Jeffery v. Smith et al

Filing 1

ORDER directing the Clerk to provisionally file the Plaintiff's complaint, prior to a determination regarding Plaintiff's status as a pauper and service of process. Plaintiff is directed to, and given up to and including October 16, 2006, in which to complete the In Forma Pauperis application and return to this court for filing. If Plaintiff fails to return the application within the required period of time or complete the application as directed, her complaint will be subject to summary dismissal. Signed by Judge Beverly Stites Jones on September 14, 2006. (sh)

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Jeffery v. Smith et al Doc. 1 Case 2:06-cv-02164-RTD Document 1 Filed 09/14/2006 Page 1 of 1 IN THE IINITED STATESDISTRICTCOTJRT WESTERN DISTRICTOF ARI{ANSAS F O R TSMITH DIVISION ANME OPHELIAJEFFERY PLAINTIFF civirNo Mal6{ DET E C T IV EPAUL SMITH, JTIDGE JAMESMARSCHEWSKI. ST EV ETABOR, iurdthe F ORTSMITH POLICEDEPARTMENT DEFENDANTS ORDER P l a i n ti ff has submitted filing in this district a civil rights complaintpur$uant 42 to for U.S.C. $ 1983. We Iintl the complaintshouldbe provisionallyfiled prior to a determination plaintiffs status a paupu andservice as ofprocess.TheUnitedStates regarding DistrictCletk is hcrcb ydirected flle the complaint. to P l a i n ti ffs in formapauperis application beenretumedwithout filing andplaintiff is has givenup to and includingOctober16, 2006,in which to complete application follows: as the personnel answequestion andhavetheapplication r regarding 3.f,. completed detention by center plainti ffs inmateaccouflt.The application for should rotumed the undersigned reviewand be to filing. Should plaintiff fail to return the applicationwithin the required period of time or subjectto summarydismissal comp l e te spplication asdirected,his complaintwill become the for failure to obey fl court order, this IT IS SOORDERED l4th davof Sentember 2006. wesltftBplfficnonufiT'se is r J f f i " W nl s E F 12006 | fffrE n.JoftNs00LERK , H O N , BEVERLY STITESJONES U N I T ED STATESMAGISTRATEJUDCE E AO 72A (Hev.8/F?) DEPUCTIBK TY

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