Talley v. The Shaw Group, Inc.

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PROTECTIVE ORDER. Signed by Honorable Robert T. Dawson on November 3, 2011. (lw)

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#: 15-1 Filed1 1l} 3l11 Page1 of 7 PagelD 109 Document 1-cv-01044-RTD Case1:1 DISTRICTCOURT IN THE UNITEDSTATES OF DISTRICT ARKANSAS FORTHE WESTBRN DIVISION EL DORADO JAMES TALLEY PLAINTIFF v. cAsE NO.11-1044 SHAW MAINTENANCE,INC. DEFENDANT PROTECTIVE ORDER to Orderpursuant Rule Thepartiesherebyagreeandthe Courtherebyordersa Protective 26(c)asfollows: any with any and all discoveryin this action, any party may designate In connection "Material") to be document other inforrnationproduced(collectivelyrefened to herein as or L "Confrdential Information"underthetermsof this Stipulation. 2. Material as ConfidentialInformationif that party in good faith A party may designate believesthat such Material constitutesor reflects information that constitutesconfidential or confidentialbusiness project financial,medical,or employmentinformation;trade secrets; to to and/orinformationpertaining individualsnot parties this litigation' related information; of Designation Material may be madeby stampingor otherwisemarking the Material as prior to filing or production follows: "CONFIDENTIAL." Suchmarkingshall occuron 3. Information, as everypage the Materialthat is designated Confidential of 4. arbitration, trial or otherproceeding hearing, givenat deposition, conference, Testimony to as maybedesignated ConfidentialInfonnationby makinga statement that effecton therecord shall be madewith the court reporter,if any, franscribing at suchproceeding. Arrangements such testimony to bind separatelyany portions of the transcript containing Confrdential and as includingConfidentialInformationintroduced exhibitsat the proceeding, to Information, "CONFIDENTIAL." A pa.ty may designate to and/orexhibits a testimony labelsuchportions within Informationby notifuing the other party of suchdesignation as deposition CorrfidEntial # P 2 1 1 1 Doc C a s e : 1 1 - c v - O 1 0 4 4 - R T D u m e n t5 - 1 F i l e d 1 1 0 3 1 1 1a g e o I 7 P a g e l D : 1 1 0 transcription. Suchinformationis not twenty(20) daysof the party's receiptof the deposition Information' as andOrderuntil it hasbeendesignated Confidential protected this Stipulation by 5. or to in Material disclosed response Intenogatories other written discoverymay be in lEtters as designated ConfidentialInformationby indicatingthe samein bold and capitalized theresponse. 6. or Confidential Informationmay be disclosecl made availableonly to the following in of for necessary the purpose assisting the prosecution and individuals to the extentreasonably of or defense thislitigation: a. The Court,includingits staff; b. attorneys, and Counsel the partiesin this litigation,includingpartners associate to by paralegals, clericaland other $upportstaff who are employed suchcounseland are assisting in counsel this litigation; c. Parties, this litigation; in d. in deposition othertestimony this litigation; or who Courtreporters record e. retainedby partiesor their counselfor this Expert witnesses and/orconsultants litigation; f. in at or Third partywitnesses anydeposition otherproceeding this action; g. in engaged assist theresolutionof this litigation; to Any mediatorand/orarbitrator and h. agree rwiting' in as Any otherperson to whom theparties # 1 Do t C a s e1 : 1 1 - c v - O 1 0 4 4 - R T D c u m e n1 5 - 1 F i l e d1 1 1 0 3 1 1 P a g e3 o f 7 P a g e l D : 1 1 1 6(c), 6(e), 6(f), 6(g), and 6(h) shall retain Any person identified in Paragraphs necessary the purposesof their role in this for ConfidentialInformation only as reasonably who providedthe information to Information counsel litigationandshallreturnany Confidential havebeenachieved. to themaftersuchpurposes 7. 6(c) Prior to receivingany ConfidentialInformation,any personidentifiedin Paragraph to and 6(h) shallbe providedwith a copyof this Stipulation agree be boundby its terms, through to of by andshatlcertifusuchagreement signinga document the form setforth asAppendixooA" hereinshall retainthe to making disclosure any persondescribed this Stipulation. Coru:sel of until final resolution this litigation. copyof the certificate originalexecuted L with, andonly as or solelyin connection Information shallbeused disclosed Confidential and to, necessary this litigation and the preparation trial of this case,or any relatedappellate competitivepurposes, including any business proceedings, not for any other reasons, and party must use ot disclose purposes.The non-producing purpose, personal governmental or Order. of with Informationonly in accordance theprovisions this Protective Confidential 9. If ConfidentialInformationis includedin any Materialto be filed with the Court, such in submitted accordance Materialshall be labeled"CONFIDENTIAL' and filed or othenruise to with the Court'srules for suchMateriat. Any party claimingconfidentialitywith respect the Informationmay file a motionto sealtherecords. Confidential 10. as A party receivingfrom anotherparty Materialthat has beendesignated Confidential and pursuant this Stipulationmay objectin witing to the designation muststate to Information to for the reasons suchobjectionwith respect eachitem. The partiesshallthen meetandconfer in good faith regardingthe designation. If the partiesare rurableto come to an agreement shall be obligatedto file a the the the regarding designation, party challenging designation suchdesignation. motionwith the Courtchallenging 11, mediation, is Information usedin anycourt,arbihation, In theeventthatanyConfidential status. suchuseshallnot affectits confidential in or deposition, otherproceeding thisaction, #. Do 15Page4 of 7 PagelD 11? C a s e1 : 1 1 -cv-O1 0 4 4 -R T D cu ment 1 Filed1 1103111 12. to This Stipulationshall be without prejudice the right of any party to: (a) bring before of the Courtat any time the question whetherany particularMaterialis confidential;(b) present an applicationor motion to the Court for a protectiveorder as to any particular Material, restrictions differentfrom thosespecifiedherein;(c) objectto the includingone requesting considers subjectto discovery;and/or(d) apply to not production any Material it reasonably of production Materialor modifyingthis Stipulation of or movethe Courtfor an ordercompelling of or any order otherwisepermitting disclosure ConfidentialInformationbeyondthe termsof this Stipulation, 13. informationor documents produces any confidential If a party,throughinadvertence, with it designating assuchin accordance the provisions withoutlabelingor markingor otherwise of this Order, the producing party may give written notice to the receiving party that the confidential and shouldbe treatedas suchin accordance is document thing produced deemed or and partymusttreatsuchdocuments thingsas of with theprovisions this Order. The receiving prior to the receipt suchnotice, of Disclosure, confidential from the datesuchnoticeis received. to not of suchconfidentialinformationto persons authorized receiveconfrdentialinformation by shallnotbedeemed a violationof this Order. 14. is that produces document information it believes or any If a party,throughinadverlence, privilege or the work productprivilege, immunefrom discoverypursuantto an attorney/client partymay give a suchproduction shallnot be deemed waiverof anyprivilege,andthe producing written notice to the receiving party that the documentor information producedis deemed is Upon receiptof such or privileged that returnof the document information requested. and gatherthe original and all copiesof the writtennotice,the receivingparty shall immediately returnthe docurnent informationof which the receivingparfy is awareand shall immediately or and/or original and all such copies to the producingparty. ThE return of the document(s) the information the producingparty shallnot preclude receivingparty from latermovingto the to and/orinformation. documents of Courtto compelproduction the returned P 5 # 1 1 C a s e : 1 1 - c v - 0 1 0 4 4 - RD o c u m e n t5 - 1 F i l e d 1 1 0 3 1 1 1a g e o f 7 P a g e l D : 1 1 3 1 TD 15. a Nothing in this Order shall be deemed waiver of any party's right to object to for to or production any documents other tangiblethings or answers interrogatories lack of of or or relevance materiality, as a privilegedcommunication, as trial preparation or timeliness, evidence. of to calculated leadto thediscovery admissible materials, asnot reasonably or 16. or of Within sixty (60) daysof the conclusion the trial and of any appeals, uponother under Information received as resolution this litigation,all Materialdesignated Confidential of or backto the producingparty,person, entity, the provisionof this Stipulationshall be tendered party,person, entity,be destroyed, or or, at thedirection the Courtor producing Of I'7. of the solelyfor the purpose facilitating exchange Material of This Stipulation entered is involving the Corut. No party admits anythingor between partieswithout urnecessarily the right by enteringinto this Stipulationor performingunderthis waivesany otherwise unaffected question, imply in any way beforea jury or othertrier of or Stipulation. partyshall argue, No or fact that the designation any Material as ConfidentialInformationis improperor suspect, of that that any adverse inferences may be drawnfrom the designation.(The partiesacknowledge of the this provisiondoesnot preventany party from challenging confidentialiry any Materialas the outside provided Paragraph beforethe Courtby pre-trialmotionor otherproceeding in 12 presence a jury despite fact thatthe Courtmay serveasa trier of fact.) of the 18. by any on shallimpose restriction the useor disclosure a pafiy Nothingin this Stipulation in of and of Materialthat it obtainsindependent discovery otherproceedings this action,without in or throughdiscovery otherproceedings this regard whethersuchMaterial is alsoproduced to disclosure any on Action. This Stipulation alsodoesnot impose restriction any partyregarding of its own Confidential Informationif it so wishes. 'lhe and 19. Court may entersuchotherand furtherrelief as it deemsappropriate this Order is withoutprejudice the right of anypartyto applyfor suchrelief. to 20. or agency, tribunal,person,or entity subpoenas orders If anothercourt, administrative produotion ConfidentialInformationthat a party has obtainedpursuantto this Protective of or order' Partyof the subpoena production Order,thatparty shallpromptlynotify the Producing #: Page6 of 7 PagelD 114 1 D C a s e1: 11 -cv-0 1 0 4 4 -R T D o cu ment 5- 1 Filed1 1103111 the Suchnotice must be providedin sufficienttime to give the Producingparty, if possible, to responding any compulsory modifying,or otherwise to opportunity participatein quashirrg, and timely manner. Upon the filing by the ProducingParty of a process an appropriate in Party shall withhold productionof motion to quashor for protectiveorder, the Subpoenaed by required law (or court order)not to of documents duringthe pendency the motion,unless production. withhold Zl. of Ordershallsrwive the termination this actionand of The provisions this Protective continue full forceandeffectrurtil furtherorderof this Courl. in 22. Order and the parties,their This Court shall retainjurisdictionover this Protective for Informationwas disclosed the counsel, and those personsto whom the Confidential Order. purposes enforcingthe termsof this Protective of Protective IT IS HEREBY ORDERED,ADJUDGEDAND DECREED thatthe above matter' as Orderbe andherebyis entered an Orderof the Courtin the abo.ve-captioned -)t ,,fu\Mfuzo' this El Arkansas, 541+y SOORDERED, Dorado, , / l I I / \ s"YffRl$ffiLt??.Kfio* FILED Nol/ 3 20tr 0 ' w'._r.T*T,., Deput/fIFifr # P 7 1 1 044-RTD Document5-1 F i l e d 1 1 0 3 1 1 1a g e o f 7 P a g e l D : 1 1 5 Case1.11-cv-01 IN THE UNITEI} STATESDISTRICT COURT FOR THE WESTERNDISTRICT OF'ARKANSAS EL DORADO DIVISION JAMES TALLEY PLAINTIFF v. CASENO. lt-1044 STIAWMAINTENANCE, INC. DEFENDANT APPENDIX6'A'' in and Order,which wasexecuted entered the above-captioned I havereadthe Protective and to and matter, I agree abideby all of its termsandconditions.I acknowledge affirm thatI understand any disclosure,whether written, verbal, oral and/or through any electronic or recorded meflns,of any informationwhich is subjectto the ProtectiveOrder,to any person, and that prohibited.I acknowledge I will keepconfidential is entityor organization expressly that or whichI receive view or hearabout or any will notdisseminate disclose of the information Order. to is subject the Protective Printed Name Signature Date

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