Branstetter v. Howmedica Osteonics Corporation

Filing 2

CONDITIONAL TRANSFER ORDER transferring this case to the United States District Court for the District of Minnesota to be consolidated into In Re: Stryker Rejuvenate and ABG II Hip Implant Products Liability Litigation, MDL No. 2441. Signed by Jeffery N. Luthi, Clerk of the Panel, on 1/6/14. (kpr)

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ffirerilil8$'41ffiffi@1@S#H43 @e L or 2 UNITED STATES JUDICIAL PANEL on MULTIDISTRICT LITIGATION IN RE: STRYKII,R RnJtivllNA'I'E ANt) AIIG rT'lP TVTT'TANT PROI}TJ CTS LIABILilTY LITTGA'I'ION ll MDt. No. 2441 (sEE ATTACHED SCHEDULE) CONDITIONAL TRANSF',ER ORDER (CTO -27) tJnited states District court lbr the on June T2,z0r3,the panel transferred 28 civil action{s) to the prooee-dings pursuant to ?8 ti'S'C' j#ilrclinatecl or r,r"roridatecipretrial Districr of lv{innes,;;; piv{.L zoi:J. si"*e that'tirne,ztsz addition.rl action(s) have been $t407. ,See _F.suppfi_ ii court, all such actions have been transferred to the District of Minnesota. wittr the consent oftthat assignecl [o the Honorable Donovan W Frank' that are of firct It appears that the action(s).on this oonditional trarrsfer order involve questions of Minnesr:la antl assigned to Judge commorl ro the u.tion* piiiiously ttu"il"ri*J io the District Frank. i&fr,q:'113'i"ili,i'Gi; ?l,tt;t;f ,fJ:3]..:ill; ffi-i['tr'ffi}#;h.H;#'";;;-th-il"-'nl;ji*i|2,20|3,ancl,withtheconsentof Pursuant to Rule 7.1 oI the ffi;;;;"s'signed to the Honorable Donovan W Frank' the clerk o{ the tJnited states This order does not become eff'ective until it is lilecl in the olllice of to said clerk shall be District Court lbr the District of Minnesota. The transmittal of this orcler with the Clerk of the files a notice of opposition sta,vecl ? 4ays trorn'itie-errtryiiri;-;i li:;t;-;ty lie continued until lurther order of the Panel' panel within tlds 7-<tay p.ii<,d, the stay- wili FOR THE PANEL: ,^ r!1". oi ili': l''l GH.l:ir ; r" . *.*-"'- _,!-, l' ,c.t.':; ';}y ' t I 'i3,i . ''-*':-*' r' F' 'I t, li ll I N. Liithi Clerk of the Panel Je11ery effiil&S41Kl1bfl@1-F6$e+2 IN RE: STRYKER RE.'UVENATE AND ABG HIP IMPLANT PRODUCTS LIABILITY LITICATTON 2 oI2 @e II MDL No. 2441 SCHEDULE CTO*27 * TAG*ALONG ACTIONS I}IST ntY. C"A.NO. q,{SE CAPTLON ARKANSAS EASTERN v. [ {or,vmerli ca O steon i c s Corpo ration Dwf lFrsl 13"-{JQ727 ARh, Branstette r 13-01583 Fabry v. Stryker Corporation et al Itcvll iLLINOIS CENTR-^.L 1 ILC n.l,lN0lS |'l lScv3o DuFltLN OR]'t:tlrRN ILN I 3-09015 Bonebrake v. Ho'ramredica Oster:nics Corp' et al' 11cvj\ Dwrlrcry KANSAS t3*02644 KS Criswell v. Howmedipa Osteonics Corptrration lYcu 32 DwFf Fu{ OII.F,GON OR OR OR OR 1 I 1 1 t3-a2224 13*A2227 13-$2234 13*02235 n-a2n9 ()R. 1 OR OR OR OR OR OR OR OR OR 3 olt fr t3-02237 n^"a2244 OR 6 n-a2244 I -5 13-A2225 13-0?228 13^02229 -') t3*0223r a J 13*"02232 a ; -l 6 t3-02233 t3-02236 13*i)2238 Annis v. Stryker Ciorporation et ai I tcv33 Dr''r/{LNl DeBen-v r'. Stryker Corporation et al f tcv3+ Ur^rfl|L,!. D-wp/Ft'N Menicucci v. Stryker Corporation et al i+c"35 c DwFf rtFl -i t4r. f Nl*yer v. str-r'ker "L D"tlf:N- , Smith v" Stryker Corporation et al Jtt,,?]. gue Cnrtin v. Stryker Coiporation et al l * cvJ.t DuFlf ut't Dobbs v. Stryker Coioratkrn et al ilcv !w6f FuN Iroster v. stryker corporation et al Geist v. Stry'ker Ciorporation et al ltcv $l nuc i . v. Stryker: Clorpor;ition et al f +q4a-1'6lruN f{amilton Du'Ff FLN ,-. Hunt r,. Stryker Corporaiiou et al lLtcvtt€ et al orlanilini v. Stryker Corpor:atiotr Skogen v. Stryker Lrorporation et al l+ tYt-S Plo-t,eji' Dul r lFt t I Paclilla v. Stryker Corporation et al I tcv tl? Dwe/puN d/ Spurge<x v. Str'--r'ker Cerrporation et al cvtf Dtlc f r tN Lrtzir v. Stryker Corpcration et al c;{p;i;" 3j ltcvttd l,!u) r$ ittt"tt.9::ll:tJ lt lt 96 I

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