CLB Corporation et al v. Greene et al

Filing 31

ORDER that parties have entered into a compromise settlement of all issues and the complaint of the plaintiffs and the counterlaims styled "crossclaims" of the defendants are dismissed with prejudice; further each party shall be responsible for his own attorney's fees and costs. Signed by Honorable Robert T. Dawson on October 21, 2008. (rw)

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INTHEUNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT WESTERN DISTRICT ARKAN$AS OF c L B CORPOMTION and LEONARD J , CERNAK vs. CASENO.07-2131 DEFENDANTS PLAINTIFFS LANDON GREENE STEVE and GREENE O R D E R DISMISSAL OF '& Come$on for consideratio t| lnt n day nf october,t008, the Motion t o Dismiss filed hereinby the Plaintiffs, cLB corporation Leonard cernak,ano and J. t h e Court, wellandsufficiently being advised the premises, in findsas follows: 1. The partie$ have enteredinto a compromise settlement all issuesof of f a c t and law herein, and the claimsof all parties shouldtherefore dismissed be with prejudice. l T lS THEREFORE ORDEREDthat the Comptaint the ptaintiffs. of CLB and Leonard Cernak,and the Counterclaims Corporation J. styled,,Crossclaims" of Landon Greene andsteve Greene hereby are with dismissed prejudice to anyfuture as a c t i o n andeachpartyshallbe responsible hisownattolney's andcosts. , for fees ,n U , S .DISTRICT JUDGE APPROVED: d(' frfttr,tott,"t^'.l{ptaintlfs ,nnttorne.y ul{ trrta < tor ry ocT2lmB fin8 RJOIX3O{ e.ENl( .i+t, i e d E. Stoops, D*ffq.$fi

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