Owens v. Farmers Insurance Group et al

Filing 1

ORDER directing that the complaint be provisionally filed, prior to a determination as to status as a pauper and service of process. Plaintiff is to complete the IFP application and return for filing. Signed by Judge Beverly Stites Jones on May 24, 2006. (sh)

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Owens v. Farmers Insurance Group et al Doc. 1 Case 2:06-cv-02063-RTD Document 1 Filed 05/24/2006 Page 1 of 1 IN THE LINTTED STATESDISTRICTCOURT WE $T ER NDISTRICTOF ARKANSAS F O R T SMITH DIVISION ANT H ON Y OWENS PLAINTIFF civirNo. AWJ I-ARME R 'SINSLJRANCE GROTIP; KEVIN MRS.MOUZS,Adjuster; t s E L L ,Supervisor; D E B O R A I IAVILLION, Officeol'ChildSupport and Elfor c e me n t; ROBI,RT BOB BATEMAN DEFENDANTS ORDER prrrsrrarrt 4? P l n i n t i l ' l ' h asubmitted filing in this districta civil rightsconrplaiflt s for to U . S . C .$ 1983. Wc find the complaint should provisionally be filcd prior to a dctcrrnination plaintiffs status a paupcr service fprooess.TheUnitetlStates as and reg;uding DistrictClerkis o hcrehydirected lile the complaint. to P l a i n ti fl rsin lbrmapauperis application beenretumed has without filing andplaintiff is givenLLp andinoludingJune26,2006,in whichto havethe application to by complctcd dctcntion personnel plaintiffs inmatcaccount.The application regarding center kr shouldhe returned the unders i g u efor review andfiling. Should plaintiff fail to return the applicationwithin the d r e q u i r e dperiodof time or complete appllcfltlon directed, complaintwill bccome the fls his for s u b j e c t summarydismissal failureto obeya court order. to this 1 'l 'l S SO ORDER-EII 24thdavof Mav 2006. &il..JffiW wesi*#rBpffi'%onufihso* 2 MAY4 ?006 %AO 72,^ (Rev.8/81) I { O N . BEVERLY STITESJONES JIIDGE MAGISTRATE U N I T E DSTATHS srfll$fi.Joftfisot{, cLfSK 8Y DEFUTYflq( Dockets.Justia.com

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