Harper v. Jefferson Hospital Association et al

Filing 23


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IN THE UNITED STATES DIS~ICT COURT FOR THE EASTERN DISTRICT OF ARKANSAS PINE BLUFF DIVISION GLENDA liARPE~R PL.AINTIFr No, 5:10cv52JMM VS, JEFFERSON HOSPITAL ASSOCIATION d/b/a JEFFERSON REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER and CHnRLEs MABRY, M,D. D8FENDAN'l'S CONSENT CONFIDENTIALITY AND QUALIFIED PROTECTIVE ORDER Wher.eas, this the {lDd stipuldt';;d 11"1 dls\:;losure !l(0.:dt.h and Confident i fll i ty Corlbent discovt;;ry Plaintiff Oef(~nddnts P:l.'ot.ecl~ive and that certain matericlli'; Chi s under Order subject :tnrormati.on" Ulldf..'(, ACColIntab11ity i'\ct of 1996 and federal t,hc ne"tlth ("HIPA7\") . law, have Lo agrieed to disclosure and prol~ected litigation contain information Ar'k"JnSdS partie3") ("l:he trom including documenLs InSl.lrdf1CG Pc,rtCibility accordingly. and it is ot'den:::d a,s fol J O'-"S: Soope. All d.l.scovery, et.II depositlon testimony lnaterials which documents responses may to produced d.i~;covery and deposition bE! Hubject co i.n requesT.S exhibits di 3covery c the snd COUI 8G~ r71nd any of all other (hel:einaft".et, c,ollecti vely, "documents") will subject be this to Order concernJ.ng conLi,dent.ial information as set forth below. 2. rnents Form will and be so "C'ONFID8NTIAL" on interferC! Timing the wi tit compleLe permit will Documer:t5 Designation. deSignated by documen t the logibiLll".y placing J.n of of 1:emoval wi th tIle 0 the desi.gnati.on or: ~[[ixing manner document and production or docu­ the word wi Ll whi eh rwt whjch \"i11 designation. prior co or d:i[Jclo.9ure of t:he CON fI DEN'l'lAL Inadvetr.0:nt or I..mintention"l cJocumen ts • Confidential Contjdentii11 designated be c;ont.ernpoL'aneousl y of IJToduction of documents confidential w:Lll. not be deemed a without pdor l'Iai.. I!I:,r;, ll1 a~ confidential as otherwiHe allowed by Lhis Order, til par L, of the rL9bt, to dHsigna to document!3 Any Doournents Whioh May be Designea.ted Confidential. 3. party whrJ tc or: ,'lS de~d~Jn<:1te Oltly review of by confidentia':' an atLorney who h'1H, by statute, sensitive confident.Lal or inforlT\dtion. research, blJt only in qond afler railh, in personal information, development., or trade commercial The d(=slgrwtioTi will be made concurrent,ly with the di sc:losur", of the dacurwantt!. available as that t'he document.s contain H\for(l\ation protected from discloBure sec:rets, docum~nt~s the del~(}nnined documents the public Information or documents which are sector conC.idontifll. -2­ may not be designated as 4• Depositions. or within transcri.pt. of d.epositions if deS19nated as .such when confidential only taken !?ol:tions seven Such bu~)ine9S (7) designation be be dl-;,erned the deposition after dayB will will receipt. specific :\13 of to HS the the portions to be protected. 5. Protection of a. Contidentia~ Protections. General CONFID~NTIAL d.isclosed parties ('j[ t.ht~ ~ny for prepar lng designated under this by or 5.b.i whi~h Material. for OrdA~ part.ies other any or counsel persons purposes and will not he used or identified whatsoever condocting for t.he the below ot.her than 1 i tigation the documents were disclosed ::n (JDcluding any c\ppeal of that Ltigation). b. Third Party Diaclo3u:es. L~mit8d coungel permit for parties the will The parties and not disclose or t.he d.isclosure of any documents designated CONFIDENTIAL under the terms of this Order to any other person subparagraph.<; (1) coun8el ox en'ciLy (1)-(5) and except employees preparation lawsuit; ··3 ­ 5f>.t forth below: the parties who have t:he .,08 of counsel for responsibility for ilnd trial of tho In (2) and parties of employe~s a party to thi sOeder:; (3) court reporters engaged t.hose persons; if and engaged tor m~king (4) the any, specifically purpose limited consultants, invest.iqators, referred as "~1xpeT·ts") or counsel for l"n,;suJt; to c;mplcyed C.lt experLs collectively by the parties the parties to assist in and px:epaHition oth!-lr of tria) the 21Tlti per sons only upon conSent produci.ng Court of photocopies of documents: (hereinafter (5) deposir.ions fC)t" p~.rty and on or of the nrder of the conditions as are upon such agreed to or ordered. c. Control wi 11 of Counsel Dooumentf',!. for .-~ffolts take unauthorized of disclo~ure the prevent to document" parties dR51gnated as Confidential based on the terms of this order. d. Copies. sUlnmar:i.-:s t(") All or copies, d€ 3 criptions collectively de.9ignated as duplicates, as "copies") Confidential -4­ (her.einafter under extracts, referred or document.s thi~ Ord~r 0'" any pOI: clan ilfJm",~diatel such of y with if appear copy. the the word affixed "CONFIDENTIAlJ" on dO',',L\rnen t does the All oHs.ignation copi(~s sllch already not will be afforded the full protect jon of this Order. e. Redact:1.on. of lty the processes In order to protect the confidentii'l1­ peer revi0w and the insofar phy.eician!l numbers or and as ~dti I... .i.th of indjvidual for: co:..lrtsel. the parties t'edacl p055,ible, p.nts iHld letter.s of ~8surance quality prlvacy phys icians dnd patier,ts, aha] 1, and t..he ((:place thE: of nam!1!l them wit.h u1.ohdbp.t accor.dance wi th physi.ci an and patient in keys t.o be prov:i ded to courwe},. F1l1n9 6. to party seeks under of Confidential filf~ this Oede.! appr:opr:iaLe action any material that wilh to redacted document wit.h the document relation c10Cilmel\\:oS to en~ur:c public protect iQ:, as the Court, that the subject !: dC)CllnH~nts preceding measures axe not adequate, a to protc:ctiOl1 wi 11 teke receive proper (1) fi li ng a (e,g., ill .submitt.lng' the (3) where the seeking pC'rmi::Jsiofl to f.Ue 'when. for event the party who designated appropriate discovery and evideIltia.t:y motions), 001e1)' the party including the r;onsent of (2) is l,h~1 disclosure, confidential; In Materials. or: Lhe under document maldnq pr IQ,r. part;y 'laeking C,OIlS u 1 t, "III wit!l filing to sUbmit co l)n~l81 to ~he bc construed DE:N'1'T AI, Impract,ical docurnen:. Lhe Pd 1: t if d'''ternllr\G document some under Tl1is duty a~'l [~l~d the' rips less this Order may in Cleek of Court to The is subject burden (;onf,l.dentiral aSBerLlng b. A i~11ow under sea]. procedures will apply to any a. provide of the duty Challenges to Designation a6 Confidential. dl~,"liqnati0n ('irst ciocumen t to ,irrespectJvlf! th~ the t'estri,<;;tive serve Nothing to the 'i qnt,j',ud may seal will COurt mea"ure e.xJ,ilt~j prior directive (l to Clrcum~tances inapproprLate f 0[" Y who tho urujarLyjng motion. any document he 'f . axtr~nrdinary the tor adequate prOtectlon. LO consult on Absent c\J!lsul totion conJidential than seal. party The :: e,.Ll ow inC] necessity of • such challenge. Lhe pn:wing of l'Cln:nn~; desiqnaUon wiLt: Ule a party confidp~tjdlily. who CONFiDENTIAL t.r.ei')t,rnent: chi'l11 eng i ,: to lAny CONF'l­ ducurnenr:s cOllLends thnt are entitled will not give \>ni t',t.en to notice designat.€d Confident~al to the party who affixed the designation of the ,'3peci,tic basis foJ:' ~he thE~ document8 challenge. The will hf\ve party who fift,een 30 (1'») designatC'd days service of the writLuCl not ice to <ifd'crmilie it dispute c",n be resolved [tom the jUdicia,l - 6­ .._-~,----------- olnd, in t,ervenU, on confi,nnlnCj c. nOl:, Lo challenge any move tor to to be all desiqnated will CONfIOENTIAL as sUbjecl: Lrecrted to the materiaL continue f1J 11 protect; OilS of tr:is Order' untU one of the fol '} owing (1) t.he party \~ho confidenti~l Itlf i ('2) cl<:\lms that withdraws the such OCCI)LS: documents Cire deSignation in ting; the pacty who claimg fails confidential confidential dbove; the documents are thctt to move as set timely for an documents de~liqnating Order (3) Order the desiqnation documents previously "n dc~)iqnclL,on. the ConLu:icnLial NQtwi tJlstandi.ng of it fOl:th in paragraph r3 S 8.b. OJ: the COUJ:t rules that 1:he do(.;umenLs :,hould no designated longel:" inCormation. d. Challenges La confidentiali.ty the of document~ may be made at any time and are not waived by the failure to raise the challenge initial disclosure or designation. -1­ at the time oJ: 8, Treatment on Conclusion of Litigation, a. O:da~ Remains in Effect. All provisions of this Order' restrlct1.ng the use of docUlllcnt.$ dE:::lignated CONF'IDE'.NTII\I. will convinue t,l\e cone 1 'lS.i on of ~greed b, of (30) afte~ binding 1 i t i got i on un 1ess otherwi se the CONFIDENTIAL Documents, days after the conclusion of i..ncluding conr.li.wior'l of any treated be copl<:,!:; (unless parties ~,ior'lS d(.~st qf ha~l t:>nlerc·d introduced or stipUlate the ,,!Jove Order, (S!;;.d.), as 'filed to under (1) or r,w.idenc() seal); will the Eil cd (2) the lieu of de9t~uction ,'((,ceivinq in pa,rty, party elects that ructi on, or destroy as the above document~;, p.r.-oduct I relateH lonq all documents this defined as b(~en Notwithstandi.ng v,or k appeal, lit.igation, to t.he producjng piH'ly unless returned document the confidential a,s includLnq c. be or ordered, Return to reql,;It'?lTlcnts couDse) l.rlclud.Lng an to r.eturn may J::'etain El t. t:orney index which refer/; or Lo informdtlon designated CONF.rOGNTIAL so thu!. work -8­ product doe,9 not duplicate verbatim substantial confident'LaJ docLlnents. to be contio1..le8 the of work fjtoducl tet.; Th.L t5 Confjdent.Ldl text t:erms of under An attorney may use his Qr hell work this Order. product in of portions f:lubsequent litigation, provided that <:1 ita d i~;clo8f' not. the conf.idential document.':! , Orde:l: 9. sllbje,;l.. to modification t.o who P('J'OHJll Subjeot may show intf.lrvene fot P\lq)o~)es Order. Order The c.'n an Modifi.cation. rnoti.0l1 of adequate This any Order pdrty in interest will any ot" the be other: to mattor of address:ing the scope Mtd terms of this will not, however, be modified until the parties have been given notice and an opportunity to be heard on 10. bcH~(~cl on No Judioial Oetarmination. tlle agreernenLS of This parties :'he Nothtng anri herein ox ite~ sub]ect Civil. J I. entered purpose of construed or th(,? be entered specific doc1..mlent allY of information designated as CONFIDENTIAL by cauDael 19 to protection \.HIder EtJ.l.e 26(c:) Pr:oc:edure sp~cifi~ for wUl presenc:ed as a judicial det:ermination that is Order or otherwiBo until of. Buch h,"cleral the tirne as a Ruled of dO<C\lrnent­ ruling has been made. Persons and will Bound. be This binding Order upon 9 will (1) all take effect parties to when this ] ltigation and their agents end employees: and the pclrties and the agents, employees, (2) attorneys for and consultants of such attorneys. 12. any 'I'his Order serves as a Qualified Protective Order for and all documents or information used or disclosed accordance with 45 eFn §512(e). IT IS SO ORDERED this "2-~ day APPROVED: John W. Walker JOHN W. WALKER, P.A. 1723 South Broadway Little Rock, Arkansas 72206 Telephone: 501-374-3758 E-Mail: jOhn....:~!~eratt ..t~@aol.com Paul E. Lindsey HARRELL, LINDSEY & CARR Post Office Box K Camden, Arkansas 71711 Telephone: 870-836-7725 E-Mail: !.el@h-c?rlind.com Allen P. Roberts ALLEN P. ROBERTS, P.A. 325 Jefferson Street Camden, Arkansas 71701 Telephone: 870-836-~310 E-(Vj[Ji J; allen@aprob§1rtslaw.021\'\ By:~(jJ~_~ ALLEN P. ROBERTS Attorneys for Plaintiff -10­ ~ of ~ , 2010. in Spencer F. Robinson RAMSAY, BRIDGFORTH, ROBINSON & RALEY LLP Post Office Box 8509 Pine Bluff, Arkansas 71611 Telephone: 870-535-9000 E-Mail: ~B.§!llc~Er~!?~!:l.~CJrl~ram~aYJ~w.com By: a." .;:tJ- ~_.....~. SPENCER F. ROBINSON Attorneys for Jefferson Ilosp.ital Association d/b/a Jefferson Regional Medical Center Byron Freeland MITCHELL, WILLIAMS, SELIG, GATES b WOODYARD, PLLC 425 West Capitol Avenue, Suite 1800 Little Rock, Arkansas 72201-3525 Telephone: 501-688-8800 E-Mail: ~Freelarld~~wlaw.co~ ANDERSON, MURPHY & HOPKINS, L.L.P. 400 West Capitol Avenue, Suite 2470 Little Rock, Arkansas 72201 Telephone: 501-372-1887 E-mai: ndecson@amhfirm,net ::r * :~~O~3:~}~) OV~W.TON f ~'~ON Attorneys for Dr. Charles Mabry -11­

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