Rille, et al v. Accenture LLP, et al

Filing 301

ORDER Staying Briefing Schedule on Plaintiffs' Motion to Compel Production of Non-Privilieged Documents and Request for Related Discovery Relief from Accenture. Signed by Special Master John W. Cole on 12/18/09. (mkf)

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iN Hili UNiiiill :'HAi1:ili Ul;.jl.K1l:1 COURT FOR TIlE EASTERN DISTRICT OF ARKANSAS LiITLb ROCKul Vl S t U N ) THE IJNlTED STATF$ OF AMERJCA. ex rei. NORMAN RiLLE and NEAL ) ) ) ROBERTS. Plaintjffi VS. ) ) ) ) ) Case No. 4-04 CVOOOO9S5WRW ACCENTIJRE IJ.P, ACCRNTIJRE tID., lmil PROQUIJlP, LLC, DejerufanJs. ) ) ) , J QIU)D STAYING BRIEFING SCHEDULE ON PLAINTIFF'S; ~iOTION TO COMPEL PRgDUCTION OF NON.PRlVILEGED DOCUMENTS AND REQUEST FOR g U I l D D I S C Q Y Q Y RlUPfBQM ACCINIllBI In light ofthe parties' agreement regarding the issues raised by Plaintiffs' Motion to Compel Production ofNun-Privil~ I:>ucuImmw uad ReqUt:S! fur R.,~ Discovery Relief from. Accenture ("Plaintiffs· Motion"). it is hereby: ORDERED, that briefmg on Plaintiffs' Motion is stayed until such time that the parties have narrowed the issues raised by Plaintiffs' Motion to those over which the parties are at an impasse; and FURTHER ORDERED, that the parties shall submit a joint report to the Special Master by January 25, 2010 identifYing any remaining issues that require briefing and resolution. Copies To: An Counsel of Record DSMDB-2719937YOI

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