Perry et al v. American Home Products Corporation et al

Filing 32

ORDER granting 31 Motion to Dismiss party defendants. Signed by Judge William R. Wilson, Jr on 12/19/08. (bkp)

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IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE EASTERN DISTRICT OF ARKANSAS WESTERN DIVISION IN RE: PREMPRO PRODUCTS LIABILITY LITIGATION : : : : MDL DOCKET NO. 4:03-CV-1507-WRW ALL CASES ORDER The PPO8 Motions to Dismiss pending in the cases listed in Exhibit A are GRANTED. Accordingly, Defendants Barr Laboratories, Inc., ESI Lederle Inc., Warner Chilcott (US), LLC, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Solvay America, Inc., and Greenstone LLC (incorrectly named as Greenstone LLC d/b/a Greenstone Ltd.) are DISMISSED based on the terms and conditions in PPO8. IT IS SO ORDERED this 19th day of December, 2008. /s/ Wm. R.Wilson,Jr. UNITED STATES DISTRICT JUDGE 1 EXHIBIT A Adkins, Franklin (Estate of Bonnie Adkins, dec'd) ED AR 4:08-CV-03627 Arkle, Canzaza Asbury, Judy Blizzard, Mary Bosher, Dovie Bowcott, Phyllis Burress, Patricia Cagigas, Norma Carter, Linda Carter, Nellie Childress, Roberta Colebank, Wanda Coleman, Catherine Collias, Gloria Conner, Linda ED AR 4:08-CV-03623 ED AR 4:08-CV-03637 ED AR 4:08-CV-03650 ED AR 4:08-CV-03653 ED AR 4:08-CV-03655 ED AR 4:08-CV-03676 ED AR 4:08-CV-03678 ED AR 4:08-CV-03690 ED AR 4:08-CV-03689 ED AR 4:08-CV-03703 ED AR 4:08-CV-03710 ED AR 4:08-CV-03709 ED AR 4:08-CV-03711 ED AR 4:08-CV-03717 ED AR 4:08-CV-03718 ED AR 4:08-CV-03719 Cook, Billy (Est of Jeanette Price, Dec'd) Cook, Carolyn (Est of Willadene Miller, Dec'd) Doerfler, Blodwyn Fisher, Georgia Garrison, Toney Godwin, Sandra Gould, Kathryn Gray, Mary ED AR 4:08-CV-03620 ED AR 4:08-CV-03761 ED AR 4:08-CV-03770 ED AR 4:08-CV-03775 ED AR 4:08-CV-03778 ED AR 4:08-CV-03782 2 Green, Jacqueline Green, Phyllis Haga, Martha Harper, Karen Hayden, Martha Hurley, Josephine Jarrell, Macie Johnson, Diana Keith, Fannie Kessinger, Gladys Kimball, Carolyn Kittle, Shirley ED AR 4:08-CV-03784 ED AR 4:08-CV-03785 ED AR 4:08-CV-03787 ED AR 4:08-CV-03798 ED AR 4:08-CV-03804 ED AR 4:08-CV-03834 ED AR 4:08-CV-03841 ED AR 4:08-CV-03844 ED AR 4:08-CV-03849 ED AR 4:08-CV-03853 ED AR 4:08-CV-03854 ED AR 4:08-CV-03859 ED AR 4:08-CV-03865 Lambert, Dorothy (Estate) Lane, Deborah Lane, Mary Lawrence, Janice Layton, Dorothy Lemaster, Mary Lucion, Nancy Metts, Cloudia Miller, Violet Monty, Sylvia Mounts, Helen Neace, Judith ED AR 4:08-CV-03867 ED AR 4:08-CV-03868 ED AR 4:08-CV-03870 ED AR 4:08-CV-03871 ED AR 4:08-CV-03873 ED AR 4:08-CV-03890 ED AR 4:08-CV-03963 ED AR 4:08-CV-03982 ED AR 4:08-CV-03989 ED AR 4:08-CV-04006 ED AR 4:08-CV-04012 3 Newman, Betty Nichols, Florence Nutter, Betty Paxton, Joann Perry, Dorothy Peters, Sheila Pierce, Jane Pritchett, Rowena Pursley, Vivian Ross, Katheryn Runyan, Betty Sexton, Anne Shiels, Jackolin Smith, Jackie Smith, Rhodonna Steen, Linda Taisacan, Vicenta Taylor, Irene Tickle, Juanita Tomblin, Goldie Tooley, Antha Traeger, Barbara Tucker, Shirley Vance, Susan ED AR 4:08-CV-04010 ED AR 4:08-CV-04011 ED AR 4:08-CV-04029 ED AR 4:08-CV-04053 ED AR 4:08-CV-04071 ED AR 4:08-CV-04081 ED AR 4:08-CV-04086 ED AR 4:08-CV-04090 ED AR 4:08-CV-04091 ED AR 4:08-CV-03911 ED AR 4:08-CV-03914 ED AR 4:08-CV-03934 ED AR 4:08-CV-03937 ED AR 4:08-CV-03945 ED AR 4:08-CV-03951 ED AR 4:08-CV-03959 ED AR 4:08-CV-03972 ED AR 4:08-CV-03980 ED AR 4:08-CV-04007 ED AR 4:08-CV-04000 ED AR 4:08-CV-03995 ED AR 4:08-CV-03994 ED AR 4:08-CV-04015 ED AR 4:08-CV-04024 4 Walker, Mary Waller, Patricia Watts, Julia Weaver, Norma Weekley, Elva Weis, Linda Wiley, Paulette Wilson, Bernice Young, Mary ED AR 4:08-CV-04030 ED AR 4:08-CV-04033 ED AR 4:08-CV-04044 ED AR 4:08-CV-04049 ED AR 4:08-CV-04050 ED AR 4:08-CV-04052 ED AR 4:08-CV-04060 ED AR 4:08-CV-04064 ED AR 4:08-CV-04084 5

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