Catar Clinic of Hot Springs LLC et al v. Robinson et al

Filing 357

ORDER denying 348 Motion to reduce the fee award against Steppig to Judgment. The Court directs Steppig to resume monthly payments of at least $325. 352 Motion for contempt and a hearing is denied. The Court quashes the subpoenas to Petit and Keet, LLC, Mr. James Rankin, Google Inc., Catar Clinic of Hot Springs LLC, and Stockton Medical Group, Ltd. 353 Motion to seal records is denied without prejudice. Signed by Chief Judge D. P. Marshall Jr. on 10/9/2019. (jak)

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IN THE UNI TED STATES DIS TRI CT COU RT EAS TER N DIS TRI CT OF ARK ANS AS WESTERN DIV ISIO N CATAR CLINIC OF HOT SPR ING S, LLC; STO CKT ON MED ICA L GRO UP, LTD.; and C.A.T.A.R., LTD. v. PLAINTIFFS/ COU NTE R-D EFE NDA NTS No. 4:17-cv-520-DPM THO MA S F. ROB INS ON, M.D.; TIFFANY TERRY; ARK ANS AS RECOVERY CLINIC; ARC REH ABI LIT ATI ON CENTER, P.A.; CSCB REH ABI LIT ATI ON MA NAG EME NT GRO UP, LLC; ADD ICT ION RECOVERY CARE OF LITTLE ROCK; ARC CLINIC; and JILL COG BUR N ARC REH ABI LIT ATI ON CENTER, P.A.; THO MA S F. ROB INS ON, M.D.; CSCB REH ABI LIT ATI ON MA NAG EME NT GRO UP, LLC; and TIFFANY TERRY DEF END ANT S COUNTER-PLAINTIFFS ORD ER pig to 1. Plain tiffs ' mot ion to redu ce the fee awa rd agai nst Step wed him to Judg men t, NQ 348, is deni ed. The Cou rt spec ifica lly allo fully. The mak e regu lar mon thly paym ents , whic h he has don e faith nce owe d Cou rt decl ines to add an inter est obli gatio n or conv ert the bala a prio rity. into anot her form . Step pig mus t cont inue to mak e paym ent leas t $325. The Cou rt dire cts him to resu me mon thly paym ents of at t paym ent. The Cou rt waiv es any furth er repo rt from plain tiffs abou pig pays And the Cou rt will reta in juris dicti on over the debt unti l Step t. it full. The Cou rt will ente r a conf orm ing Ame nded Judg men ed. 2. Step pig' s mot ion for cont emp t and a hear ing, NQ 352, is deni resta uran t Whi le the fee awa rd was part of the cont ext for the pers onal enco unte r, the Cou rt decl ines to be draw n into this prim arily t and Keet, disp ute. The Cou rt ther efor e quas hes the subp oena s to Peti ngs, LLC, LLC, Mr. Jam es Ran kin, Google, Inc., Cata r Clinic of Hot Spri and Stoc kton Med ical Gro up, Ltd. out 3. Step pig's mot ion to seal reco rds, NQ 353, is deni ed with ific list of preju dice . Step pig is free to rene w his mot ion with a spec docu men tdocu men ts. The Cou rt alert s Step ping that he mus t mak e a t shou ld be by-d ocum ent show ing, whic h expl ains why each docu men seal ed and why reda ctio n is impr actic able . FED. R. Crv. P. 5.2. So Ord ered . D.P. Mar shal l Jr. Unit ed Stat es Dist rict Judg e -2-

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