Meyer v. Howmedica Osteonics Corporation et al

Filing 3

CONDITIONAL TRANSFER ORDER (CTO-13) transferring this case to the United States District Court for the District of Minnesota to be included in In Re: Stryker Rejuvenate and ABG II Hip Implant Products Liability Litigation. Signed by Jeffery N. Luthi, Clerk of the Panel, on 9/13/13. (kpr)

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{"*r* *v-"*liiiii* il***rn*nl 3 il$.'i:,'l .] tr),lrj* i T]NITED STATES JTTNICIAL PANEL 0n iVIULT ID TSTRICT Ilti ItFl: S'['ltYKIi]R Rlt;ttivlll{A'I'li ANI} AI}G HII} Ih{ I}LAN'T] PR.OI}TJC'I'S LTAI}I LTT'Y LITIGA'I'ION (SEE, LITIGATION Il tu1D]. No.2441 ATTACHED SCHEDIJLE) {roNilrTrCINAl, TIL{NSFER ORDER {CTO -13) (Jn June 12,2AI3, the Fanel transf.erred 28 civil action(s) til the llnited States District Court fbr the District o{'Nlinnesota fbr coorrlinaterl or consolidated pretrial proceedings pursuant to 28 lLS.C. $1407. ^fee _F.Sr:pp.2d_ (J.F.lvf.L. 2013). Since thal time, 122 additional aotion(s) have been translbrred to the District o{ Minnesota. With the consent ol'that court, all such aotions have been assigned to the Honorable Llonovan W Frank. It appears that the action{s) on lhis conditional transf'er crc{er involve questiorrs of {act that are comrnon to th€ acti*ns previously transf'erred to the, District of Minnesata anrl iissigned to.ludge Frank. Pu'suant to Rule 7.1 r:{ the Rules ol'Procedure o{'the UniteM on h,luitidistlict Liiigati$q, the action(s) on the attachecj schedule are transl'erred under 28 {J.S.C. $1407 to the District of Minnesr:ta lirr ilre reasons stated in the order of Ju:re 12,2A13, and, with the oonsent of that court. assignerl to the Honorzrble Donovan W Frank. This order does not becorne e{iective until it is lilecl in the Olfice of the Clerk of the ljrritecl States District Court lbr the District o{ Minnesota. The transmittal o1'this order to said Clerk shall be stayecl 7 days ltom the enlly thereol. If any parly llles a notice of opposition with the Clerk o{'the Per:relrvithin this 7-d.ry period, the stiry will tre continued until lurther orcler of the Panel. FOR THE PANEL: Jell-ery N. Lutlii Clerk r:f'the ilanel ***un:**t S trl{ I{.E: S:I]RYKIR REJI]VEF{ATE AND ABG HIP IMPLANT PRODUCTS LIABILITY II *;r:-r* /4$t*i4;"1"S-*v-**S*S Fil*d #S/3"3/J"3 $:ar:* f *f 2 LITIGAT'ION MIIL lro.2zi41 SCHIDUL{, CTO*I3 * TAG_ALONG ACTIONS rlrsr *rv" c.A.No. _qAsa ca.pT[["]N ARKANSAS EASTERN ARE 4 ARII 4 3-00505 l3*005{Xi t Millican et al v. Fdar.vmeclica Osteonics Corparation Mever v. Hoi.vmedica Osteonics C-lorporation et al et i3.u?50 t Drucl FuN t3 cu?SAZ U,"rr=/66;r} CALiFORNIA EASTEITN CAI:I 2 13-t)1722 Relles st al r,. l:lar,r-meclica Ostenoics Corp. l3c,l?5O3 Duf /p1y.1

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