Renard v. Social Security Administration Commissioner

Filing 5

ORDER granting 4 Motion for Leave to Proceed in forma pauperis and directing complaint be filed nunc pro tunc as of 11/9/09. The plaintiff is directed to serve a copy of the complaint and this order on the defendant by certified mail, return receip t requested, as well as the US Attorney General and US Attorney for Western District/Arkansas without prepayment of fees and costs. Defendant is to answer within 60 days from date of service. Signed by Honorable James R. Marschewski on December 1, 2009. (lw)

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IN THE UNITEDSTATES DIST'RICT COURT WESTERN DISTRICTOF ARKANSAS F O R TSMITI'IDIVISION T. C I IRI$,I()PHER RENARD PLAINTIFF v. M T C H A EJ. Asl RuDrCoMMrssroNER L S o ( r A t . SEcuRrryADMINrslRATroN Civil No. 09-2145 DF-FENDAN'T ORDER lbt On the 30th day of November request lcavcto 2009,plaintiff submitted pedccted a proceed i,?.f)mr pauperis., IT IS HER-EBY a ORDEREDthat plaintifTsmotiofl for leaveto proceed pauperisis grantcd.Theclerkis hereby in.forma dirccted file thecomplaint to nancpro 9, thata copyo{'thecomplaint tuncasol'November 2009. Addilionally,thecourthereby directs filed herein,alongwith a oopyof this order,be served thc plaintiff by certifiedmail, retum by Social Security recei p t rcquested,orr the defcndant,Michael J, Aslrue, Commissioner, and Admi n i s tra ti o naswell asEric H. Holder,Jr.,U.S.AttorneyOcneral, Mark Webb,Assistant , offeesanrlcosts sccurifftherefbt,Thc defendant ordetcd or is withoutprepal'rncnt lI.S. Attorney, to aflswer within sixty (60) daysftom thedateofscrvice. 2009. I T IS SOORDERED thisthe30thdayof November on u *f efimwfuaa,fr; AH IIFTBLS KANSAI /ESTERN OI]UIIT U ,S,IJIIiIHIUT R. H O N ,.IAMES MARSCHEWSKI JUDGE MACISTRATE U N I T E DSTATES N0v 020m 3 OI.IBK CHBISJ$II{SON, & w io DEPlJtYctsK

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