United States of America v. Adams et al

Filing 3

CONSENT ORDER. Signed by Judge Robert T. Dawson on October 1, 2007. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A: Covered Dwelling Units; # 2 Exhibit B: Nondiscrimination Policy; # 3 Exhibit C: Acknowledgment; # 4 Exhibit D: Notice; # 5 Exhibit E: Release) ***Civil Case Terminated.(mfr)

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United States of America v. Adams et al Doc. 3 Case 2:07-cv-02108-RTD Document 3 Filed 10/01/2007 Page 1 of 20 IN TIIE UNITHD STATHSDIS'I'RIC'I'COL]RT F O RTHE WESTERN DISTRTCT ARKANSAS OF T 'O R TSMITH DIVISION UNIT ED STATESOF AMERICA. Plaintifl Honorablc C a s c 01 .a tt E No. D O N ADAMS, D R E N N O NG. ADAMS, LULA MAE COOK,akaLULA MA-E D I L L A R D ,andA & A INVESTMEN,I.S d,'trlaPHOENIX VILLAC E / A-PARTMENTS I)efendants. C O N S E N TORDER I . l'actualand Procedurfll Btckground T hel-IniterlStates initiatedthis actionon Septenrher 2007,against 28, Don Adarns, Drennon Aililns, Lula Mac flook (akaLula Mae Dillard) andA & A Invcstfieflts G. d/b/a Phoeuix VillageApartmcnts ("Defendants"). its complaint, Unitetl States In the alleges that r l e f e n d a n tviolated FairHtrusing Title vIII of thc (livil Rights of 1988, u.s.c. s thc Act, Acr 42 of status with respcct rcsidenlial to $ $ 3601g! gg. ("theAct"),on thcbasis lanrilial rentalunits or dwcllingsat the Phoenix VillageApartmcnts Fort Snrith,Arkansas. in T hc UnitedStates alleges wcrc this caseto prcoeed tlial, thc tJnitctiStales that to would p t e s e nevidence t including lbllowing: the I. At all relevant priorto the Iilingof thislawsuit, tirnes Dcl'endants owneilarxloperated Phoenix VillageApartmenls, I 0o-unitapartrnctrt a complex. Dockets.Justia.com Case 2:07-cv-02108-RTD Document 3 Filed 10/01/2007 Page 2 of 20 2. Betweef, Jsnunry April, 2007,theUnitedStales and performed housingtestsin which fair pairedindividualswith similar oharacteristics exospt raceor ooloror familial status for visited.the Phoenixvillage rentaloiTice, s, euincy saeet,Fort smith, A"rkansas, 924 and inquiredaboutthe availabilityoftwo-bedroom apartments, Audio recordings ofthese testsandothorevidence obtained theJustice by Departmetrt indioated the Defendants that discriminated the basisof familial status.Itr particular: on A. Dudngthose tests, rentalagents asked testers theyhadohildretior the if how manypeoplewouldbe stayingin the apartnent.During several the of tests,therentalagents informedtheprospective tenantthatthe complex d i d nothaveor allowchildren. B. Testers who told thercntalagents theyhaveohildrenweredenied that additionalinformationon r.rnit availability,not offeredan opportunity to view anyapaf,hneflts, not givenapplioations. and Theunited statesalleges the conduct defendants described theprecediug that of as in paragraphconstitutes refusalto ren! a refusalto negotiato therentalof, or otherwise s a for nrakingunavailablc denying or dwcllingsto persons because farrdlielstatus, violation of42 of ifl u's'c' $ 3604(a); statemcnts respeot therental a dwelling indicate arrd +'rth to of that a preference, limitation, discrimination or based familialstatus, violationof 42 u.s.c. on ifl $ 3604(c). TheUnitedStates fiuthet alleges Defendants' that conduct described as s.bove constitutes i a pattemor practiceof resistance the fuIl enjoyrnent to ofrights gtanted the Aot; anda denial by to a groupofpersonsof righrsgranted thenct, whichdenialraises issueof general iy an public Page.2- Case 2:07-cv-02108-RTD Document 3 Filed 10/01/2007 Page 3 of 20 importance, violation 42 U.S.C.g 36la(a). in of Thepartiesdesire avoidcostlyandprotracted to litigationandagrcethat thc claims against Defendarrts shouldbesottledandresolved withoutthenecessity a trial. The panies of haveagroed the entryof this Consont to Order,a$indicated the signatures by below. T hore fo re , is ORDER.ED, it ADJUDGEDrnil DECREEDasfollows: I L Injuncflon I. Defendants, agedts, their employees, sucoessorg all persons activeooncert and in or panicipationwith themarehereby errrjoined, respect therentalof rJwellings, with to from: a, Refusing rentafterthemakingof a bonafrdeoffer, or refusingto negotiate to for therentalof, or otherwise makingunavailable denying, dwelling to any or a person because familial status; of b. Discriminating personin thEtorms,conditions, privilegesof the against.any or rentalofa dwelling,or in theprovisionof services faoilitiesin connection or thetcwith,booause familial status; of Making,printing,or publishing,or causing bemade, printed,or publishedany to notice,statemeflt, adrertisement, respeot therentalof a dwellingthat or with to indicates preference, any limitation, or disoriminalion based fanilial status, on or afl intentionto makeanyzuchpreference, limitation,or discrimination; or Coercingintimidating, , threatening, interferinglvrth anypersonin the exercise or or enjoyment or ofl aicolmt ofhis or herlnving exercised enjoyed, on of, or or account ofhis or herhavingaidedor encouraged otherperson the excrcise any in or enjoyment anyright granted protected theFair HousingAct. of, or by -3. Page Case 2:07-cv-02108-RTD Document 3 Filed 10/01/2007 Page 4 of 20 . IlL Nondiscrimination Pollclersnd Piocedures Defendants' respousibilities underthis Consent Ordershallappiyto eachandevery dwelling unit in whiohanyDofendant an ownership, has management, otherfinancial or interest. Dwelling unitssubjeot this Orderarehereina$er to refenedto as "covered dwelling units," a cunentlist of whiohis attaohed Exhibit A. Defendants' as signatuesto this Orderserveasa csrlificationofthe completeness accuraoy arrd ofthis list. 3. Defbndants shallprepare implemgnt and uniform,nou-discriminatory Policiesand Procedurcs regarding refltalof ooveted the dwellingr.rnits shallbe appliedequallyto that all applioaats, actualandprospective, rogardless oftheir farnilial stanrs ftaving children under l8). IV . Noticeto Publlcof Nondiscriminalion Policies A Within thirty (30) daysafterthedateof enty of this Corrsent Order,Defendants shal}take the following step6 nofirythepublio oftheir nondiscriminatory to polioies; a. postin therentaloflice at all rontaloffrces Defendaflts Prominently the may currentlyor subsequentiy for thercntal of dwellings,a fair housingsignno use smallerthanten(10)inches fourteen by (14) inohes indicates all that that aparhnentareavailable rent on a nondisc,riminatory s for basis.A posterthat o o mp o rtwith 24C.F,R. s Part110will satisfu requirement. this b. W}renever covered any dwellingr.rnit available, is Defendants shallpromincntty "For Rent"or "Vacancy" postan easilyreadable sip or noticeat the apartment building in whichthedwellingr.rnit vacant. Tho signor notioeshall includethe is "Equal slogan Housing Opportrmity" and/or fair housing tho logo. Suchslogan -4Page Case 2:07-cv-02108-RTD Document 3 Filed 10/01/2007 Page 5 of 20 andlogo shallbeprominently displayed easilyreadablo. and c. Ilclude the words"EqualHo'rsingOppornnity" and,/or fair housinglogo in all the rentaladvertising conttucted Defendants, agents employees, by their or in newspapers, flyen, handouts, telephone directories otherwritten materials; and on rudio,televisiqnor othermediabroadcasts; on all billboards,signs,pamphlets, and brochures otherprbmotional and l-iterature, providedthat this requircment doesnot compelDefendants advertise anyofthesemedi4 but doesrequire to in complianoe with this provisionwhenever Defendents adjertise. The words so and/orlogo shallbepromjnently pla4ed easilyreadable. and d. kroludethc following phrase the standard in renhl application the standard and rentalagreement for covered used rentaldwellingunits,usinglettersofequal or greater to thoseof thetext if, the bodyofthe dooumetrt: size We areanequalhousing opporhnityprovider, We do not discriminate on the. basisof race,color,se:<, nationalorigin, religion,disabilityor limilial (havingohildrenunderagel8). status V , MandatoryTraining 1 , , : 5. Within thirty (30) daysofthe entryofthis Consent Order,Defendants shallprovidea copyof this OrderandtheNondiscrimination PoliciesandProcedr.rcs thcir agents to and employees involvedin showing, renting,or managing andall covered a.ry dwelling units andsecuro sigfled$tatement the from oachagentor ernployee aclcrowledgrng he or that shchasreceived readthe order andtheNondisorimination and Policiesafld Procedures, hashadthe oppornrnity bavequestions ro answered aboutthe Orderand -5Page Case 2:07-cv-02108-RTD Document 3 Filed 10/01/2007 Page 6 of 20 Nondisciimination PoliciesandProoedr.ues, ageesto abideby the relevafltprovisions and of the Orderaadsaidpoliciesandprooodwes. This sratement be in the form of shall Exh i b i tC. 6, Duringthetermof this Orde,r, within Iive (5) daysaftereach new agentor employee beoomes involvedin showing, renting,or managing oovered any dwclling units, policiesand Defendants providea copyof this order andtheNondiscrimination shall Procedureto saidagentor employee s involvedin showing, renting,or managing and any all covered dwellingunitsandsecr.te sigrred the statement from eaoh agentor employee acknowledging he or shehasreoeived readthe Order,hadthe oppornrnity have that and to questious qnd aboutthe Orderaruwered, thathe or shehasalsoreceived readthe and Nondiscrimination PolicicsProcedures, agrees abideby saidpoliciesand and to procedwes therelevant and provisionsof the Order. This statement shallbe in the forn of ExhibitC. 7. Within onehundred eighty(180)daysfrom thedateof efltryof this Order,Defendants andeachowneror offioerof thePhoenixVillage Apartmenls involvedin maragement andadministration, all agents employees Phoenix and and of village Apartments involved in showing, renting or managing covered any dwellingunitsshallundergoinTerson trainingon thoFair HousingAct, with specificemphasis discrimination the ba.sis on on of f?rmiliastatus,Theftainingshallbeconducted anindependent, ] by qualifiedthird party, approved advance theunited states, dfly expenses iu by and associated this training wirh .Defendants obtainftom thetrainercertifications shallbebomeby Defendantd. shall of attendarceexecuted eachindividualwhoreccived haining,confirmingttreir , by the -6Pace Case 2:07-cv-02108-RTD Document 3 Filed 10/01/2007 Page 7 of 20 attendance, a form acceptable theunited $tatos.This confirmationshall includethe in to narneof thecourse, datethe course taken,andthe lengthof the course the was and/ortime within lvhich the course completed. wus YL Processiug RentelApplications, RecordKeeping end Compliance Te+ting 8. Processing Renta.l Applications within ninetv(90) daysfrom the dateof entryof this tuer, Defendants shall develop and implement,with respect all covered to du;Elling units,objectiver uniforin, non-discriminatorstandards procedures theprocessing applications, y and for of the establistmenandmaintenance ar Availability Li$t, the establishment maintenance t of and of a waiting List anda prooedure notifoingpeople for who areon the waiting List about an available rmit, anda procedure deoiding a nou-disonminatory for in mannerwhich applicants shallbepermitted rcnt available to dwellings. suchstrndards procedures and shall be submitted theUnitedStates approval advanoe their impiementation to for in of andshallbe consistent theprovisionsofthis section. Thestandards procedures with and shall be,posted prominently and displayed the Phoenix in village Apartrnents rentaloffice : andin anyoffico where thereis rentalactivity and/orpersonal contactwith applicants, and a oopyofthesestafldards procedures and shall berirade available uponrequest any to applicantfor therentalof a dwelling. For thbdurationof this Ordbr,these renta.l stimdards procedures bernodifiedouly if writtennoticeis given to counsel and may for the United Shtesthirty (30)daysbeforemodifications to takeefFe+t. are o RecordKeeping With respect therentalof covered to dwellingunits,within thirty (30) daysfrom tle date P a g e-7- Case 2:07-cv-02108-RTD Document 3 Filed 10/01/2007 Page 8 of 20 ofthis Order,Defendants ensure Faoh shall that ofthe following aremaintained and updated new information as becomes available: a. An Availability Lisi on a daily basisthatincludestheaddress apartment and numberofeachunit knownto be available reasonably or to expeoted be available for rentalurithinthirty (30)days;monthlyrent for eaoh suchunit; securitydeposit for eachsuoh unit; thedateDefendants their agents employeos oi or werefirst informedit woujdbeavailable rcntal.andthefirst dateit wou]d be available for for rentalor ocoupancy a newtenant.Defendsnts their agent#employees by and shallshare information tho Availability List with eaoh on person who visits or oalls the rental office to inquife about tlie availability of rental dwellings; b. G u e s tCatds: A request shallbe madeofall persons who visit or inquire about rental rmits at the PhoenixVillage Aparrhents to fill out a Guest Card providing the date ofthe visit, the visitor's name, addless,daytime and evening telephone numbets, childreu under 18 cxpectodto occupy the dwelling, and the date by yfilh thof wrsh to move Dcfendantsshall note on the Guest Card the dwelling uniE the pe,rson was shown and whether fhe personwas given an applioation. The top portion of the GuestCard shall contain the following disclaimel ,,The following information is requestedto assistPhoenix Village Aparfinents in complying with the federal Fair Housing Act and will be kept confidcntial. This inJbrmatiou is not roquired in order to rent an apartment;"; A Waiting List for all personswho tnquire by telcphoneor in person about renting a dwelling ftom Defendantsahd who are infomted that there ars no vacanciesor P a g e-8- Case 2:07-cv-02108-RTD Document 3 Filed 10/01/2007 Page 9 of 20 availableapartments rent. This waiting List shallindicatethe dateof the visit to or telephone the visitor's or ca.ller's call, name,address, daytimeandevenine telephone numbers, dateon whiohthc person the wishesto movc andany other ' relevantinformation(suoh a preferenoe as regarding numtJr bedrooms). the of with regard thosewho inquirein-persoqDefendunts to shalrindioatewhethe+ the individualshaveany children, TheDefendants shalla.lso noteon the waiting list the date,time, andemployee otherpersoa or who contaoted individual to any inform him or her of anyvacancies ava ableapartment$! the maflnerof or and cachattempt contaot to persons thc list; and ofi d. A RentalA,pplication mainreined a daity basis Log on that setsforth thonameof the applioant, numberofchildren underlg, if any,residingwith the applican! the whetherthe application tenanoy approved rejected, building und for was or the irnit number oocupied all approved for applioants, a detailedexplanation and for I all rejected ap'plications. 10. Complianoe Testing Theunited statesmaytakesteps monitorDefendants' to oompliance with this order including,but not limited to, conducting housing fair iestsat anydwelling in which any Defendantnow or in the future,hasa director indirectorvnership, , managernent, or financialinterest. V l L ReportingRequirementr ll. Within uinety(90) daysofthe dateof enty of this Consent Order,andeverysix (6) rnonths thereafter thedurationofthis order, Deferdants for shalldeliverto counsel for P a g e-9- Case 2:07-cv-02108-RTD Document 3 Filed 10/01/2007 Page 10 of 20 b. d. 12. ' All documents othoroommunioations or requircd thisOrderto be sentto counsel the by for U n i t e dStrtes shallbeaddressed follows: Chief,Housing Civil Enforcometrt as and Scction, Civil Rignm D i v i s i o n , 175-70-147, DJ UnitedStates Dcpartment Justice, Pennsylvania of 950 Avenuo N.W.- G St., W a s h i n g t o n , 20530, asothorwise D.C. or directed theUnitedStates. by Ifthe Consent Orderroqiriros t r a n s m i s s i o n facsimile,lhe by commrrnication alsobe sent facsimile (202)514-t116. shall via to -10Page Case 2:07-cv-02108-RTD Document 3 Filed 10/01/2007 Page 11 of 20 the transferof intetestin dwellingunitsassetout in Section below. Uponreasonable XI noticeto counsel Defendants, fot representatives the UnitedStates of shallbepemitted to iflspectafld copyall suchrecords anyandall reasonable at timesor, uponrequest the by United States, Defendants shallprovideoopiesof suchdocumento. 13. During the periodin whiohthis Orderis in effect,Defenda s shallnotifu counsel the for United States writing within fifteen (15) daysofreceipt of anywritten or oral in Defendants; Defondants' or agents employees, or regarding familial , complaintagainst statusdiscriminatioir housing.Ifthe oomplaint rvritterl Defendants in is shallprovidea oopyof it with thenotification, Thenotificationshallincludethe full detailsof the complain! inoludingthe oomplainant's name,address, telephone and numbet, Defendants shall alsopromptlyprovidetheUnitedStf,tes informationit mayiequestconccmiflg all any suchcomplaintandshallinform theUnited States within fiffeen (15) daysof any resolutionof suchcomplaint. V Il l , Compensation Aggrieved of PersotrA 14. Within ten (10) businoss daysaftorentryofthis Consent Order,the defendants shall depositrhesumof ONEHUNDREDAND SIXTy-FM THOUSANDDOLLARS ($165 ,0 0 0into aninterest-bearing ) accouna rhcpurpose compensating for persons of whom the Courtdetermines - havebeen may harmed Defendaflts' bv discriminatorv rental "aggrieved practices persons").In addition,within ten (I0) business daysof ftereinafter the cntry of this Order, Dcfendants rlat shallsubmitproof to the UnitedStatss this acoount has beenestablishedand the firnds deposited. I5. Within sixty (60)daysafterenry of this Order,Defendants shallanange the for -llPage Case 2:07-cv-02108-RTD Document 3 Filed 10/01/2007 Page 12 of 20 publ i o a ti o n andpublish Notioe Potential of a to Victimsof Housing Disprimination ('Notice') in the'l'imesRecordof Fort Smith,Arkansas.TheNoticeshall appear as tollows: T h eNoticeshallbepublished at least on eight(8) occasions the 'A' Section in or a newssection thelegalnotioos (not seotion) ofthe Times Record ofFort Smith, Arkansasincludingat lcastfour (4) publications Sunday.Eachpublished , on Notice shallappear a space in measuring leastone-eighth at (1i8) ofa page; b, EachNotioeshallsetforth a sr.rmmary thelegalandevidentiary of contenrions of the Unircd States a gencmlBtatemeilt the relief providedunderthis Consent and of Order. EachNoticeshallalsocontaina statement theUnited States that seoks informationfrom anypersons who claimto havebeensubjected familial status to discrimination Defendan*in connection by with inquiringabout,app$ing for or obtafuitrg rentalhousing, with restrn+t the termsor oonditions privilegesof or to or rentalhousing.Eaoh Noticeshallinvite suchporsons contactcounsel the to for . l UniJed States concerning their complaints within onehundred twenty(120) days from the ertry of this Order.The text of this Noticeis sctforth in Exhibit D; Defendants shallprovidca copyof the newspaper containing eachsuchNoticeto counsefor theUnitedStates l within ten (I0) daysafferpublicationof the Notice; d. Defendants shallproduce rentavtenanoy any records, anyolherreoords the or in possession, custody, oontrolofDefendants, or ther agents employees, or upon noticeto Defendants' counsel, which theUnited States believes b usefulin to identifring persons maybe entitledto relief underthis Ordcr. Upon who -12Page Case 2:07-cv-02108-RTD Document 3 Filed 10/01/2007 Page 13 of 20 roasonablnotice,Defendants e shallprovidesuchrentaVtenanoy records shall or permitrcpresentatives ofthe Unitcd Stabsnoreceive copiesof suchrental/tenancy reoords throughDefendants' counsol; Nothingin this ordershallpreventtheUnitedStates from makingany additional effortsthat it degms appropriate locateandprovidenoticeto potentialaggrieved to persons. 16, persons, described as Aggrieved abovsin paragraph VIII, 15,shallhaveonehunrlred twenty(120)daysliom thedateof fhe entryof this Orderto contaot United States the in to response this Notice. fl, shallinvestigato olaimsof theaggrieved TheUnitedStates persons the and,within one hurdredeiehty(180)dayl from thgehtryof this Ordor,shallmakea preliminary of detormination whichpersons aggrieved anappropriate are and amountof damages that iuch person TheU$ted States rnformDefendants writing shouldbepaid to eaoh will in together of its preliminarydeterminations, with a copyof a swomdeclaration from each person aggrieved settingforth thefactualbasisofthe claim. TheDefendants shallhave thifiy (30) daysto reviewthe declaration provideanydocuments infornation that and or theybelievemayrefutetheclaimto the UnitedStates. comments, United States 1 8 . After receivingDefendants' the shallzubmitits final recommendations thoCourtfor approval, to identi$ing the agglieved persons arr and amountof damages shouldbapaidto eachsuchperson, appropriate ttrat togetherwith a and copyof the sworndeclarations anydocuments informationsubmittad or by Defendants. Within ten (10)daysof a Cout orderprovidingfor the distributionof firnds -13Page Case 2:07-cv-02108-RTD Document 3 Filed 10/01/2007 Page 14 of 20 _i to aggriovedpersons,Defendantsshall deliver to counselfor the United Statescheoks i 19. payableto the aggricvcdpersonsin tho aurountsapprovedby the Court. In no event shall the aggregate all checksto the aggrievodpersonsexceedtho sum of of plus accrued interest. $ 165,000 20. Whenoounsel the UnitedStates received chook for has payable an a from Defendants to person a signed and release the form of Exhibit E from theaggrieved aggdeved in person, counsofor tho UnitedStetes l shalldeliverthecheckto the aggrioved person the and signod release counsel Defendants. aggrioved to for person original, No shallbepaid and to until h#shqhassigned delivered oorlrselfor ths UnitedStates release at the Ex h i b i tE. 21. ofparagraphs 14-20,,and VIII, expiration theconesponditg Af te r thesatisfaotion time of periods,anymoneyremainirrg the Settlement in Fundshallberelea.sed Defendants. to D L Civil pendty ?2. Within thirly (30) daysaftertheentryofthis Consent shallpaya Order,theDefendants total oftwenty tlnusanddollars($20,000) the Udted $tates a civil penalty, pursuant to as to 42 U,S.C,3614(d[lXC). Thispayment shallbede[ve,red oounsel thc United to for iheck payable the r'United States theform ofa cashier's in to States Treasury," X . Acquisition DwellingUnitr of 23. If, at anytime duringthetermofthis Consent Order,anyDefendant a acqurres director management, otherJinancial indirectownership, or intercstin anyotherdwelliagunit, saidrrnitshallbecome "oovorod a dwellingunit" subject all relevant provisiors of this to shallnotify counsel the UnitedStates Order. Defendant for wirhinthirty (30)daysof -14Pace Case 2:07-cv-02108-RTD Document 3 Filed 10/01/2007 Page 15 of 20 24. b, ' Forpurposes oftlris consont order, "armsJength transaction" defined a tan$actiofl is as such a$a oontraot agreement hasbeenafrivedat in the marketplace or that betweeh indopendeng nona f f i l i a t e dpersons, unrelated hloodor maniage, by with opposing economic interests regarding that contrdct. -15Page Case 2:07-cv-02108-RTD Document 3 Filed 10/01/2007 Page 16 of 20 narne, adftessendtelephone number; hansferee's Within tlirty (30)daysfollowing completionof thosaloor othertransfer,the Defendant shallprovideto the UnitedStates first-cld.ss by bansferring mail a oopy memorializing kansferin interest the dwelling unit(s); the of of the documonts The lransferring Defendantshall require the transferee,as a condition of the sale . or other tansfer, to agreein writing to perform all obligations and be liabie for compliancewith SeotionsII - VII and XI - XItr of this Order for tho duration of this Order, with respoctto tho subjeot dwelling unit(s); e. complies with partss, b, c, andd, above,andthereby If thetaflsferring Defendant transfers of Defendant's all ownership, management, otherfinancialinterestin or will or said thc dwellinguni(s) to thepurchaser othertransferce, Defendant II obligations underSeotions - VII andXI thereaterberelievedof Defendant's to XII of this Order,but only with respect thedwellingunits in whiohall interest with shallothorwise remainliable for compliance wss sotansferred, Defendflnt dwellingunits, all sactions ofthe Orderandwith respect all othercovered to 25. of transactionn transferring If the proposed transfer interbst not dn arrns-length is the Defendaflt mustcomplywith eachrequircf,entsetout in thc prcceding subparagraph b, a, Defendant shallremainjointly andseverally c, and4 above.In addition,thetransfcrring or liable, alongwith thepurcha.ser othertransftrec,for anyviolationsof Seotions - VII II to andXI - XIII of this Orderwith respeot the relevantdwellingunit(s) for the durationof Defendant shall otlerrvisoromainliable for the Order, In addtion, the hansfeniirg dwellingunits. Orderandwith respect all othercovered to compliance with thc Consent -16Page I Case 2:07-cv-02108-RTD Document 3 Filed 10/01/2007 Page 17 of 20 X IL Scbpe Duration of Consent and Order LO. The provisionsof this Consent Ordershallapplyto all Defendalts,their employees, actingin aotiveconcertor partioipation agentssuccessors, all persons , and with thern. 27. This Consent Orderis effectiveirnmediately uponita enty by the Courtandshallremain in effectfor folr (4) years. 28. The Courtshallretainjurisdiotionfor the durationofthis Orderto enforcethe termsof tho with prejudioe, Order,afferwhich time thecase shallbe dismissed 29. for exoeptas All partiesshallbe responsible their own attomey'sfeesandcourtoosts, XIII below providedfor in Section Time for Pet{otuance,and Modificetions for I IL Rrmediou Non-Complitnce, 30. maymovethe Courtto oxtend periodin whiohthis Orderis in the Thc UnitedStates violateoneor morctermsofthe Orderor if the interests ofjustice effectif Defendants gtherwise requirean extension ofthe tormsof theOrdor, imposed this Ordermay beextended mutual by by 3 1 . Arry time limits for performance of written agrcement theparties. 32. in Thepartiesto ttris Ordershallendeavor goodfaith to resolveinformallyany differences iflterpretation andcompliance of with this Orderprior to bringingsuchmatters regardiflg in contonds there that to theCourt for resolution.Howevor, the eventthe UdJed States whetherwillful or othorwise, performin a timely to hasbeena failure by enyDefendant, any by to mannor act required this Orderor otherwise complywith anyprovisionthereof, by maymovcthis Courtto imposeaayremedyauthorized law or equity, the UnitedStates of such iucluding,but not limiled to, an orderrequiringperformance suchactor decming -17Page Case 2:07-cv-02108-RTD Document 3 Filed 10/01/2007 Page 18 of 20 act to havebeenperformed, anawardof anydamages, and oosts, attomey'sfees and whichmay havebee,n oooasioned ttreDefendant's Defendantsr by or violation or failrrreto perform. 33' . Thepartiesagree in the eventthat anyDefendant that enqages any futureviolation of ifl the Fair HousingAct, suchviolationshallconstitute ,,subsequent a violation" pursuant to 4 2U.S.C. 3614(d). $ I T IS SO ORDERED: n i * - f l a * y o r t{.b!t -O IINITED $TATESDISTRICTJUDGE *r'#*"?iffifr%%rfi'rso* O C I 0 297 1 0HRIIl- J0ilistN,cLEffK S oEPtJTY6ttHr( -I8Page Case 2:07-cv-02108-RTD Document 3 Filed 10/01/2007 Page 19 of 20 By their signaturesbelow, tJrepartiesconsentl() the entry ol'this ConsentOrder. F o r the United States: PET ERD. H.ETSL.bR A o t i n gAttonrey General ROBERT BALFE C. United States Attomev R EN A J. COMISAC Attorney A c t i n gAssistant General Division C i v i l Righls DEBORAH CROOM C i v i l Chicl' UnitcdStatcs Attorncy'sOfficc 4 1 4Parker Street F o r tSnrith, AR 72901 P h o n c(479)783-5 : | 25 I t a x :(479)785-2442 Atkansas Bar No. 80054 S T E V E N ROSENBAU H. R E B E C C A BOND B. (,'hicl' Dcputy AM t s ER R . S]'ANDRIDGE Attomey H o u s i n g Civil Fuforoement and Section Division C i v i l Rights U . S.Deparlrnent Justicc of 9 5 0Pennsylvania N.W. Avo., Northwestem Building,7th Floor W a s h i n g t o n , ?053i1 D.C. P h o n e :(202)514-3ss6 F a x :( 2 0 2 5 1 4 - 1 1 1 6 ) P a g c-19- Case 2:07-cv-02108-RTD Document 3 Filed 10/01/2007 Page 20 of 20 For Defendrnts: D. CHARLES BAKER Street 31 W Cherry Alma,AR 72921-3419 t r + E++Zro A . l * " ? A,'r 1L{r/ , I ron Sfts{-,* j r-" e5 -20Page

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