Graemon v. Buckley et al

Filing 2

ORDER re 1 granting the In Forma Pauperis Application filed by Jame Graemon, and directing the clerk to file the complaint this action as a civil rights case and a determination as to service upon defendants, will be determined at a later date. Signed by Judge Beverly Stites Jones on May 8, 2006. (sh)

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Graemon v. Buckley et al Doc. 2 Case 2:06-cv-02053-JLH Document 2 Filed 05/08/2006 Page 1 of 1 I N 1'I'I[ I.JNITED STATESDISTRI(]TCOI]RT W L i S IERN DlSl'Rl(ll'OIr n RKn NSAS t . ' o t i l sMl il| DIVtsloN J A M I - 'CltAtrMON , PLnIN'iltrtt ( r i v iNo. a{d7E3 t o(;I ) O I . I ( I I , A S I,B}iITT' J(]Kt,F]Y; N HI t , 0 N N I I iIOLIMAN TTJRNER; l j l . l N i i lllNll ItLl(lKl,liYlan<l RODETTIT]K WEAVEII I)F,I,"F]NDAN'I.S OR"PE"R .latrte Utaenrou sirbnrittcd this pro sc action1'ol' filing. Along with rnultiplt docut1cfllti w l r i c hthecourl will tleat as his corrylairrl, Clacnmnhassutnnittcd application ptoccctl an to ri? DouglasAlbcrt L3ucklcy cauBlld thc . l i n n u puuptis (IFI') antl a civil covol shcet. llc contcnds d e a t ho{'his Mollrct, firactuotrallcgcsDouglrrs Bucltloyand the rerrraining deli:rrdants have t l c l r t ' i v c t i of his ploprcrly, inhcritarrcc, hishoritage. nririn hinr his and Hu tainsthenanretl {'enrlurls der jn h a v er:rngaged actsofrackctccring, liaud alrdttcaso . 'lhe clcrk is dircctcd filc thisactionasa civil figirl$cirso.Thr IFP tpplication grantcd. to is T l t c undcrsigncd will detenline al a Inler timc whcthcl cornprlaint shoulcihc sctvcd oll thr tlcl'cntJants, I 1 'lS SO {IRDEREDthis5Lh v o{'Mav2006. d .18 ffi r , r nr {r,,1,{ -i:*. n i --epvn-*{..,.{f Y s-i-r"F.s ttrr'ri:'s , ,v- ,b. $ 1 ,t,Ii,"ll1lfi T . $ . , r {10Ufi v , E .I I ] N I 1 ' I i DS1 A1'US MAC]SI'RATE .IIJTX]I rHN u,l!, l',tt(;'tliFtKAfjSA$ r lLt: L.l MAY $ Ioilf; il uHi{$fi. ,Joi.itx t}_Li( 5$i, BS .l- ,J DEFtfrYfi.fRIT. AO7?A ( R o v - 8/82)

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