Xcentric Ventures, LLC, et al., v. Richeson

Filing 56

AFFIDAVIT of Service for Notice of Litigation; Complaint served on Arizona Attorney General on 11/15/2010, filed by Maria Crimi Speth. (Sprague, Sharon)

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Xcentric Ventures, LLC, et al., v. Richeson IntelliServe Doc. 56 Prompt. Documented. Done. Powered by IntelliQuick Intel I i S e rve@IQCa n Do. com 1-877-277-3188 Order #:9029688 Client: 14709-1 Werner v Thomas et al. IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT IN AND FOR THE DISTRICT OF ARIZONA XCENTRIC VENTURES, LLC; et al., Petiti oner/P lamtiff( s), vs. CASE#:2:10-CV-1931-PHX-NVW SHAWN RICHESON; et al., Respondent/Defendants). AFFIDAVIT OF SERVICE Rvan O'Neal , the undersigned, certifies under penalty of perjury: I am a registered private process server in the COUNTY OF MARICOPA, I am fully qualified pursuant to the regulations governing Service of Process in the State of Arizona, to serve process in this case, and I received for service the following documents in this action: NOTICE OF LITIGATION; COMPLAINT from SHARON SPRAGUE FOR MARIA SPETH with JABURG & WILK located in Phoenix, AZ on I I / I I/20IO I personally served copies of the documents listed ahovc on those named below at the place shown, in the manner shown, and on the date and time shown. All services, except where noted, were made in PHOENIX, ARIZONA. NAME: ARIZONA ATTORNEY GENERAL 11/15/2010 13:31 1275 W Washington St, Phoenix, Arizona 85007, by serving Ana Martinez, Receptionist, a person authorized to accept service. DATE & TIME*: ADDRESS: MANNER: DESCRIPTION: STATEMENT OF COSTS SERVICE MILEAGE R U S H FEES A D D . MILEAGES LOCATE POSTAL MVD S K I P TRACE R y a n O'Neal, #7518 State of ARIZONA County of MARICOPA s 16.00 $ 1 6.00 $ $ S ) ss. Subscribed and sworn before mo on November 16, 2010 ) ) S P E C UANDELING STAKEOUT/WAIT COPIES F E E ADVANCE A F F I D A V I T PREP s i s s $ s S 10.00 S OTARY PUBLIC TOTAL $ 42.00 My Commission expires: "OFFICIAL SEAL ALICIA RAMIREZ ry Public - !Slate of -Ariz MARiCOPA COUNTY My Comrn. Expifj 3- * Time of service is reflected in Military Time. Dockets.Justia.com

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