Lowther v. Social Security Administration Commissioner

Filing 16

ORDER adopting in toto the magistrate's recommendations and hereby awarding plaintiff's attorney fees in the amount of $2,506.35. Signed by Honorable Robert T. Dawson on November 16, 2009. (lw)

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I N THE LTNITED S1'Al lis UISTRICT COURT WESTFRN OT DISTRIC'I ARKANSAS SMITHI)IVIS]ON IIOR'f I . I N D A . .I , O W T I I I R S C I V I LNO.OB-2043 I \ 4 l C l l l A L L AS f RtJF,, .1. Corrrrlissioncr S o c i a Secu|ily l Adrl1inistration P L A I N ' I 1F T L)LI.'HNI]ANT ORDER rsttislbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlk ,the courthasheforeit l'orconsidcration n aay ,,tWnfuO 2009 p l a i n t i f f s requcst itttorney's fi)t set feesand costspulsuiurlto 4? U,S.C. $ 406(b). For reasorts filed b1,the Honorable.lamcs Marsr:hewski, R. f o r t h in thc rcportirndrecommendatiotr United States District of Arkirlsas,rrn Octohcr27,2009"the coufi MagistruteJudgcf'orthc WesLem f i n d s that the Magistrate's rccorrrmendations should l)c adoptedir /o/o and hcrcby awards o l a i n t i f l ' sattonrevl'ees the arlount ol $250(i in I I ' I S S0 0RDF,RF,D, 'f, H(INORABI-E I]AWSON ROI][Kf U N l l ' I 1 DSTATES JUD(jE DISTRIC'I ""'efr"dpffsiAff'ffiYfi N O|v620m OLERK CHRR. ISJOiINSOI.I, DEFT'IYg.BK AO'tZA (Rov.8i82)

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