Qualls v. Social Security Administration Commissioner

Filing 10

JUDGMENT: reversing and remanding this case to the Commissioner for further consideration, pursuant to sentence four of 42 USC 405(g), and adopting Report and Recommendations re 9 . ***Civil Case Terminated. Signed by Honorable Robert T. Dawson on March 19, 2010. (sh)

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IN TIII_i TINIT'ED STATES DISTRIC'|UOUR]' ()F ARKANSAS WESTITRN DISTRIC] F O R TSMII'H DIVISION R O B I R T A D. QUALLII C i v i l No. 2:09-cv-02026 MICIIAEI,.I. ASTRUI.I Commissionet, Social Security Administration JIJDGMENT DXIENDANT PLAINTll.F Nowonthi* 1ffi.1-, "f il|ff[rh 20]0,conres consictcration for rheReporr iurd Recommen d a ti tdatcdMarch I , 2010by theHonorable lrr BarryA. Bryant,Unitcd Slates Magistratc J u d g e thewestenr for Districtof Arkansas, (Doc.No.9).Fouftccn days (14) havcpa:r$ed without o h j e c t i o n beingfiled by the parties. 'l'he court has rcviewed s this case, and bcingwcll and sufliciently advised, findsthattheRcportandRecommeudationproperancl is shoultlbc adopted in its entircty. Accordingly, Courtherchyadoptsthe ReportandRecommendation, the revcr$es the decisirrn theCommissiouct, rcnrands casc theConrmissiorrer I'urther of aud this to for considerntitrn pursuat to sentencc of 4? U.S.C.$ 405(9)(2006). lbur lfpla i n ti ff'w i s h c s1orequest awartl attomey's andcosts au of fues uncler tqual Acccss thc to J u s t i c e (EAJA),28 u.s.('. g 2412,anapplicarion be liledup 1othirry{30)days Act may alterthe "not judgment trecomes appealable" thirty (30)tlaysalier the sixty {60)dayrimefor appeal i.e., has e n d c d . ,S'ee Shalala v. Scftae/irr, 5()9 J . s . c$$ . 241 I 2(dXXB),(dK?XG). I T IS fJO ORDERED. I { O N .ROtsERT DAWSON T. LIN TI'EDS'I'ATES STRIC'T I}I .ILID(IF] WESTEHN AHI{ANSAS TIEB' |t{AI I l0l0 R oHHls RJfril{$ot flIR|( EY 0EPUIT(q.fl( COUHT U ,S,DISTRICT

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