Parkhurst et al v. Tabor et al

Filing 122

PAYOVER ORDER as set forth. Signed by Honorable Robert T. Dawson on December 29, 2008. (lw)

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UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT WE S T E R N DISTRICT OF ARKANSA$ ROSSPARKHURSTandAMY PARKHURSI', and individuallyandasguardiarrs nextfrientlsof H.P.,a minorchild undsrthe ageof eighteen, Plaintill's, C as eNo. 07-CV-02068-RTD and TABOR,individually in his STEPHEN Attorneyfor as official capacity Prosecuting 'I County, welfthJudicialDistrict,Sebastian ly DANIEL SHUD, indivitlual State Arkansas; ol' as official capacity ChiefDeputy andin his ProseoutinAttomeyfor Twelfth JudicialDistrict, g of SebastiaCounty,State Arkansas; n COUNT Y OF SEBAS'IIAN,a bodycorporate ofArkansas;and andpolitic in the State CHAD BELT, an individual, Dcfendants, INC, PROTECH SECTJRITY, Gamishee. and ) ) ABIIEB PAYI}VER l, judgmentin favor of the On June24, 2008,this Court onteteda til,000,000'00 Defendant ChadBclt. On August29, 2008,the Clerk issueda Plaintilfsand againstSeparatc directedto Belt's employer,Pro Tech Security,Inc. Later, Plaintiffs Writ ol" Ganrishment to failingto respond theWrit. for movcdto defaulttheemployer allegedly 2. regarding Wtit of the an havercached agreemeflt l'he Plaintilfs andthe Garnishee Carnishme n t the Motion to Default. and 3, this Pursuant that agrcement, Court ordersthat the Gaffisheeshallpay overto to DefendantChad Belt's net wagcsafter the Plaintiffs twenty-five percent(25%) of Separatc allowable deduction eachpaypcriod,in complianoe with thc Writ of Gfiri$hment. Speoifically, Gamishee shallpay the sumof$101.48from Separate ChadBelt's weeklypaycheck Defendant bcginning 16, December 2008,madepayable Plaintiffs'sattorneys, to Nonveru, Wor ,cEMUTlt, CHruoLen & DowD[LL, ?900 Mid-Continent Towu,401 SouthBoston Avenue,Tulsa, OK 74103, andto conlinueeachpay poriodthereaftcr duringwhiohSeparatc Defendant ChadBelt is employed the Garnishee, by 4. The Gamishee, from the time of being scrvedwith the Writ of Camishment throughthe December 2008, paycheck, 9, wittrheldfi1,217.76 Defendant llelt's from Separate paycheck, paid by thc Gamishee the Plaintiff s atlorneys. shallbe prornptly These rnonies to 5. A judgmentlien uponnon-exempt wagcsshallcontinueasto earnings Separate of DefbndanChadBelt until the total amormt t dueuponthe Judgment costsis paid or satisfied, and T he lien on suchearnings shallterminatc sooner the employment if is relationship terminated or if the rrnderlying is Judgrnent vacated modified. or IT IS SO ORDER.EI]. E8TEDFIESAHTfiN RN sAr irEC gflffi 2 |}iflls8.JtHNs0t{, 0tEI( DFl,IIYdtl( U ,S,UISHIU UUUH] II H O N O R ABLE ROBERT T. DAWSON D I ST R I C T COURT JUDGE

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