Sitzmann v. Wyeth et al

Filing 3

ORDER granting Defendants' Motion for Summary Judgment and dismissing case. Signed by Judge William R. Wilson, Jr. on 5/13/2010.(thd)

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IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE EASTERN DISTRICT OF ARKANSAS WESTERN DIVISION IN RE: PREMPRO PRODUCTS LIABILITY LITIGATION : : : : MDL DOCKET NO. 4:03-CV-1507-WRW ALL CASES IN EXHIBIT A1 ORDER Pending is Defendants' Motion for Summary Judgment re: California Statute of Limitations (Doc. No. 2242). Plaintiffs have responded and Defendants have replied.2 Defendants assert that each of the Plaintiffs listed in Exhibit A filed their cases in California "more than two years after both the date of her breast cancer diagnosis and the July 9, 2002, public announcement that the National Institutes of Health had terminated the Prempro arm of the Women's Health Initiative (WHI) study."3 Accordingly, Defendants contend that each case is barred based on California's two-year statute of limitations. In response, Plaintiffs state only that each Plaintiff now has a case pending in Minnesota, and dismissing the California cases would not have a res judicata effect on the Minnesota cases.4 Since Plaintiff appears to have conceded the issue, Defendants' Motion for Summary Judgment (Doc. No. 2242) is GRANTED. Accordingly, the cases listed in Exhibit A are DISMISSED. IT SO ORDERED this 13th day of May, 2010. /s/ Wm. R. Wilson, Jr._______________ UNITED STATES DISTRICT JUDGE The Clerk of the Court is directed to file this order in the In re Prempro case and in each case listed in Exhibit A. 2 1 Doc. Nos. 2256, 2262. Doc. No. 2243. Doc. No. 2256. 3 4 EXHIBIT A Allen, Dorothy Allen, Judith Anderson, Patsy Andrews, Loretta Arbogast, Janet Aros, Helen Penny Awald, Karen Bannerman, Carol Barnes, Phyllis Barrett, Joanne Bethea, Betty Black, Joanne Bowden, Mary Brouwer, Juanita Burgess, Hazel Burpee, Joyce Campbell, Virginia Cargan, Nata Carrera, Adrianne Carter, Lois Carter, Nancy Jo Casto, Joan Chamness, Margaret Chrisco, Mary Clemons, Peggy Collins, Sally Conner, Marian Cordon, Alba Couch, Barbara Cowart, Wilma Dawson, Mary Duffy, Lois Edwards, Janet Eells, Linda Farr, Frances Faulkner, Wilma Flaman, Marjorie Foltz, Margaret Foltz, Wanda Foster, Delois Fragoso, Isabel Gilliam, Gail Gist, Doris Goode, Phyllis Haemker, Sharon Haney, Carol Harris, Margaret Hess, Louise Hinceman, Wanda Holtzman, Alice Hren, Rita Hunter, Nancy Hutchinson, Yvonne Ivey, Glenda Jerome, Doris Katte, Nancy Kiger, Grace 4:05-cv-01198-WRW 4:05-cv-00673-WRW 4:05-cv-01821-WRW 4:05-cv-01244-WRW 4:05-cv-01474-WRW 4:05-cv-01772-WRW 4:05-cv-00766-WRW 4:05-cv-00700-WRW 4:05-cv-00837-WRW 4:05-cv-00781-WRW 4:05-cv-01532-WRW 4:05-cv-01241-W R W 4:05-cv-01274-WRW 4:05-cv-01789-WRW 4:05-cv-00839-WRW 4:05-cv-00826-WRW 4:05-cv-00565-WRW 4:05-cv-01757-WRW 4:05-cv-01225-WRW 4:05-cv-01406-WRW 4:05-cv-01765-WRW 4:05-cv-01763-WRW 4:05-cv-00746-WRW 4:05-cv-01197-WRW 4:05-cv-00480-WRW 4:05-cv-01632-WRW 4:05-cv-01827-W R W 4:05-cv-01736-WRW 4:05-cv-00564-WRW 4:05-cv-01810-WRW 4:05-cv-00680-WRW 4:05-cv-01473-WRW 4:05-cv-01764-WRW 4:05-cv-01393-WRW 4:05-cv-01399-WRW 4:05-cv-01724-WRW 4:05-cv-01184-W R W 4:05-cv-01264-WRW 4:05-cv-00911-WRW 4:05-cv-01125-WRW 4:05-cv-01769-WRW 4:05-cv-01327-WRW 4:05-cv-01807-WRW 4:05-cv-01778-WRW 4:05-cv-01222-WRW 4:05-cv-01725-WRW 4:05-cv-01273-WRW 4:05-cv-01126-WRW 4:05-cv-01182-WRW 4:05-cv-01221-WRW 4:05-cv-01548-WRW 4:05-cv-01265-WRW 4:05-cv-01183-WRW 4:05-cv-01223-WRW 4:05-cv-01267-WRW 4:05-cv-01788-WRW 4:05-cv-01227-WRW Kirkland, Sandra Kruse, Patricia Kunkel, Marcia Laufketter, Sally Lawton-Wilson, Patricia Lee, Monica Maiello, Katherine Mallette, Dorothy Maury, Nan McAdoo, Nola McComas, Charlene Meeks, Lillian Moran, Anna Nicholson, Brenda Nickel, Joanne Norvell, Barbara O'Neil, Jo Garrison Orr, Reva Parker, Regina Patterson, April Perkinson, Kathleen Peters, Donna Petersen, Judith Peterson, Joanne Phillips, Mary Pitsinger, Muriel Plieseis, Viola Podhayski, Joyce Preston, Kathleen Robbins, Ruby Rogers, Patricia Ross, Lydia Roszak, Elizabeth Rydjeske, Jan Costa Simon, Diane Sitzmann, Ruth Solis, Mary Sorensen, Mary Spencer, Flora Standriff, Sue Steele, Mary Stone, Patricia Taube, Donna Thompson, Joan Tolkin, Jewell Valentine, Tena Wachter, Bertha Walters, Diana Walters, Marion Waugh, Joyce Wegenast, Judy Weinmann, Charlene Whaley, Helen Wheeler, Donna Will, Marilyn Wixen, Francine Wood, Joyce Zissel, Bea 4:05-cv-01610-WRW 4:05-cv-01783-WRW 4:05-cv-01210-WRW 4:06-cv-00252-WRW 4:05-cv-01188-WRW 4:05-cv-01349-WRW 4:05-cv-01270-WRW 4:05-cv-01275-WRW 4:05-cv-01800-WRW 4:05-cv-01348-WRW 4:05-cv-01823-WRW 4:05-cv-00479-WRW 4:05-cv-01722-WRW 4:05-cv-01283-WRW 4:05-cv-01185-WRW 4:05-cv-00842-WRW 4:05-cv-01200-WRW 4:05-cv-01228-WRW 4:05-cv-01522-WRW 4:05-cv-01271-WRW 4:05-cv-01305-WRW 4:05-cv-01608-WRW 4:05-cv-01786-WRW 4:05-cv-01614-WRW 4:05-cv-01132-WRW 4:05-cv-01721-WRW 4:05-cv-01196-WRW 4:05-cv-00478-WRW 4:05-cv-01306-W R W 4:05-cv-01784-WRW 4:06-cv-00549-WRW 4:05-cv-00460-WRW 4:05-cv-01256-WRW 4:05-cv-01767-WRW 4:05-cv-00654-WRW 4:05-cv-01609-WRW 4:05-cv-01211-WRW 4:05-cv-00811-WRW 4:05-cv-01329-WRW 4:05-cv-01180-WRW 4:05-cv-01811-WRW 4:05-cv-01284-WRW 4:05-cv-01813-WRW 4:05-cv-01226-WRW 4:05-cv-01804-WRW 4:05-cv-00699-WRW 4:05-cv-01023-WRW 4:05-cv-01520-WRW 4:06-cv-00550-WRW 4:05-cv-01799-WRW 4:05-cv-01201-WRW 4:05-cv-01613-WRW 4:05-cv-00679-WRW 4:05-cv-01756-WRW 4:05-cv-00678-WRW 4:05-cv-01269-WRW 4:05-cv-01266-WRW 4:05-cv-01203-WRW

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