Delaney v. Social Security Administration Commissioner

Filing 14

ORDER on Attorney Fees in favor of Sheila L. Delaney against Social Security Administration Commissioner.That the Magistrate's recommendations should be adopted in toto and hereby awards plaintiff's attorney fees in the amount of $1,45 6.71. This amount shall be paid in addition to, and not out of, any past-due benefits plaintiff may be awarded in the future. Motions terminated: 13 REPORT AND RECOMMENDATIONS re 11 MOTION for Attorney Fees EAJA filed by Sheila L. Delaney and 11 MOTION for Attorney Fees EAJA filed by Sheila L. Delaney. Signed by Honorable Robert T. Dawson on October 7, 2008. (lw)

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IN THH TINITEDSTATESDISTRICTCOI.JRT WE S T E R NDIS'IRICT OF ARKANSAS FO R T SMITH IJIVISION L. S F I E T I , A DELAITEY PLAINTIFF vs. S o c I A L SECURITY ADr'flNtsrRArroN Crv[ No.07-2095 IfEFENDANT Mlcl{AEL AsrRUE, J. CoNflurssroNER ORDER On thisffl. day ofjth.,bfX 2008,the courthasbefore for consideration it plaintiffs request attomey'sfeesandcosts pursuant the EqualAooess Justice for to to Act,28 U.S.C,$ 2412. For reasons forth in thereportandrecommendation hy the Honorable set filed James Marschewski, R. UnitedStates Magistrat Judge theWestern for Districtof Arkansas, on $eptemb e18,2008,the courtfinds thatthe Magistrute's r recom endations shouldbe adopted plaintifl's attomey in totoandhetebyawards feesin theamourtof $1456.71 ropresenting 9.30 per hoursfor attomey'sfees,at the rateof $154.00 hour plus services feesof $24.51. This amoun tshall be paid in additionto, afld not out of, any past-due benefitsplaintiff may be awarded the future. in IT IS SO ORDER-ED. uouHr u ,$.0l$lr{rur OR, w E g EHN T DFITBAHTGNSAS IONTED,\BLEROBL,RI'T. DAWSON T NI STATES DISTRICT JUI]GE ocT 720ffi 0 GHR|S F.JS[{S0{,IEK Ct EY trPUIYf,SI( AO72A ( R e v . 8t82)

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