Dougan v. Social Security Administration Commissioner

Filing 9

JUDGMENT in favor of Linda Diane Dougan and against Social Security Administration, 8 and ORDER reversing and remanding case to the Commissioner for further consideration, pursuant to sentence four of 42 U.S.C. 405(g), of the Equal Access to Justice Act. Signed by Honorable Robert T. Dawson on June 15, 2009. (sh)

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DISTRICT COURT IN THE I]NITED STATES WESTERN DISTRICT ARKANSAS OF F O R TSMITHDIVISION I , I N D ADIANEDOUGAN C i v i lNo.2:08-ov-02083 M I C H A E L J. ASTRUE, Commissioner S o c i a lSecuritvAdministration PLAINTIFF DEFENDANT JUDGMENT Nowontlris :4ay the and of oo y'LWoos, osonforconsiderationReport Recommendation Mflgistrate Judgefot the Western d a t e dMay 29, 2009,by the HonorableBarry A, Bryant,UnitedStates withoutobjections beingfiled by the parties.The Court D i s t r i o tofArkansas.Ten (l 0) dayshavepassed h a s reviewed this case, and being well and suffioiently advised, finds that the Report and in R e c o m m e n d a t i ois properand shouldbe adopted its entirety.Aocordingly,the Court herebyadopts n reverses deoision the Commissioner, reftafldsthis caseto the of and t h e Repoftand Recommendation; pursudntto sentence for four of42 U.S.C. $ a05(g) (2006). t h e Commissioner further con$ideratiort foosand oostsunderthe Equal Acccssto I f plaintiff wishesto requestan awardof attorney's J u s t i c eAct (EAJA) 28 U.S,C. $ 2412, an applicationmay be filed up to thirty (30) days aftor the "not appoalablo" j u d g m e n t becomes i.e., thirty (30) daysafter the sixty (60) day time for appealhas e n d e d . SeeShalala v Sthaefer, 509 U.S. 292, 296, 113 S,Ct, 2625 (1993); 28 U.S.C. {i$ 2412(dXlXB),(dxzxc). I T IS SO ORDERED. WESTDFTIUB ERN AHrnNsAs | JUN 52m9 flftK B. , (illBs J0tt{$(I{, F f - r ,t ;. :i DH1'JYE[.$K COUHT U .S,DISTR]CT O N . ROBERTT:DAWSON JUDCE U N I T EDSTATES DISTRICT

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