Dailey v. Howmedica Osteonics Corporation

Filing 2

CONDITIONAL TRANSFER ORDER transferring the case to the United States District Court for the District of Minnesota to be included in MDL No. 2441, In Re: Stryker Rejuvenate and ABG II Hip Implant Products Liability Litigation. Signed by Jeffery N. Luthi, Clerk of the Panel, on 7/24/13. (kpr)

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{lrrx* tutl}l- [4*. ;144i- ***Lrrut,*t li]il* ilil** *IJlsll* f:.*11* "1" *t t UNITA} STATES JIIDICIAI, PA}IEL 0n MUI,TIDISTRICT LITIGATION IN RFI: Sl'l{.YKliR RItJtlV}lNA'I'ti AND AtlG H IT' Ii}TI}LAN'I' tr}ROI}TJ{]'I'S LIAI}I LTT'Y tt LIT'IGA'IION MDL No.244l (SEE ATTACHED SCHEDT]LE) CONDITIONAL TRANSFER ORDBIT {CT'O -6) On June 12,2*13, the Piinel translbrred 28 civil action(s) to the United States District Cr:urt lbr the District of'IV{innesota fur coorrlin;rtecl or consolidated pretrial proceerlings pursueurt to ?8 il.S.C. $1407.S'ee *F.Supp.2d_ {J.p.M.L. 2013). Since that time, 85 additional action(s) have been transfbrrecJ to the District ci Mirrnesota. With the consent of that court, all such aotions have been assignecl to the Honorable Donor.,an W Frank. It iippeiirs that the action(s) ou tlds conditional transJ'er orcler involve cluestions of ltict that are commofl to the acticlns preiviously trarrsf.erred to the District ilf \4innesota and assigned to Judge Frank. Pursuant to Rule 7.1 o{ the Rules o{'Procedure o{...1h.e_lJnitcd States Jr"rdicial,.Sanel on Multidisttict Litigation, the action(s) on the attached scherlule are transl'errecl under 28 ii.S.C. $1407 to the Distlict o1'Minnesota lbr the reasons stated in the order of June 12,2?lj-. and. ,with the consent ol that cotu1. assigned to the Honorable Donovan W F'rank. This order cloes not becorne efl'ective until it is liled in the Oflice of the Cierk o{ the tlnited States District Court lor the District o{'Minnesota. The transmittal o1'this order to said Clerk shall be stayeci 7 days {torn the enlry therer:i. I{'any part.v" files a nutice of opposition with the Clerk of'the Panel u,ithin tlds 7-day period, the sta,v rvill be continued until turther order of the Panel. FOR THE PANEL: Jelfrry N. Luthi Clerk of the Panel CERTIFti:ir' BY: Case MDL No. 2443- Document 226 IN RE: STRYKER REJUVENATE AND ABG HIP IMPLANT PRODUCTS LIABILITY Filed A7/24113 Page 2 of 2 II LITIGATION MDL No. 2441 SCHEDULE CTO_6 _ TAG_ALONG ACTIONS DIST DIV. C.A.NO. CASE CAPTION ARKANSAS EASTERN ARE 4 13-00442 Dailey v. Florvnredica osteonics Corporation !3- cv- l49O DbF/FLN LOUISIANA EASTERN LAE 2 .13-05015 Jenkins v. Stryker Corporalion et al l3'cv-11 g t. bl.,Fip'LN NEW YORK EASTERN NYE 2 13-03786. QastJo et al v. Howmedica Osteonics Corporationl3'c\;'lq ge DwF/ FUN

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