Williams v. Whitfield et al

Filing 208

ORDER denying as moot 178 Motion to Compel; denying 195 Motion to Compel; denying 203 Motion for Order for Subpoenas; granting 205 Motion to Compel; granting 207 Motion for Reconsideration re 199 Order on Motion for Copies of Local Rules. Clerk is directed to forward Mr Williams a copy of the Local Rules. Signed by Magistrate Judge Beth Deere on 5/3/10. (dac)

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IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT E A S T E R N DISTRICT OF ARKANSAS E A S T E R N DIVISION A L M. WILLIAMS A D C #362773 V. CASE NO. 2:09CV00100 JLH/BD DEFENDANTS ORDER S e p a ra te Defendants Whitfield, Robinson, and Bell have filed a motion to compel d is c o v e ry and an amended motion to compel discovery in this matter. (Docket entries # 1 7 8 and #205) Plaintiff has filed a motion to compel, a motion for order, and a motion fo r reconsideration. (#195, #203, and #207) I. D e fe n d a n t s' Motions to Compel In their original motion to compel (#178), Separate Defendants Whitfield, R o b inso n , and Bell requested that the Court order Plaintiff to respond to their discovery re q u e s ts and to sign a Medical Authorization to release his medical records. (#178) On A p ril 28, 2010, Plaintiff filed his Medical Authorization with the Court without having th e form notarized. (#201) Accordingly, Defendants may not use the Medical A u th o riz a tio n form to obtain copies of Plaintiff's medical records. Defendants Whitfield, R o b in s o n , and Bell now have filed an amended motion to compel, requesting that the C o u rt order Plaintiff to fully respond to their discovery requests and to provide a fully e x e c u ted and notarized Medical Authorization form. (#205) The motion (#205) is GRANTED. PLAINTIFF L O N N I E WHITFIELD, et al. P la in tif f is ordered to fully respond to the discovery requests submitted by D e f e n d a n ts Whitfield, Robinson, and Bell within fourteen (14) days of this Order. Plaintiff must include in his responses a fully executed and notarized Medical A u th o riz a tio n form. Defendants' original motion to compel (#178) is DENIED as moot. II. P la in t iff's Motion to Compel In his motion to compel discovery, Plaintiff requests that the Court order D e f e n d a n t Helena Regional Medical Center ("HRMC") to fully respond to his s u p p le m e n ta l discovery requests. (#195) HRMC has responded to Plaintiff's motion by s ta tin g that it has fully responded to Plaintiff's discovery requests. (#206) In addition, H R M C states that, because Plaintiff seems to be having problems receiving his mail, H R M C will send Plaintiff pleadings electronically, to the email address Plaintiff has p ro v id e d on some of his recent pleadings, and through the U.S. Mail. Based upon H R M C 's response and its good faith effort to assist Plaintiff in receiving HRMC's filings in this matter, Plaintiff's motion (#195) is DENIED. In addition, in his motion to compel, Plaintiff states that he has not been provided a c o p y of the motion for summary judgment filed by HRMC in this matter. On April 19, 2 0 1 0 , the Clerk of the Court provided Plaintiff copies of docket entries #151, #152, and # 1 5 3 . In addition, the Court provided Plaintiff additional time to respond to the motion f o r summary judgment. Plaintiff's response is due on or before May 6, 1010. (#192) 2 III. P la in t iff's Motion for Order In his motion for order, Plaintiff requests that the Clerk of Court provide him thirteen "signed but otherwise blank subpoenas since he is representing himself." (#203) Plaintiff has not provided sufficient reason to justify such an order. The motion (#203) is D E N IE D . IV. P la in t iff's Motion for Reconsideration In Plaintiff's motion for reconsideration, he requests that the Court provide him a c o p y of the Local Rules for the Eastern District of Arkansas. (#207) Plaintiff's motion (# 2 0 7 ) is GRANTED. The Clerk is directed to forward Mr. Williams a copy of the Local R u l e s. IT IS SO ORDERED this 3rd day of May, 2010. ___________________________________ U N IT E D STATES MAGISTRATE JUDGE 3

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