USA v. Mead et al

Filing 21

ORDER APPROVING MARSHAL'S DEED. (Attachments: #(1) Marshal's Deed). Signed by Judge Susan Webber Wright on 10/13/11. (vjt)

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,.---"-'--- -------------------------------_..- This Space R_~served for Recording Information MARSHAL'S DEED WHEREAS, in a certain Civil Action No. 4: lOcv0032 I SWW pending in thc United States District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas, Westetn Division, wherein UNITED STATES OF AMERICA was plaintitfand SAMUEL A. MEAD AND LOLA MEAD, Husband and Wife; RONALD E. GADDIE, SR. and BARBARA R. GADDIE, Husband and Wife werc defendants, a judgment was entered on May 6, 2011, directing the foreclosure ofa certain mortgage executed by Samuel A. Mead and Lola Mead to the Ullited States of America, and ordering a sale ofthe property cncumbered by said mortgage; and WHEREAS, the undersigned Clifton T. Massanelli, United Statcs Marshal for the Eastern District of Arkansas, duly conducted the sale authorized and dirccted in said judgmcnt, which sale was held at public auction on August 10, 2011, after advertisement for the time and in thc manner prescribcd in said judgment, and in all respects in accordance with the directions contained therein; and WHEREAS, at said sale Jimmy R. Farish was the highest and best bidder, bidding for said property the SllIl1 of$62,000.00, the property then being struck off to the said Jimmy R. Farish, and WHEREAS, such sale was duly reported to thc above described Court; NOW, THEREFORE, with the approval of and by direction of such Court, for the considerations aforesaid, and in order to carty into effect the sale conducted as aforesaid, the undersigned United States Marshal hereby grants, sells and conveys unto the said Jimmy R. Farish and Miranda R. Farish, husband and wife, and their heirs and assigns forever, !Ill of the right, title, interest, equity and estate of plaintiff, United States of Amerie!l, and all defendants to this action in and to the following property situated in Pope County, Arkansas, to wit: The West Half of the Northwest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter, (W \12, NW 1,4, SE \1.1), lmd the West Half of the Southwest Quarter of the Southeast Qllarter (W Y2, SW 1,4, SE \1.1), all in Sectio1l29, Township 8 NOlth, Range 18 West. TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the said property unto the said Jimmy R. Farish and Miranda R. Farish, husband and wife, and their heirs and assigns forever, with !Ill appurten!lnees thct'cunto belonging. -df--- IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand on this ;;11 day of September, 20 II. c{$I!:Jlj-t United States Marshal PREPARED BY: Richard M. Pence, Jr. Assistant United States Attorney Post OfIice Box 1229 Littlc Rock, AR 72203 (501) 340ยท2600 ACKNOWLEDGMENT STATE OF ARKANSAS COUNTY OF PULASKI ) ) ) BE IT REMEMBERED on this day appcared before the undersigncd N(ltary PllbIic, duly qualified, commissioncd and acting within and for the County and State aforesaid, United States Marshal for the Eastel'l1 District of Arkansas, who stated and acknowledged to me that, pursuant to the judgment entered by the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas in the proceedings referred to therein, he had so signcd and executcd the foregoing Marshal's Deed lor consideration, uses and purposes therein mentioned and set lorth. IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have hereunto this ~(i day of September, 2011, set my hand and official seal as such Notary Public.. ( kJv;Jre/L~'iA Notary Public \ ..) My Commission Expires:

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