Stine v. Arkansas, State of et al

Filing 2

ORDER granting 1 Plaintiff's Motion for Leave to Proceed in forma pauperis. The clerk is directed to file the in forma pauperis (IFP) application and complaint. The matter of service will be determined at a later date. Signed by Judge Beverly Stites Jones on October 16, 2006. (sh) Modified on 10/17/2006 to edit text (rw).

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Stine v. Arkansas, State of et al Doc. 2 Case 2:06-cv-02180-RTD Document 2 Filed 10/16/2006 Page 1 of 1 IN THE TINITEDSTATES DISTR]CT COURT WESTERN DISTRICT AITKANSAS OF F O R TSI\4TTH DIVISION CIIA.RI,ES EDWARDSTINH PI,AINTTFF civilNo. * J /80 S]'A.TE OFARKANSAST ARKANSAS DEPARTMENT OF CORR-ECTION: SEBAS'I'IAN COUNTY PROSE C U T OR 'OFFICE; S FOR'I' SMIT HPOLICE DEPARTMENT; POIK COLIN'IYS}IERIFF' DEPARTMENT; S FORMER ATTORNEYGENERALMARK PRYOR; MIKE BEEBE,AttomeyOeneral of Arkansas; NOItIL{N WLKINSON, Scbas ti aCourrty n CircuitCourt;MICHA-EL WACO N E RAssistant , Prosecuting Attomey; MELAN IEMAl|}lER, Assistant Prosdduting Attomey; ALFREDFIESCIIER, Corporal, FortSmithPoliceDepartment; LARRY CLARK, JailAdministrator, Polk CountySheriffs Departnrent; an<CASHI{AASER,DeputyPLrblic l Defender DEFENDANTS ORDER C h a r l e sF,dwardStine has submittedthis pro se action for fiIing. The clerk is directedto f i l e the in forma. pduperis(IFP) application and complaint. The application to proceodIFP is E f a n t e d .The matter of selice will be tietenninedat a latertjme. I T IS SO ORDERF,Dthis I3th day of October2006. r I O N , BI,YERLY STITESJONES U N I T EDSTATES MAGTSTRAT'E JI/DGH U .S.DISTRICT COUHT AN KANSAS WES R DLSTBI-CJ TE N t - lL la LJ s i l i t6 ti06 C H B I S JOJ'III;ON, R. CLERK DEPtfiYCLEBK AO7?A ( R s v . 8/82) -t-

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