Chambless v. Social Security Administration Commissioner

Filing 11

JUDGMENT adopting the 10 Report and Recommendations in its entirety; further affirming the decision of the Administrative Law Judge and dismissing plaintiff's complaint with prejudice. Signed by Honorable Robert T. Dawson on March 31, 2009. (rw)

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IN THE I.]NITEDSTATESDISI'RIC]'COURT WE S T E R NDISTRICTOF ARKANSAS F O R TSMITII DIVISION ELIZA B E T II M. CI-IAMBT,ESS PLAIN'l'lIlr C I V I L NO. O8-2024 M I C H A E I ,J. AtiTRUE,Commissioncr SocialSecurity Administration JUDGMENT DEFENIJANT Nowonthis Slot d^y.f l'ln/hM Repott and the 2009, comes lbrconsirleration on UnitedStates R. James Marschewski, Recom me n d a ti o n MarchI 0, 2009,hythcHonorablc dated withoul District of Arkansas.Ten (10) dayshavepassed Magistratc Judgefor the Western objecti o rrbeingfiled by the parties. The Courthasreviewcdthis casc.and beingwell and s be and is sufficiently advised, findsthattheReport Reoommendationproperandshould adopted allirms thc adopts ReportandRecommendation; the in its entirety. Accordingly, Courthereby plaintiff s complaint with prejudice. Law and thedecision oftheAdministrative Judgc; dismisscs I T IS SOORI]ERED, T,T)AWIjON N , ROBERT DIIiTRICI'JIJI]CE U N I T E DSTATNS ns ...--U -s,,DJ?Jfl,sJ,',.cF#&Ttls !. "i:tlrn w E ltrnr\ MA3 | 200s R CLERK CHBIfi. JftINSOtI, S Elf i o"*o'** A07zA (R6v.8/82)

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