Little Rock School et al v. Pulaski Cty School et al

Filing 5178

ORDER: For the reasons stated at the 16 December 2015 hearing, the Court directs JNPSD, the Joshua Intervenors, and Dr. Charles Stein to meet on facilities issues no later than 31 December 2015. By 5 January 2016, Joshua must file a paper with specif ic, fact-based arguments on why JNPSD's proposed Facilities Master Plan shouldn't receive the Court's approval as consistent with Plan 2000. JNPSD's response is due by 8 January 2016. Ms. Powell will file a short report on the iss ue by 10 January 2016 and if an evidentiary hearing is needed, the Court will hold one at 1:30 p.m. on 19 January 2016. The Court will hold status conferences on 24 March 2016, 22 June 2016, 15 September 2016, and 7 December 2016. The Court directs P CSSD, Joshua, and JNPSD to continue meeting monthly on facilities, personnel and any other issues that arise. The parties' exhibits are admitted. The Court has considered, them, and will consider them, in addressing the proposed Master Plan. Signed by Judge D. P. Marshall Jr. on 12/18/2015. (jak)

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