Bowman v. Social Security Administration Commissioner

Filing 14

MEMORANDUM OPINION. Signed by Honorable James R. Marschewski on May 25, 2010. (rw)

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I-]ISTRITI'| COI.jR'f IN TIIE IjNTTEDSTATES tl)F W l i s l l - R N DISTRICT ARKANSAS I I O R ' I 'SMIT'TI DIVISION .IAMIiS I]OWMAN (llvll- NO.09-2114 PLAINTIFF v. M I C H A E t . J. n S]'RLlL, Cotnmissiouer S o c i a lSecurityAdnrinistralion DEF'ENDAN'I' MEIIOBANDUMITINISN judicialrcvicwof a Iilerlthis actionon Scptcrnbcr 2009,seeking 17, Bownrarr, Plaintiff, James putsuant 42 U.S.C. 405($. (Doc.# to of Sociirl Seuuty ((lornrnissioncr) r l e c i s i oof thcClornrnissioner n $ pursuant ve to ljled rcmand furlher for adnrinislritti aclion I)el'endant a nrotionto I ) . Inplace ofan answer. rcrnand locate to the Delbndant seeks s c n t c n c c of 42 U.S.Cl. a05(g).(lloc. # 12). Specifrcally, six $ fr,200tt. hcaring heldon Novenrher rccording ofPlaintifl'sadrrtinistrativc casc tr $ecurity six a P u r s u a r[o sentencc of42 L].S.C. a05(g), disttictcourttnayrelnand social rt $ actionhelirrefiling causc. rcqucsts rernand takelirrtheradministrative to 1'or whenthcClomrnissioler, gotrd a n a n s w c r r o t h e c o m p l n i n t . 4 2 L J . S . ( 1 . $ 4 ( ) 5 ( g ) ; , S % a / a / a v . , s i . j h1 le fSr..C t0 9 U2S . 2 9 2 , ) , a 3 i 5 .26 . 5(1993 for his rcquircmcnts, gootlcause and supports rcqucst temand. the tlcfcndant satisfied statutory has for motionzurd rernand case tlreLirmtnissiotrer this lo we Basc d theforegoing, gr nt f)el'enrlant's on six action further a<lrrrinistrativc pursunt t()$e teflce of42 U.SC $ 405(9)' 0. day I I A T E D this?.5'h of May 201 -ll f fil; i i r ..ti R, H O N ,JAMF:Si MARSCIIEWSKI JUDGE MA(iIS'I'RNTE C H I E FI-].S. westuefr ru'dfl{fffr %onlfi''vsnMAY5 20t0 2 c1tfls JfttrJsooLEllK ff. , !f :'i' DEprJIyc.-ERK

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