Morris v. Social Security Administration Commissioner

Filing 3

ORDER granting 2 Motion for Leave to Proceed in forma pauperis and directing complaint be filed nunc pro tunc as of 10/28/09. The plaintiff is directed to serve a copy of the complaint and this order on the defendant by certified mail, return recei pt requested, as well as the US Attorney General and US Attorney for Western District/Arkansas without prepayment of fees and costs. Defendant is to answer within 60 days from date of service. Signed by Honorable Robert T. Dawson on October 29, 2009. (lw)

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L]OL]RT S]'ATESI]IS'I'RICT t N THE IJNITED OF W I S T E R N DISTRIC"I' ARKANSAS DIVISION FORI'SMITH MORRIS PHILI,IP PI-A]N1'IIIF c r v iNoo q-e l3b r. Comtnisstotret M I t l l { A E L J. ASTRLJE, S o c i a lSecurityAdministratiorr DLIFENDANT OR!EB fbr with togcther a request p l a i l t i t l ' h asubrnittcd s in lbr a complaint lrling thisdistrict, that plaintiff is unableto piry for ir' in.fbtttu pttttlrttt Atlor review,it is l'orrnd l c a v eto proceed day rhc accordiugly, follou ing orderis cnteledthis 29'h ol'suit ancl, t h ecostso I'commencetlcnt o l'October2009: in.lhttnapuulteris thatplaintiff s rnotionlbr lcaveto ptoceed I T IS HEREBy ORDERHIJ i s grantetl 'I'hc nun( pr(rtunc as of octtrbet28' to cletk is herebyrlirected file the cotnpltrint liled hcrein'alongwith the 2 0 0 9 . Aclditjorrally, oourthelebydirectsthata copyofthe corrrplaint ou requestcd, the a of tliis prdcr,6e servcdby tht plaintill'by certiliedmail, returnreoeipt as Adnrinistralion. well asl-lricH. SocialSeourity t l c f e n c l a nMichaelJ. Astruc,Conrmissioner, t. H o l d e r , .lr.. LI.S. Attomey (icnet'al,and Mark W. Wtrhb. AssistantU S. Attorney.withttttt or p r e p d y t l c n t of fccs rurdCr)sts $ecuritythercfor. Thc dcfendant is ordercd to answcr within s i x t y (60) dtrysfiom the datcof servicc. I ' I ' I SSOORDERHD. 'dF;ifdTi?'di.r,^, ocr2I200s cH8tff.Jfttrs0t,0LEE( s IEPIIIYq."MK AOTZA (Rev.8/82) R. I I O N ,JAMES MARSCIIEWSKI .II MAGISTRATE JDGE I JNIIDI) S'I'A'IES

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