizona, State of, et al

Filing 83

TRANSCRIPT DESIGNATION AND ORDER FORM by Arizona, State of, Janice K Brewer for proceedings held on July 22, 2010 @ 1:30 pm before Judge Susan Bolton. (Bouma, John)

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United States of America v. Arizona, State of, et al Doc. 83 the United States Cours ~A0435 (Rev. 10/05) Admistrative Offce of Read Instructions on Back: 1. NAME TRASCRIPT ORDER 2. PHONE NUBER Robert Henry 4. FIRM (602) 382-6259 6. CITY STATE CODE NAME 7. 8. zip Snell & Wilmer 5. MAILING ADDRESS One Arizona Center 9. CASE NUMBER Phoenix 10. JUGE DATES OF AZ PROCEEDINGS 85004 10-CV-1413-PHX-SRB 13. CASE NAME Susan Bolton 11. 7/22/2010 12. LOCATION OF PROCEEDINGS U.S.A. v. State of Arizona 16. ORDER FOR APPEAL o 14. Phoenix 15. STATE AZ o CRIMINAL o CIVIL D CRIINAL JUSTICE ACT D IN FORM PAUPERIS o BANKUPCY D OTHER (Specif) o NON-APPEAL 17. TRANSCRIT REQUESTED (Specify porton(s) and date(s) of proceeding(s) for which transcript is requested) PORTIONS o VOIR DIRE DATES PORTION S DATES D TESTIMONY (Specify o OPENING STATEMENT (Plaintiff) o OPENING STATEMENT (Defendat) o CLOSING ARGUMENT (Plaintiff) o CLOSING ARGUMENT (Defendant) D PRE-TRIL PROCEEDING o OPINION OF COURT o JURY INSTRUCTIONS OTHER (Specify) Motion Hearing o SENTENCING 7/22/2010 ~ 1:30 pm o BAIL HEARG 18. ORDER CATEGORY 30 14 7 FIRST COPY #OF ADDITIONAL COPIES DELIVERY INSTRUCTIONS (check an that apply) DAYS DAYS DAYS DAILY HOURLY REALTIME o D o o o CERTIFICATION (19. & 20.) D PAPER COPY E-MAIL DISK PDF FORMAT ASCII FORMAT E-MAIL ADDRESS D D D II II By signg below, I certify that I wil pay an charges (deposit plus additional). 19. SIGNATURE mzachow~swlaw.com NOTE: IF ORDERIG BOTH PAPER AND ELECTRONIC COPIES, THERE WIL BE AN ADDITIONAL CHAGE. DISTRBUTION: COURT COPY TRANSCRIPTION COPY ORDER RECEIPT ORDER COPY Dockets.Justia.com

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