Parsons et al v. Ryan et al

Filing 2410

ORDER Denying as moot 2080 Defendants' Motion to Seal. FURTHER ORDERED granting 2137 Defendants' Motion to Seal. FURTHER ORDERED 2169 Larry Prince's Motion to Intervene. (Doc. 2169) is denied. FURTHER ORDERED granting [219 2] Plaintiffs' Motion to Seal. FURTHER ORDERED granting 2203 Defendants' Motion to Seal. FURTHER ORDERED denying 2357 Anant Tripati's Motion to Seal Declaration. FURTHER ORDERED denying 2391 Clayton Roy Gatlin's Motion Request to Improve. Signed by Magistrate Judge David K Duncan on 10/31/17.(MAP)

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1 WO 2 3 4 5 6 IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT 7 FOR THE DISTRICT OF ARIZONA 8 9 Victor Antonio Parsons, et al., No. CV-12-0601-PHX-DKD Plaintiffs, 10 11 v. 12 Charles L. Ryan, et al., 13 ORDER Defendants. 14 15 This Order addresses a number of pending motions. Because Plaintiffs withdrew 16 their Motion for Preliminary Injunction, the Court will deny as moot Defendants’ motion 17 to seal certain exhibits in support of their response (Doc. 2080). See LRCiv. 5.6(e) (“If a 18 request to file under seal is denied in part or in full, the lodged document will not be filed. 19 If the request is denied in full, the submitting party may, within five (5) days of the entry 20 of the order denying the request, resubmit the document for filing in the public record. If 21 the request is denied in part and granted in part, the party may resubmit the document in a 22 manner that conforms to the Court’s order and this Rule.”) Defendants also moved to 23 seal a document and its exhibits (Docs. 2137, 2138, 2139) and subsequently filed a 24 redacted version of the document that appears to comply with the Ninth Circuit’s 25 guidance (Doc. 2140). Accordingly, the Court will grant the motion to seal. 26 The Court has reviewed the motions by class members Larry Prince, Anant 27 Tripati, James E. Rogers, and Clayton Roy Gatlin (Docs. 2169, 2357, 2391). The Court 28 cannot, however, accept motions from class members unless they are filed by class 1 counsel. The Court will grant the parties’ request to seal certain documents related to 2 Plaintiffs’ allegations of retaliation (Docs. 2193, 2203). 3 IT IS THEREOFRE ORDERED that: 4 (1) Defendants’ Motion to Seal (Doc. 2080) is denied as moot. 5 (2) Defendants’ Motion to Seal (Doc. 2137) is granted. 6 (3) Larry Prince’s Motion to Intervene (Doc. 2169) is denied. 7 (4) Plaintiffs’ Motion to Seal (Doc. 2192) is granted. 8 (5) Defendants’ Motion to Seal (Doc. 2203) is granted. 9 (6) Anant Tripati’s Motion to Seal Declaration (Doc. 2357) is denied. 10 (7) Clayton Roy Gatlin’s Motion Request to Improve (Doc. 2391) is denied. 11 Dated this 31st day of October, 2017. 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 -2-

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