Adams v. Social Security Administration Commissioner

Filing 20

ORDER adopting in toto 19 Magistrate's recommendations in favor of Carletus Adams against Social Security Administration Commissioner for attorney fees in the amount of $3,944.31. Signed by Honorable Robert T. Dawson on October 20, 2009. (lw) Modified on 10/21/2009 to add text (lw).

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IN TIIL IJNIl tlll STATFS DISTRICT COTJR I' WESTTRN DtS'I RI(]'f0F ARKANSAS F O R TSMITIIDIVISION C A R L I I ] LISADAMS PLAlNl'I1T; c l v r l No 08-2026 M I C H A F . L ASTRUI-i, Lirmmissioner J. Administratjon S o c i aSccurity l DEFENDANT lr t)*B_n B 4^rr A- I l.".. O n thisdOf(dayol' lf,fylX1l .__2009,rhe c rr has beforeit f o r consideration plaintillls for l'ees pulsuant the F.qual request attorncy's andcosts to t Act, 28 Accesso Justice L r . s . c$ 2 4 1 2 . . F o t reasons forth in thc rcportarrdrecommenclation by thc Honorirble set liled Janres R. M a l s c h e w s k iUnitcd StatcsMirgistrate , Judgefor thc WcstcmDisttiotof Arkansas, Octobcr on 1 , 2 0 0 i ) ,thc crrurl ljrrdsthat the Magisttatc'$ teconrmendations shor.rld adoptedin toto'n\(! bc plaintil'l'satlorneyf'ees lhc amor.rnt h e r e b yawards in 3l ol'$i3.944.3 representing .28 hoursof 1 wolkataratcol'$12.5.00perhourand$34.3 linexpenses.Further, awardshould paid bc this (lir. 2{)08). d i r e c L l y plaintiffls counscl. Rutlil| \].,4s/rrrtr, Ir.3d800, ll02 (8rh [o -540 'lhis shallbe paidin ndditiorr antount plaintill l'tr,',rnd out of. anypast-c1ue Dot benelits i mavbc awarded thefilture. I f ls st) oRlrERED. 'dF]iffrTHi'fits^-HdN.l{otsNr. DEwsoN r ocT 0?00s 2 ffJR8E,,JI}IiJSd{, K CLEfi DEPUTY CLERK U N I T E DSTATES DISTRIC'I'IJI)CI.; .I

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