Evans v. Social Security Administration Commissioner

Filing 13

JUDGMENT adopting 12 Report and Recommendations, and reversing and remanding case to the Commissioner for further consideration pursuant to sentence four. Signed by Honorable Robert T. Dawson on February 3, 2010. (rw)

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r N TIIT,UNTIEDSTATES DISI'RI(ITCOUKI WIJSTERN DIS'I'RIC'I ARKANSAS OF T.OR'I'SMITH DIV]SION RF.BECCA EVANS v. CivilNo,09-2010 PI,AINTIIII M I C H A E I . .r.AS l RlJFl. Conrtnissioncr S o c i a lSecurityAdrninistration D l - i l l-iNDANT JUDGMENl- N o won tfris3[d.f-, "f 4ilyU,f,nfffl 2010, conres for consideralion Rcport on rhc und Rccommerrdation datedJanuaryt 5. 2010, by thc Honorahle JamcsR. Marsohewski, unitcd shte$ Magistratc Judgefor thc Westernl)istrict o1'Arkansas.I;ourteen (14) days have passe{without obicctions beingfilcd hv thopaltics.TheCourthasrcviewed casc, being well andsuflioienrly and this a d v i s e dfinds th t the Rcportand ltecotrttnendationproperanrlshouldbc aclopLed its entircty. , is in A c c o r d i n g l ythe Court hcrcbyadopts Rcportrnd Recommendltior; , thc reverscs decision the ofthc C o m m i s s i t r n e r ; rcmands and this casc10 the (lomrnissioner furthcr corrsider I'or tion pursuant to s d n t s n o four of42 U.S.C.$ a05(g). e I f plaintiff wishe$to tequesl awardof attorrrey's and cost r.urder EqualAccess an fecs thc ro J u s l . i cAct (EAJA) ?8 LJ.S,C. 241?,an application e S nraybc fileclup until 30 daysalier tlrejuogmcnr "not appealable" 30 beconres i.c., daysaftcr the 60-daytirnc fbr irppealhascndcd. ,sccshalalav. S c h a q f e r ,U.S.292.2e6,S.ct.262.5 113 (1993);zfi $$24KdXtXFr).(dX2XC). st)e 71C. I'IISSOORDHRED. i /= \ I \ or<nuft'noE i l l l:lDS'fATES f) S ' I R I C ' J U D C E I sas wesfefr ruBpffifrcnonYf,ft 0 FEB 3 20t0 H. or_BK cHHt Jofllls0ii, DEPUTY CT.BK AO72A ( R e v . 8/82)

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