Smith, et al v. GlaxoSmithKline, PLC, et al

Filing 3

CONDITIONAL REMAND ORDER from Western District of Washington, MDL Panel, remanding case to Western District of Arkansas, with certified copy of docket entries and pleadings (on disk) filed in Western District of Washington case no 2:04cv537, MDL Docket No. 1407. Case reopened. (Attachments: # 1 Docket sheet WAWD case no.2:04cv537)(mfr)

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Smith, et al v. GlaxoSmithKline, PLC, et al Doc. 3 Case 2:04-cv-02012-RTD Document 3 Filed 05/30/2006 Page 1 of 2 ACEFfIFIEDTNUECOPI' ' rri. t !'Il f ,,-Tt:' r': rr- J T ' T J I ( ; I A IA N L U N F. F M U I JIID I S II ] I C T I . I l " I f r A T I O N l ' I ' l ' J - r : r i : ff:.t ..r l ( - i,,:j , l1.S r) l I'lr APR fi 2fl06 ? rff*8flm0 O + Ar tp DOCKETNO.T4O7 MA30ziln Y cLIfiK c H r uH.J$lt{sdi, s CLERK DEFLJTY BEFORE THE TADICIAL PANEL ON MULTIDISTRICT LITIGATION IN RE PIIENYLPROPANOLAMINE (PPA) PRODUCTSLIABILITY LITIGATION (SEEATTACHED SCHEDULE ACTIONS) OF CONDITIONALREMAND ORDER pretrialprocaedings or the that Tho transferee courtin this litigationhasadvised Panel coordinated consolidated of schedule and assigned it havebeencompleted thatremand theactions to listcdon the attached in the actions is in t o the transferor courts, provided 28 U,S,C.$1a07(a), appropriate' as to schsdule remanded theirrespective thatthe actions be listedon the attached ORDERED IT IS THEREFORE t ra nsfe rocourts. r o:llroeEdurE to aIthe JudrclalEapElarl I T IS ALSO ()RDEREDthatpursuant Rule7.6 of theR:rles clerk for of Litjsation,199F.R.D.425,436-38(200I),thetransmittal this ordcrto thetransferee Multidisffict with f iling shallbe stayed liftecndaysfrom thedatcofthis orderandif iurypartyfiles a NoticeofOpposition period, staywill be continued until furtherorderof thePanel. the within this fiftecn-day t he Clerk ofthe Pancl District effective uutil it is filed in the offrcoof the Clerk for theUnitedStates Th is orderdoes become not Washington. Districtof Cou rt for theWestem with theeffective date R.P.J.P.M.L., coinoiding and that,pursuant Rule7,6(9), to ORDERED I T IS FI"IRTHER or with a stipulation Districtof Washington shallfumishtheClerk for theWestern of this order,theparties copicsofany to be remanded fumishsaidClerk all necessary and ofthe record designation ofthe contents plea dings othermatterfiled so asto enable saidClerkto complywith the orderof remand, or FORTFIE PANEL: l l f *E ffi M i c hac lJ. BeEk C l er kof thePanel Case 2:04-cv-02012-RTD Document 3 Filed 05/30/2006 Page 2 of 2 SCITEDULEFOR CONDITIONAL REMAND ORI}ER D O C KET NO. 1407 IN RE PHEFIYLPROPANOLAMINE (PPA) PRODUCTS LIABILITY LITIGATION --.TRANSFEREE_ D I S T . DIV, C.A.NO. _ TRANSFEROR-DIS]I, DTV,C.A,NO. CASECAI:ilON AnitaSmith, al. v. GlaxoSmithKline, ct PLC,et al. JohnMartin v. GlaxoSmitbKline,PLC, et al. PatScully, sl. v. WyethPharmaceuticals et KcmethMitchellv. Wyeth,et al. DavidBronn v. SmitbKline Bcccham Corp.,et al. Chadie Jrckson BayerCorp.,et al. v. Charles Allen,et al. v. D ra Phsnhaccuticals,al. A. ct Johnnie v. BayerCorp.,et al. Hill ByronMabryv. BayerCorp. LindaSueWhitchrad, al. v. BlockDrugCo. et ElnoraStrong Block Drug Co.,et al. v. TnrdyReynolds, al. v. Block DrugCo.,et al. et AmosDysonv. Block DruECo.,et al. Michael Gerard Barlow,et al. v. GlaxosmithKline, PLC,et al. MariaClaibome GlaxoSmithKline v. Consumer Healthcare. LP wAw wAw wAw wAw w^w wAw wAw wAw wAw wAw wAW wAw wAw wAw wAw 2 2 2 2 ? 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 ? ? 2 04-537 04-538 04-2015 04-r r05 03-1435 0l-2075 a2-2271 * 03-2298 * 03-2795 * 03-3391 1. 03-3392 + 03-3394 * 03-3400 * 03-3595 i 04-627 ARW ARW FLM Fr.N ILS LAw NYS ALN MSS MSS MS$ MSS MSS MSS MSS 2 5 6 4 3 5 I 2 3 2 2 2 2 2 3 04-?012 04-5009 04-1099 04-66 02-1286 0l-1697 02-3216 02-2954 03-368 03-78 03-78 03-78 03-78 03.70 03-444 + WAW casc number assigncd was afterseverance wasissucd Westem order in Districtof Wsshington.

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