Dorsett v. Raheel Foods, Inc.

Filing 27

AGREED PROTECTIVE ORDER as set forth. Signed by Honorable James R. Marschewski on July 30, 2009. (lw)

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U}TIIED STATES DISTRICT COTJRT WMSTERN DISTRICT OF ARKA}ISAS FORT Sn/trTH DIVI$ION SHAYLADORSETT vc. C es e 2;0S-2070 No. PLAINTIX'F IJS RESTAURANT$' INC. anil JOHN DOES l-10, sald derignntion represeutlngell GenoraPrrtners,InilMduals md/or Entitier' be they l corporlte or othern'iso,hnvlng au interert tubiecHng then/tt to liabtllty er a ooparrtejudlclrl entlty for the qnd/or fiult rllegeil hereln. actr of neglige,nte DEFENDA}TTS AGREEDIXOTCUYE qBDEE that such an Order iS neededto pfevent of U p o n agreement the parties and a shOwing the Coult ordets the u n w a r r a n t e ddisclosureof'confidential information and documentation, following: l. as producedby any party and designated This order shall govem all documents "confidential Information". shall be refonedto hereinfls c o n f i d e n t i a l .All suchdocuments 2. by All written materialsproducedor disclosed any party in this litigation (including, b u t not limited to, documents, interrogatolies,responsesto requestsfOr admissiOn,and tsstirnony)which the producingparty believesto contaiu Confidential Information cleposition as s h a l l be desigrrated confidontialby affrxing a label to eachpage of the documentwith the only asprovidedherein. f o l l o w i n g legend"coNFIDENTIAL" and shall be revealed 3. conlidential Information shall be used solely in conneotionwith, and only as proceedings, not and n e s e s s a rto, the propamtionend trial ofthis actionor any relatedappellate y or f o r any other purposeinoluding, withorrt limitation, any other litigation, business pefsonal purpose. 4" Information should bedisclosed not excopt thofollowingpersons: to Confidential of for a . Counsel record anypartyto tlis action; personnel rc$ularly cmployed by b . Pamlegal, stenographic, olerical secretarial snd for counss l record anypartyto thisaotion; of fot c. Afly parly or officer, director or employeeof a party who is responsible assisting counselin this action, providedthat counseladvisessuch pcrsonthat tho Information covered thisprotective by order; inform a ti ois Confidential n reporters engaged theproceedings as including stenographic in d . Courtpersonncl, to fot arenecessarily incident preparation trial andtrial ofthis action; pmvided with that,prior to expertretained connection this action, in e " Arryoutside derived from Confidential Information, malerial information or disclos u rof anyconfidentiel e suchoxpcrtshall obtainwrittencertificationfrom the counscof rocordfor thepartyretaining l the to expe dthat the experthasreadandunderstands tcrmsof t}is Orderand agrees be terms; and boun d such to f. permitted Order thisCourt. by of Others in to Information shall disclose, any 5. No personhaving acccss any Confidential in 4 to mannerits contents any personothsrthanthosedescribed paragraph of this Order. , in otherthanthosespeoified the shaU madefor any pulpose be Moreove rno suchdisclosurs , Order. with paragtaph of this Order, 4 counsel theparties for 6" In order ensure to complitnce Information any Person entity'they will to or thdt pdor to disclosing Coflfidential any agree ofthe with a copyof this Agreed Protective Order,andwith the exception provide suchperson that courtand Courtstaff,will hnvesuchpetsonacknowledge they havereceived reada and that Orderandunderstand thcy areboundtherebyby signinglhe copyof this AgreedProtective attached hereto ExhibitA. as Aoknowledgemont filedwith thecourtor atlached anypleading Information to 7. Confidential shallbe filed natureof suchmaterial, and shall be filed in a sealed undersealto protectthe confidential envelope beuing the titls of the case, thc title of the document, ard a notation: *CONF ID E N T IA L SUBJECT PROTECTIVE ORDER:To BE OPENEDONLY BY TO THE COURT FOR ITS REVIEW AND THEN BE RESEALED". Such Confidential and shallremainconfidential undersealto protect confidential the natureof such Information Informationshall remainconfidential and under seal to the material. Such Confidential proceedings and thereto. conclusiooftlris litigation anyappellate n related 8. The Panies shall taks all reasonable to stepsnecesbary proteot Confidential whichis disclosed, eitharby theuseofsuchConfidential Information an exhibit as Information or at of or tluoughtestimony argumenl, a dcposhion hearing this matter" Suchreasonable or (A) with and of steps shallinclude complianoe thisOrder, (b) designation anyexhibit,transcript. 7 consistent parugraphof thisOrder. with Or reoord a marurer in 9. production any pany of a document Inadvertent conlainingattomey-clisnt by attorney confidential commurrications, otherprivileged information, work product, information, a and information shallnotconstitute waiver privilege.Any suchdocument any or proprietary of partyimmediately of t9 uponits request. copies made it shallbereturned theproducing lhat any materialproduced doesnot containconfidential 10 . If any party believes of the informati o nit rney contest applicability this Orderto suchmaterialby notifyingthe , the attoffieyof thepartyclaiming material confidcntial identifringthematerial s is and contested, party shall havethiny (30) day sin which to makea tlre Upon suchnotification, producing material.Duringthepending such of orderwith respect strch to specilio motionfor a protective Information" shallbefieatedas"Confidentiel subjeot this Order. As to to motion, material tle for or reliefis not granted, material whichsuchmotionis not made therequested any contested outside 6cops thisOrder. ths of such material shallbedeemed ll. Confidential Information a source for otherthanthc producing If anyp0rtyobtains "CONFIDENTIAL" by the producing pafiy, the party shall, within ten party that is designated porty's provide the prodrrcing (10) days of receivingsuch informatio or docurnentation, by attomoys noticoof thematerialoblainedfrom theothersource identifying(a) the information The obtained, and (b) the sourceof the information documefltation. or or documentation "CONFIDENTIAL" and from thesourct shallbemarked obtained informati o n documentation or believss the material the that to shallbe subject this Order. IF thepartywhoobtained materibl l0 information, thentheprocedure identificdin paragraph of this confidential docsnot contain to suchdispute. Order slrallbefollowed resolve except that, whatsoever Confidential of Information, shallbeno reproduction 12 . There excerpts summdries be madeby counsel, or rnay counsel's copie$, asrequired the litigation, by pursuant paragraph above. for to J stafl andcourtpersonnel uscby thoseauthorizcd Information copics, and excerpts summaries thereofshallbe of 13 . All Confidential during ofthe parties attorneys record theparties this litigation or of for in in retained thecustody that snd/orcopies, however, Confidential Information thepcndency the litigation;provided, of maybe fiunished andretained the custody anytestifying thereof to in of excerptor summaries s with of experwitness accordance theterms thisOrder. t in to shallviolateor th.reaten violateany termsof this 14. kl the Fvenrthat any person violationmay seeksny remedy by Ordor,the party aggrieved such violationor threstened partyto employ attomey enforoe afl to the fot allowabl e law or equity. If it is necessary either by partyshallbe action, prevailing the against sueh enforcdment Sn terms *ris Orderor to defend of a attorney's fee. efltitled reoover reasonable to waiveanyof theterms thisOrderof writtonagroement, 15 . Theparties mayo express by of a.s Nothingin this Ordetshallbe construed a waiverof any right to objectto the fumishing Moteover, the to otherthanoonfidentiality. or to on informat i o n rcsponding discovery a basis extent that any material that is subjeotto thd ettomey-clientor work-productprivilege is with respect to theif privilcges the shellbedeemed havereserved inadvert e n ttEvealcd, parties ly conslitute waiverof the a ofsuchmaterial shallnot,in itselfi, information production and to such privilege. at confidentialily shall not teltninate the of 16 . The provisions this Orderregarding in Information the of conolusi oof this litigation. On conolusion this action,all Confidential n consultsnts expelts, or the or pos5ess i o n Under controlof counsel, parties their agentS, the or it of to shallbe destroyed rcturned the partyproducing at the determination the pmducing or and the of herewith shalldeliver party.All counsel record of shallmakocertification compliance hot the to for same counsel the partywho produced docurnents morethanthirty (30)daysafter finalterminalion this litigation. of ofthe to 17. ThisOrder withoutprejudice t}e rightsof anyputy to seekmodification is shallnotterminate with of as OrderfromtheCourt. Theprovisions this Order to confidentiality the disposition tlis f,ction, of Bndthis Ordershallremainin effectuntil the time this Orderis by modifiedamended rescinded thisCoufi" , or DATEDIhiS JO dAYOf BiIl*D.Reyno-l-ds,A # 92021 lB M a tth e w Ketcfium. JABA # 92240 P.O, Box 184 F o rtSmith, 72902 AR GaryRogers Do v e rDixonHome 425W. Capitol Ave.Ste.1700 AR 72201-1465 Littl e Rock. Allorney theDefendant for wefefiHoJp,fffrTnYffH'ns 3 JUL 0 20t19 clEil( cHRlfi-Jslr{8fi|'' s d,"s.[rr,tJ, DEruIy$sr(

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