Little Rock School et al v. Pulaski Cty School et al

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ORDER directing the parties to file any objections to the attached budget for 2011-2012 by July 21, 2011. The ODM is directed to file a report by September 16, 2011, as outlined in this Order, and to file its report with the Clerk. Signed by Judge D. P. Marshall Jr. on 7/14/11. (kpr)

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IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT EASTERN DISTRICT OF ARKANSAS WESTERN DIVISION LITTLE ROCK SCHOOL DISTRICT, et al. v. PLAINTIFFS Case No. 4:82-cv-866-DPM NORTH LITTLE ROCK SCHOOL DISTRICT, et al. LORENE JOSHUA, et al. DEFENDANTS INTERVENORS ORDER The Office of Desegregation Monitoring seeks approval of the attached budget for 2011-2012. The window is open for objections until 21 July 2011. The Court will construe silence as acceptance. The Court requests a report from ODM by 16 September 2011 on two things: the office's work during the past year and the office's planned work during the coming year. The plan should address, in particular, how ODM can assist the Pulaski County Special School District and the North Little Rock School District in addressing the areas of noncompliance identified in the Court's 19 May 2011 opinion. The Court directs ODM to file its report with, the Clerk. So Ordered. D.P. Marshall Jr. United States District Judge HJuly 2011 -2­ Office of Desegregation Monitorir,ij;), United States District Court. Eastem District of Arkansas V,S REceIvED I"J I' CI1AMB~ OF B WeT COU JU RIAN S. MILLER 08i Union National Plaza JUN J 320ft 124 West Capitol, Suite 1610 Little Rock, Arkansas 72201 (501) 376-6200 Fax (501) 371·0100 June 22,2011 The Honorable Brian S. Miller Judge, United States District Court Eastern District of Arkansas 600 West Capitol, Room D258 Little Rock, AR 72201 Re: Little Rock School District v. Pulaski County Special School District, et al. Case 4:82-cv-866 BSM Dear Judge Miller: Enclosed is the proposed 2011-12 ODM budget. The format of the document follows that of ODM's prior budgets, including annotations to explain revenue calculations, defmitions of budget categories, and the budgeted allocations for the year by category. The overall 2011-12 amount of $262,646.00 represents a decrease of$2,298.00 from the 2010-11 budget. This budget is allocated between the State of Arkansas, the PCSSD, and the NLRSD. Since LRSD was released from all obligations relating to any ODM budget after the 2006-07 fiscal year, none of our subsequent budgets have included a financial allocation for the LRSD. I will promptly provide any additional information upon request. Sincerely yours, (a~ow~,f~ Federal Monitor, Office of Desegregation Monitoring Ene. cc: Judge H. David Young OFFICE OF DESEGREGATION MONITORING 2011-12 PROPOSED BUDGET REVENUE 2010·11 2011-12 Budget State of Arkansas 2010·11 Projected Revenue Proposed Budaet 200,000.00 200,000.00 200,000.00 22,899.00 22,899.00 21,889.00 NLRSO Budget allocation Minus credit from previous year Equals NLRSO's share of the 435.00 435.00 1,908.00 I ............................... ............................ .............................. 22,464.00 22,464.00 19,981.00 PCSSO Budget allocation Minus credit from previous year Equals PCSSO's share of the 42,045.00 42,045.00 40,757.00 799.00 799.00 3,552.00 ............................ .......................... ............................. 41,246.00 41,246.00 37,205.00 Sale of Equipment/Furniture 0.00 0.00 0.00 Interest 0.00 831.00 0.00 264,944.00 265,775.00 262,646.00 Total Revenue Note: The credits in the above chart reflect the projected unspent amount of our previous year's budget, including any bank interest earned and amount received for the sale of any office furniture and equipment. Every budget cycle, OOM applies this amount toward each school district's budgeted allocation. Both that allocation and the credit are determined for the proposed budget by the previous year's October 1 enrollment numbers. The allocation and the credit will be adjusted after the close of the fiscal year. Communications 2010-11 2010-11 2011-12 Revised Budaet EXPENDITURES I Projected Expenses Proposed Budaet 5,350.00 5,249.00 5,350.00 Equipment 0.00 0.00 0.00 Periodicals 180.00 180.00 180.00 Printing & Binding 4,363.00 3,555.00 4,363.00 Prof & Tech Services 1,000.00 300.00 1,000.00 25,304.00 25,188.00 ! 25,304.00 I Rent 400.00 0.00 400.00 Salaries 177,343.00 174,998.00 173,873.00 Benefits 48,055.00 48,294.00 48,811.00 Supplies 1,000.00 600.00 1,000.00 Travel 1,500.00 1,453.00 1,800.00 499.00 498.00 565.00 264,994.00 260,315.00 262,646.00 Repairs & Maintenance Insurance Total Expenditures I Page 2 ANNOTATED ODM BUDGET FOR 2011-12 REVENUE The Court's Interim Order of June 27, 1989 required that: ...[T]he amount previously ordered for the Pulaski County Educational Cooperative (Co-op) [$200,000.00] shall be applied toward the budget of the office of the Metropolitan Supervisor.... The balance ofthe budget will be apportioned among the school districts on a per pupil basis.... Eighth Circuit Order of December 12,1990: ... [T]he office previously known as the Office ofthe Metropolitan Supervisor will be reconstituted as the Office of Desegregation Monitoring.... 2011·12 Budget 1011110 Enroll­ ment %of Total Enroll­ ment NLRSD 9.400 34.94 21,889 PCSSD 17,501 65.06 0.00 26,901 StateofAR Total 2010-11 Credit (BUdget not spent) 2011·12 Budget Allocation I 2011-12 Budget Payment (incorporating credit) 1.908 19.981 40,757 3,552 37.205 0.00 200,000 0 200,000 100.00 262.646 5,460 257,186 I Described below is the step-by-step process, reflected in the chart above, that we use to determine PCSSD's and NLRSD's contribution to the ODM budget: 1. The State of Arkansas' contribution ($200,000.00) is subtracted from ODM's total budget. 2. Based on last year's October 1 enrollment, the districts are charged their pro rata share of ODM's budget (minus the state's contribution). 3. Each district is credited with its pro rata share ofODM's unspent budget for the previous year. 4. The sum is the amount each district is to contribute to ODM's budget. Note: The amount noted for the total credit is based upon projected revenue and expenditures. After the close of the fiscal year, the districts will be notified of the exact amount of the credit and the amount due for its share of ODM' s budget. Page 3 EXPENDITURES Note: Definitions ofexpense categories are based on the Arkansas School Financial Accounting Manual. Communications: Services provided by persons or businesses to assist in transmitting and receiving messages or information. This category includes telephone services as well as postage machine rental and postage. 2010-11 Budget '---- 2010-11 Projected Expenses 2011-12 Proposed Budget 5_,2_4_9._0°---'1, 5_,3_5_0._00_1 5_,3_5_0_.0.--J0 Equipment: Expenditures for the initial, additional, and replacement items or equipment, such as furniture and machinery. 2010-11 Budget 2010-11 Projected Expenses 0.00 'I I I 2011-12 Proposed BUdget 0.00 I- 0.00- J -I, Periodicals: Expenditures for periodicals and newspapers for general use. A periodical is any publication appearing at regular intervals ofless than a year and continuing for an indefinite period. 2010-11 Projected Expenses 2010-11 BUdget 1_80_.0_0 '---- 2011-12 Proposed BUdget ~ 180.00 Printing and Binding: Expenditures for job printing and binding, usually according to specifications. This includes the design and printing of forms as well as printing and binding publications. 2010-11 Budget 2010-11 Projected Expenses 4,363.00 , 2011-12 Proposed Budget 3,555.00 I 4,363.00 II ------------- Professional and Technical Services: Services which by their nature can be performed only by persons with specialized skills and knowledge. 2010·11 Projected Expenses 2010-11 Budget 1,000.00 300.00 2011-12 Proposed Budget 1,000.00 Rent: Expenditures for leasing or renting land and buildings for both temporary and long-range use. 2010·11 Budget 25,304.00 2010·11 Projected Expenses 25,188.00 2011.12 Proposed Budget 25,304.00 Page 4 Repairs and Maintenance: Expenditures for repairs and maintenance services which restore equipment to its original state or are a part of a routine preventive maintenance program. This includes service contracts and contractual agreements covering the maintenance and operation of equipment and equipment systems. 2010-11 Budget 2010-11 Projected Expenses 2011·12 Proposed Budget I 400.00 I 0.00 400.00 Salaries: Salaries are the amounts paid to employees who are considered to be in positions of a pennanent or temporary nature. ,---------------,----------------.---1--------------, 2010-11 BUdget '-- 2010-11 Projected Expenses 1_ _,_99_8_.0_0_L 74 1_7_7_,34_3_._00----L I 2011-12 Proposed Budget 173,873.00 I Below is a breakdown of each employee's budgeted 2010-11 salary. Name of Employee I 2010·11 Salary 2011·12 Proposed Salary I I I Margie Powell Linda Bryant" 47,253 Polly Ramer" I 103,290 26,800 21,775 177,343 173,873 Total 103,290 48,808 " Proposed salary reflects a 3.29% annual base increase. which is equal to or less than the annual step increase on the salary scales of the local districts. "" Proposed salary reflects a decrease in the number of contracted days over last year's number. Benefits: Benefits are the amounts paid on behalfofemployees and not included in the gross salary, but are over and above. Such payments are fringe benefit payments. 2010-11 Budget 48,055.00 I I 2010-11 Projected Expenses Ii 2011-12 Proposed Budget 48,294.00 I \ 48,811.00 I· Below is a breakdown by category of each employee's 2011-12 proposed fringe benefits: Name I II Car Allowance Social Security Retirement Insurance Workers' Comp Total Benefits Powell 1,440.00 8,011.85 14.662.20 343.51 4,250.00 28,707.56 Bryant 0.00 3,733.81 6,833.12 160.09 4,250.00 14,977.02 Ramer 0.00 1,665.79 3.048.50 411.55 0.00 5,125.84 I 1,440.00 13,411.45 24,543.82 915.15 8,500.00 48,810.42 II Total I I Page 5 Supplies: Expenditures for all supplies for the operation, including freight and cartage. Amounts paid for material items ofan expendable nature that are consumed, worn out, or deteriorated in use or items that lose their identity through fabrication or incorporation into different or more complex units or substances. 2010-11 Budget i 1,000.00 I 2010·11 Projected Expenses 600.00 2011-12 Proposed Budget 1,000.00 Travel: Expenditures for transportation, meals, hotel, and other expenses associated with traveling or business, such as parking fees. Payments for per diem in lieu ofreimbursements for subsistence (room and board) also are charged here. 2010-11 Budget 2010·11 Projected Expenses 1,500.00 1 _1,_45_3_.0_0----'--- 2011·12 Proposed Budget 1,_8_00_._00_1 Note: The amount proposed for the 2011-12 proposed budget will allow Margie Powell, ODM Monitor, to maintain her current certification by attending the National Counselor's Association Conference in San Francesco, CA in March. Insurance: Expenditures for all types ofinsurance coverage such as property, liability, fidelity, as well as the costs ofjudgments. 2010-11 Projected Expenses 2010·11 BUdget 499.00 2011·12 Proposed Budget 498.00 565.00 Note: The amount budgeted for 2011-12 reflects an anticipated increase over last year's insurance costs. Page 6

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