Wooten et al v. Certainteed Corp et al

Filing 68

ORDER REOPENING CASE. Signed by Jeffery N. Luthi Clerk of the Panel on March 18, 2009. (lw)

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r {13' uesl&HruBpffifA-i,rYf}li'rsnr A CERTIFIED UE COFY IF ATIEST B y Jrk.tr t$rlh 6r| AFr 03, 1000 JUNOI2M M U L I I D I S T R I CLITIGATION T sr.i: cHSB. tS ionilsq{, CLEfi|( DEPIIIYH.HK 18, l U l a r 2009 FILEO C L E R K ' SOFFICE U N IT E D STATESJUDICIAL PANEL on MU L T I D I S1T I C T LITIGATION I N Rf,: ASBESTOSPNODUCTS LIAEILITY L I T I G A T I O N (NO,VD 01-)o"f M D LNo.875 (SEE ATTACHED SCHEDULE) C ON D I T I O N AL REMANI}ORDER FITED H,lTl::msr* AFR l52009 T h etruruferee courtin thislitigation has,in the actionon thisconditional rcmandorder: ( I ) scvcrcd claimsfor all p u n i t i v e cxcmplary or the damages; (2) advised Panel coordinatcd and that orconsolidared pretrialproceedings with r c s P cro theremaining t claimshavebeencompleted, that remand and ofthosc claimsto thetransfcror coun, as p t o v i d c din 28 U,S.C.g1407(a), appropriate. ir I T lS THEREFORE ORDEREDthat all claimsin thc actionon this conditionalremand ordoroxccpr severed the to d a m a g eclaimsbe remanded their respective s tran$fror courts. I T IS ALSO ORDEREDthat,punuantto Rulo7.6of theEuleE Procedure theJudicialPanclon Multidisrriot of of the L i t i q a t i o n ,199F.R.D.42S,436-38(2001)(Rule$), transmittal ofthis ordcrto thetrarrsferee for filing shall clctk be staled 15 daysftom thc date of thit ordet. If any party frles a noticc of opposition with the Clerk of the Panel w i t h i n this l5-dayperiod,the stsywill be continued until furtherorderofthe panel. This orrder doesnot become e f f c c t i v euntil it is filed in the office of ths Clerk for the United States Districr Court for the Eastorn Disbict of Putuylvania, I T IS FURTHER thrt, OR.DERED purtuantto Rulc7.6(9), pa,rtics the shallfurnishthc Cler* for theEs$tem District o f P c t u r s y l v a n iwith a stipulatiol ot designation thecontents a of ofthe rccordto be rcmanded neccssary copres all o f a n y pleadings othermatterfiled so as to enable or saidClcrk to complywith the orderofremand. is I n a s m u c h no obiechon es p F r r d i nel thrsrinra. g the s l a y 15liflg{. F O RTHE PANEL: r 03.2009 CLERK'S OFFICE t.rf'rII !) $l,rl*S (11 - + U l L l a L Prrr,lCL r n I r.r_r4_ rilr: I -r-x:,Ar ,;'r. ATfi[CSY DArf0: IN REI ASBE$TOS PRODUCTS LIAEILITY LITTGATT0N (NO.VI) M D LNo.875 S C H E D U L E FOR CONDITIONAL REIVIAND ORI}ER _ TRA$ISFEREE _ D I S T . DIV. C.A.NO. _ TRANSFEROR _ IIIS T . I,TV.C.A.NO, ARW 2 CAN 3 FLN 3 07-2004 01-2824 05-339 CASECAPTION E d d i eJoeWooten,et al. v, CertainTced Corp.,et al. H e l e nHutchjson, al. v. A.W. Chesterron et io., crrt. J o s e p h Chave6, ct al, v. AllisChalmcrs,et al. T. PAE 2 PAE 2 PAE 2 09-62917

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