Cantrell v. Beebe et al

Filing 6

REPORT AND RECOMMENDATIONS re 3 Complaint Referred (42:1983) filed by Jimmy Shane Cantrell. Objections to R&R due by 5/14/2007. Signed by Judge James R. Marschewski on April 24, 2007. (sh)

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Cantrell v. Beebe et al Doc. 6 Case 2:07-cv-02038-RTD Document 6 Filed 04/26/2007 Page 1 of 4 IN THE UNITED STATESDISTRICTCOLIRT WE S T E R NDISTRICTOF ARKANSAS F O R TSMITHDTVISION JIMMYS}IANE(IANTREI,I- PLAINTIFF c i v i r Nor.J03fr o M I K E BEEISE, Governor the Stateof of A r k a n s a s Fomer AttorneyGeltcral; and S G T .WES'I'tsROOK, Prnperty Olliccr a t thc EastArkansas RegionalLlnit; G R E GIL\SMON, Warden,EastArkansas R c g i o n aUnit; LARI{Y NORRIS. l D i r e c t o r ,Arkansas llopartment Conection; of A R K A N S A S BOARD OF CORRECTION; S G T ,WOFFOR-D, Transportation Officer with the ArkansasDepartmentof Concction; M l t . CLEMMONS,Oflicct, EastArkansas R e g i o n aUnit; MIt. BIITLER, OfficLr,Easr l Arkansas Regionaltjnit; .I()IIN DOn, Unknown O f t i c e rworkingat the backgate the EastArkansas of R e g i o n aUnit; JAMES Mc(IORMACK, Clerk,Uniltrj l Statcs Dstrict fburt for the Eastom Dishict of A r k a n s a sJOIIN DOE CLERKS,DeputyClerks ; f o r the Flastem District of4rkansas;and D A V I D WHITE, Warden,MaximumSecurif U n i t , Trtcker. Arkansas DEFTNDANTS P l a i n ti ff, .limmy shanecautrell, is an inmatcin the Maximum seourityunit of the Arkansas Depafiment comection rucker, Arkansas.He submittcd coffplaiflt frrt filing of at a i n thisdistrict pursuant 42 u.s.c. $ Ig83. Thecomplaint provisionally to was filedsubject to a latetdetemination ofwhetherplaintiff should granted formapauperis be in status whether and thecomplaint shouldbe served. -I- AO72A (Rev.8/82) Case 2:07-cv-02038-RTD Document 6 Filed 04/26/2007 Page 2 of 4 names defendants Govenrot Cantrell as the ofthe Statc ofArkzursas. Arkansas tho Board of correction,vadousofficersemployed th EastArkansas at Regionalunit of the Arkzmsas Depart me n t Corection,the Warden theMaximumSecurity of of Unit, andthe Clerk of Court of thc Eastem Distriotof Arkansas well asthc dcputyclerksemployecl as there. Amongother things,Cantrcllcontends constitutional his fightswercviolatcdwhenhis legalmaterials wcre placed storagc thc EastArkansas in at Regional uflit (EARIJ)on December 2006. cantrcll 19, conten dtheArkansas s Department ofCorrection (AI)Ci rtelenriants rcfrrsed release Iegal to the matcria l s him whenhewastransfened to fromtheEARUto theMaximumSecurityUnit (MSU). He alsocontends ADc policy regarding thc inmatepropertycontrolcontains ambiguous anrl contradi c to rIanguage. y Ca n tre lchallenges ADC lirnitations thcposscssion l the on ofpersonal property lcgal and matetial s inmatcs. by Additionally, contends personalpropertywas promptlyretumed he his not to him attheendof hispunitivetermonJanuary I, 2007.[r thisregard, I contcnds Cantrell there are no adequate proceduralsafeguards preventthe arbitrary,capdcious,zurdretaliatory to dcprivati o n property. of to Wi th respcct thc Clerk of Courtof the Eastem llistrict ol'Arkansas the tleputy and clerks,Canttellcontends thcy altcrcddocketentriesin a pendingca$e has in that district he 5 : 0 5CV.157. Acoess thedocket to in sheet this case indicates case a civil rightscase the is cantrell v. Huclmhee, al., filcd bytheplaintiff onMay 23,2005. Thedockctcntries refers et he to asbeingaltcrcdaredocketentry#33 and# 66. Docketentry#33 is a document filed as a motionfor appointment counsel. Cantrelloonlends docurncnt of the was alteredbecause he elltitledthe document a motion for "orderto showcausc, a preliminaryinjunction,lor as for -2- Case 2:07-cv-02038-RTD Document 6 Filed 04/26/2007 Page 3 of 4 appointmcnt ol'counsel, for classactioncerlification" it wasonly filed asa motionfor and but appointment ofcounscl.However, docket the sheet reflects a motiofl for orderto show also that causemotionfor preliminary , injunction. motionfor classcertification, motionto appoint and was c o u n s e l filedon April 19,2006, #36. as l )o c u me n t66 is entitledmotior for copies noticeofchangeofatldress.Thetlocket and sheereflectsit wasfiled asa noticeofchangeof adtlress. t T h i s court doesnot havejurisdictionto review the decisions madeby other federal districtcourts.Instead, ifCantrellbelieves clcrkofcourthas thc violated constitutional his rights by refusing file doouments submitted him, his reme<ly to seekrelief from t}rcEastern to as by is Distric tofArkiursas thocourt of Appeals theEighthcircuit, zs u.s,c. $ I65l (All writs or for Act). Wi th respeot the remainingdefendants, is clearthat venueis not properin this to it district . Lr $ 1983cases, venueis determined referonce the generalvenuestatutc, by to zg u . s . c . $ 1391.undersection (b) 1391 venue proper civil rightsactions "(l) ajudicial is in in districtwhereany defendintresides, all defendants if resideifl the same$tatc,(2) a judicial districtirt which a substantial of theevents omissions paft or giving risc to the claim oocunod ... or {3) ajudicial districtin whiehaly defendant befouml,if thereis no districtin which may theaotion nlay otherwise hrought." be T h eEastArkansas Regional Unit is in Brickeys, Arkansas. is Brickey$ in LeeCounry. Leecountyiswithin theEastem DistrictofArkansas, Maximumsccurityunit is in Tucker, The Atkans a sTuckcris located Jefferson . in County.Jefferson Countyis within theEastem Distlct of Alkansas.The Office of theGovemor located Little Rock,Arkansas.Little Rockis i1 is in -3- AO72A (Rev,8i82) Case 2:07-cv-02038-RTD Document 6 Filed 04/26/2007 Page 4 of 4 Pulask icounty which is within the Errstenr District of Arkansas. The Arkansas Board of corectio n is madc up of sevenmembers and its ollice is looatedin whitchall, Arkansas. whiteha l l is located Jefferson in county which is within the Eastem District of Arkansas Un d c r28 U.S.C.$ 1406(a), courtmay transfer this this caseto a districtin whichthis casccouldhaveboenbrought. Thc caseshouldhavobeenbroughtin the Eastern District of Arkturs a s that is the districtwherethe defendants as resideandin which the events occurrcd. Thcreforcit appears interests , the ofjusticewouldbestbeserued transferring case tlie by this to Eastcm Distriotof Arkansas. I therefore recommend followingr(l ) all claimsagainst the James Mccormack,theclerk of'Court of the EasternDistrict of Arkansas, thc Johnl)oe deputyclerksof thc Eastcm and Distticttrf Arkansas dismissed; (2) thatthis casc tmnslhmed thoEastem be and bc to Districtof g A r k a n s a s28 U.S.(1. 1a06(a). . c fl n tre l l has ten daysfrom recelptofthe report and recommendation which to in tile written objections pursuflnt to 2g u.s,c. $ 636(b)0), The failure to fite timety objection smey result in waiver of the rlght to appeal question$of fact, cantrell is reminded that objections mustbeboth timelyand$pecific triggerdenovoreviewhy the to d i s t r i c tcourt. D A T E Dtnis 2t*-dayof Apnl2007. . JAMESR. MARSCHEWSKI ST AT ESMACISTRATE .ILTDGE APR 62007 ? 4|FEE Jr*' $fl{,a-qfi -4- ht IFUITq"RK AO72A ( R v . 8/8?)

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